Tagilla is the Scav Boss in Factory when patch 12.11 got introduced. He is the most sought out objective in Factory and, expects it to be as hot as ever. The map is known for its PvP and Tagilla is there to join the party.

This article will teach you how to kill Tagilla in Escape from Tarkov by preparing your loadout, learning his location, and what loot you can get from him.

Loadout to Farm Tagilla

Early wipe

The best ammo to use is 7.62×39 bullets. You can bring two 30-round magazines for any 7.62×39 AK guns. If you want to PvP, you can bring an extra magazine. Remember, this is early in the wipe. Most of the players would either be questing or just farming Tagilla.

7.62×39 is the hardest-hitting bullet for the lowest cost you can find. This excludes sniper rounds for obvious reasons, but if you are farming bosses with a ton of HP, AKs are cheap and the most efficient gun to use.

If you have some stacks of grenades, I suggest bringing at least one every raid. If you are low on resources, you are better off saving some instead of buying (unless you unlocked it from the trader).

For healing, just bring a painkiller and an IFAK or a Salewa. Put these inside your container so you can use them freely.

Mid and late wipe

Always expect to fight PMCs mid to late wipe in Factory. It is the smallest map even with the Factory expansion in patch 12.11. If you are already rich, you can go with whatever loadout you want to go crazy with a class 6 armor, best bullets, meta guns, and stims like ETG.

If you want to be more thrifty, you can buy the guns you have the best ammo unlocked on. This could be the MP7 (FMJ SX/AP SX) or the .45 Vector (.45 AP). These are so easy to set up as you literally slap a sight on it and just play.

Bring grenades so you can pre-nade Tagilla’s location so you can confirm if he is there. You can also throw it to deter other PMCs from pushing or if you spawn near another PMC’s spawn area.

Bring a Vaseline/Golden Star inside your container and other healing items like IFAKs, AFAKs, Salewas, Hemostats, Alu Splints, and a stim (preferably Propitals).

Tagilla Factory Location


Tagilla’s spawn is near the Med Tent Exfil. Just hug the wall to the right and you can find him near the tractors. He also moves around this area if he spawns here so be careful. Seeing as how small the map is and how PMCs are constantly roaming, Tagilla can aggro on anyone really fast and he might catch you off guard.

The more common spawn area is anywhere near the pit as he likes to go underground. He roams a lot so it is possible to see him anywhere as long as a minute has already passed in the game.

YouTube / Diamond Lobby Clips

Tagilla’s Total Health

Tagilla’s total health is 1,220 with a class 6 armored rig that protects the thorax and a class 5 face mask. This makes him the strongest Scav boss in terms of effective HP because of his armor.

Arms130 each
Legs140 each

Fight Strategy

Tagilla’s behavior is quite erratic. He switches from his big hammer to his gun and vice versa. It depends on how close you are. If you are close, he switches to his hammer to chase you sometimes.

For the strategy, you need to make use of the surroundings in the Factory. Tagilla aggros on sight and as long as he has a vision on you, he will chase or shoot. Keep hugging walls, containers, any object that can block vision.

Aggro him and shoot him every time you can and run back to corners (try to escape the line of sight). Obviously, with better gear, you will be able to kill him easily. But, if you are playing early in the wipe, this might be the only strategy.

Everyone will be trying to farm Tagilla every time they run Factory. This could be a problem if you are running for Tagilla super quick as some PMCs will do the same thing. It will be close to impossible to kill Tagilla and rush to an extract even with the Factory Key.

It is so easy to hear people running especially the gunshots. The most efficient way to kill Tagilla is to go on the top level and run on the catwalk.

You will be overlooking half the factory on the ground level. Find Tagilla and kill him even with an SMG, this is still easy to do. You can catch other PMCs trying to loot him and just survey the area.

You can pre-nade Tagilla on his known locations so you would know if each area is clear. You will hear him shout anyway and his voice is distinct from other Scavs.

There are only 5 other PMCs inside the Factory and you can count them by hearing the gunshots. After a few minutes, you can expect Scavs (PC and player) to spawn in. Find the perfect timing to go down and loot Tagilla.

Tagilla’s Loot or Drops

Armored Rig

Tagilla Armored Rig

Tagilla wears the Crye Precision AVS MBAV, a class 6 armor that protects the thorax like the Slick Plate Carrier. This is insanely good for those lazy people who have a hard time setting loadouts or people with less space to stash rigs and armor.


Saiga 12ga semi-automatic shotgun

Saiga Tagilla

Tagilla uses the Saiga 12ga semi-automatic shotgun with the new slugs introduced in patch 12.11. It is a great weapon for the early wipe and is used in closed-quarter combat.

It is good on Factory, Dorms area in Customs, Interchange in general, Labs, Shoreline’s resort, and other close-ranged hot areas. The ammos used are the 12/70 HP Slug “SuperFormance”, 12/70 HP Slug Copper Sabot Premier, or the 12/70 AP-20 Slug.

Kalashnikov AKS-74UN 5.45×39 – AKS-74UN Zenit

This is a modded AKS-74UN with a popular sight on it (Eotech XPS3-2 holographic sight). Tagilla uses either 5.45×39 mm BT or 5.45×39 mm 7N39 “Igolnik”. Compared to Killa, Tagilla has fewer chances of getting the better ammo since it does not include the 5.45×39 BS.

MP-155 12ga semi-automatic shotgun

This is another semi-automatic shotgun with a built-in thermal camera. All of these are added in patch 12.11 and Tagilla uses the 12/70 Flechette exclusively with this gun.

Superfors DB 2020 Dead Blow Hammer

This is Tagilla’s hammer which he uses to smash other players when they are close.

Tagilla’s Mask

Tagillas Mask

This one is quite unique as it is worn as a face cover like the Shattered Mask. It is a class 5 helmet that protects the top of your head, ears, eyes, and jaws. It has low durability but it sells for around 83K to 85K depending on the current durability.

It has a different version “Gorilla” that is the same class 5 helmet with a different design.

Other Items

He also gives a lot of grenades with some stims like the L1, Morphine, and a lot more. You can also get his “BOSS” cap for cosmetics. He brings a Salewa with him to heal if there is some downtime. All kinds of keys and keycards can spawn on all Scav bosses.