Valve, Dota 2’s developer, has always strived to make the game fair and balanced for everyone — from beginners to professionals. When players queue up for public games, they will be matched up with other players who are similar in terms of skills and behaviors.

The skill level is estimated through a user’s win/loss record and MMR (matchmaking ratings.) To make it balanced, the matchmaking system minimizes the difference in skill between the most and least skilled player in the match.

As for the behavior, Dota 2 has a metric in place to determine every player’s in-game conduct called behavior score. Those who have high behavior scores are likely to play with those who have good scores, too. Conversely, if a user is toxic, he or she will be likely grouped up with similar people.

It is recommended to monitor your conduct score from time to time to see where your account stands. In this article, I will teach you how to check behavior score in Dota 2.

Checking Your Conduct Summary

To see your behavior score, follow these steps:

1. On the homepage, click your profile name near the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. Under the PROFILE tab, you will see the CONDUCT SUMMARY box near the bottom of the screen where there is either a smiley or a sad face, indicating your behavior score.

3. Click on the box to show a pop-up window that shows your lifetime behavior score and the relevant actions that have played a role on your rating.

Factors that Affect Your Behavior Score

Currently, it is unclear how the behavior score is precisely computed. But there are several factors that can increase or decrease the rating.

  • Commends

During the end of the match, the players can commend one another if they believe that player was friendly, forgiving, great at teaching, or a good leader during the match. The more commendations a user receives, the higher the behavior score is going to be.

  • Abandons

When a player leaves a game, he or she has a total of five minutes to reconnect. Once those five minutes have been consumed, the player is considered to have abandoned the match.

Purposely leaving a game is considered a misbehavior because it ruins the experience for the players. Every time someone abandons a game, it lowers his conduct score. Take note that once a player has disconnected from the game, the others are free to leave as well without danger of receiving an abandon count in their stats.

  • Gameplay Reports

In its pursuit of ensuring every player a positive has a positive experience when playing, the developers have implemented a system where you can report toxic or abusive players. If your account has received such valid reports, that decreases your behavior score.

When you encounter this kind of players, you can report them as well by learning how to report in Dota 2.

  • Communication Abuse

Being extremely offensive in chat is not tolerated in Dota 2 either. Those who have been reported for practicing abusive or disruptive communication that are validated will see their behavior scores fall.

What is the Highest Behavior Score You Can Get?

You can get a maximum behavior score of 10,000. Any value between 9,000 and 10,000 denotes a good behavior score. Once your rating falls below 8,000, it is an indication of how poor your in-game conduct is.

How to Raise Behavior Score

There are no known quick ways to increase your behavior score. It largely depends on how other users perceive you in the community. Unfortunately, there are also some unfriendly players who could give you a downvote even if you interact positively with them.

One of the easiest ways to raise your behavior score is to control your emotions, particularly when your team is not doing well in-game. Avoid communicating negatively with your teammates, and do not annoy them, especially during the intense parts of the match.

Furthermore, it helps to praise or tip your teammates every now and then when they get a solo kill, call out potential ganks from the opposing teams, or lead successful ambushes themselves.

You can also receive commendations from your teammates if you play well. When you master how to level up fast in Dota 2, you can gain an upper hand in the match and help lead your team to victory.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to occasionally check behavior score in Dota 2. If not, you might be surprised to see yourself regularly matching up with toxic players because of a bad conduct rating.

Be sure to take action when you spot that your behavior score has gone down and find out what you need to improve on. It does not take rocket science to learn how to boost it up. All you need to do is display positivity to teammates and opponents, maintain your composure during matches, and report harassment when you witness one.