Faith has become much more interesting in Elden Ring, compared to previous titles. But, of course, the classic holy and restorative magic is still there for Paladin types to smite foes and heretics alike. It never gets old to bless your weapons with lightning and holy damage while wielding a massive greatsword. 

But now, that’s not the only offensive option for Faith. For one thing, pyromancy now scales off Faith, with higher spells needing more Faith to cast. In addition, flame-based magic is inherently destructive, amplified to absurd scales in Elden Ring.

For those who like to duke it out close quarters, Faith now comes two types of incantations that harness power from savage beasts. 

The first is Dragon Incantations. You can purchase Dragon Incantations using their dragon hearts at communion shrines. These powerful spells use the power of winged drakes to spew fire or even bite your enemy’s top half away.

The other one is bestial incantations. These magic spells control the abilities of beasts to rip and tear the environment.

For the interested Faith casters, I’ll show you where to get beast incantations in Elden Ring. I’ll also describe all the bestial incantations to see if anything catches your interest. 

If you already know where to purchase these potent incantations, keep reading. I’ll also show where to find all Deathroot locations in Elden Ring.

Beast Clergyman Location

You can get beast incantations from Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. The deformed and ravenous creature is located in the Bestial Sanctum, at the northeasternmost area of the Caelid region.

Instead of braving through the colossal terrors and scarlet-rot blighted environmental hazards of Caelid wilds, there’s a shortcut that takes you right to Gurranq’s doorstep.

First, you have to get to Roundtable Hold beyond the Lands Between. Melina will offer you an invitation to the exclusive tarnished gathering hub once you rest at a Site of Grace outside of Limgrave. 

The fastest way is to skip Stormveil Castle through the shortcut near the broken bridge. Then, resting at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Another way is to take the transporter chest at Dragon-Burn Ruins, then leave Sellia Crystal Dungeon. Afterward, rest at the Site of Grace by the shore of the lake.

If you already have access to the Roundtable Hold, simply fast travel there to return.

Once there, find D, the undead hunter. It’s not hard to miss since he’s sitting on Roundtable when you teleport there. He’ll tell you to avoid Summonwater Village, and any creatures that live with the dead.

The next part of the quest involves killing the boss at Summonwater Village and claiming your first Deathroot.

From Stormhill Shack, follow the main road east until your watch Summonwater Village. There’s a Site of Grace nearby that you can use as a checkpoint.

The boss there, Tibia Mariner, is a ghostly apparition riding a canoe. The fight isn’t too hard as its attacks are long and telegraphed. Plus, the encounter takes place outside, so you’re free to evade with your horse, Torrent.

Be wary of the skeletons it can summon. Tibia Mariner tends to call for reinforcement then phase to a far corner of the arena. But, again, you don’t have to deal with them if you’re overwhelmed; simply hop on Torrent and reposition.

Tibia Mariner drops a Deathroot upon defeat. Take this item and show it to D back at the Roundtable Hold. He’ll commend you and show you where to bring your Deathroot.

D marked a Sending Gate behind the Third Church of Marika, north of Mistwood. You’ll find it hidden under a cliff on the river. Use this to teleport right in front of the Bestial Sanctum.

Open the doors and you’ll see Gurranq at the altar. Activate the lost grace site for a quick fast travel back if you need it. Also, don’t attack the giant bird guarding the door at a low level. Well, you could, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alternatively, you don’t need to complete D’s quest to get beast incantations from the beast clergyman. Instead, you can use this Sending Gate to access Bestial Sanctum immediately. 

However, Gurranq won’t talk to you without any Deathroot. Also, completing D’s quest lets you buy holy incantations from him. His shop includes an incantation called Order’s Blade, a spell where you can buff your weapon with holy damage.

Beast Incantations

Speak to Gurranq and offer it Deathroot to get beast incantations in Elden Ring. For your first Deathroot, it will give you the Clawmark Seal and Beast Eye.

The Clawmark Seal is a Sacred Seal that boosts bestial incantations when equipped. And, the Beast Eye is a key item that alerts you when a Deathroot is nearby.

You can give Gurranq a total of 9 Deathroots to get all beast incantations and rewards. Gurranq isn’t a vendor with a traditional shop where you can choose what you get, instead, it has a list of rewards that you’ll get depending on how many Deathroots you’ve given it.

Giving Gurranq another Deathroot awards you the Bestial Sling incantation, or as I like to call it, pocket sand. Using it quickly flings sharp rock shards at your opponents. It costs 7 FP per use, and it requires 10 Faith.

The third Deathroot gives you the Bestial Vitality incantation. At the cost of 18 FP, you’ll apply a buff that heals your HP over time. Useful for boss encounters.

Gurranq gives you the Beast’s Roar Ashes of War for your fourth Deathroot. Equipping it on your weapon provides the Keen affinity, which means it will scale with Dexterity more, and the Beast Roar skill. The Beast Roar weapon art unleashes a forward traveling projectile against your foe.

After your fourth Deathroot, Gurranq will become hostile and attack you. You have to bring it down to a certain threshold, and it will calm down. Resetting the area brings it back to its normal state.

The fifth Deathroot nets you the Beast Claw incantation—one of the best spells in Elden Ring. For only 8 FP, you’ll conjure a claw and throw multiple projectiles in a wide arc in front of you, similar to the enemies near the Sanctum.

Sixth Deathroot gives you the Stone of Gurranq. You’ll hurt a giant boulder in front of you. Plain, simple, and gets the job done.

Seventh Deathroot gives you the Beastclaw Greathammer. It’s a massive warhammer that deals physical and holy damage. In addition, the Beastclaw Greathammer has a unique weapon art called Regal Beastclaw which slams down its hammer then releases a fan of projectiles like the Beast Claw incantation. It requires 20 Strength, 10 Dexterity, and18 Faith to wield appropriately.

The eight Deathroot will reward you the Gurranq’s Beast Claw incantation. First, you’ll plunge your conjured claw into the ground, and then it erupts into a massive shockwave afterward. Unfortunately, the spell is quite expensive to use at 21 FP per pop.

For the ninth and last Deathroot, you’ll receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. An upgrade material that lets you enhance your armament to +25. It’s a scarce smithing material so use it wisely.

All Deathroot Locations

But before you’re able to get any of those, you’ll need more Deathroot to get beast incantations. Here are all deathroot locations in Elden Ring:

Summonwater Village, East Limgrave. You have to defeat Tibia Mariner to get it. If you followed D’s questline, you would have gotten this first before meeting Gurranq, the beast clergyman.

Deathtouched Catacombs, Limgrave. It’s inside a chest after defeating the Black Knife Assassin.

Black Knife Catacombs, Liurnia of the Lake, near the Minor Erdtress. It’s inside the treasure chest after killing the Cemetary Shade.

Liurnia of the Lakes, south of Artist’s Shack. Another Tibia Mariner for another Deathroot.

Wyndham Ruins, Mt. Gelmir. You’ll receive a Deathroot as a reward for defeating Tibia Mariner.

Gelmir Heroes Grave, Mt. Gelmir. You’ll have to fight the challenging Red Wolf Champion to get it.

Stargazer’s Ruins, Mountaintops of Giants. Guess who’s here on top of the mountains? Surely, it isn’t another Tibia Mariner? It’s a Tibia Mariner—defeat it for the last time to collect your Deathroot.

Hidden Path to Haligtree, near Site of Grace. First you’ll have to defeat the Stray Mimic Tear, then loot the treasure chest beside it.

Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs, Mountaintops of Giants. Fairy long and difficult dungeon, but you’ll manage at this point. The final Deathroot is found inside a treasure chest after defeating the boss of the dungeon.