The Inventory Check quest is introduced in Escape from Tarkov patch 12.11 and it is given by Ragman early on in the wipe. There are a lot of subtasks to be finished but they are all relatively close to each other.

This guide will teach you how to finish the Inventory Check quest in Escape from Tarkov and help you increase your loyalty level to Ragman by doing so.

Required Keys You Need to Bring

Yes, you will need keys to finish this quest. In fact, you need 3 keys which are new in patch 12.11. They are the RB-ORB1, RB-ORB2, and RB-ORB3 keys. These are keys to the metal doors inside the barracks in Reserve.

This can be quite pricey so you will need to decide if it is worth it or not depending on the price in the Flea Market. You can also choose to wait until you get the keys and keep farming jackets everywhere.

All Locations for Inventory Check

These are all found near the “Chess” buildings with the helicopter pad in the middle. This is also where Gluhar and his crew roam around so be careful. Make sure you are prepared to fight as these areas are quite hot.

The spawn points near this area are all headed here as this area also has access to the underground bunker.

Western Barracks (Black Pawn Building)

Western Barracks Location
Western Barracks Black Pawn Building

The western barracks is located just to the side of the helicopter pad. It is marked with a black pawn on the upper-left side of the building and the entrance is located just below it.

Second Arsenal – RB-ORB3

Second Arsenal Room
Second Arsenal Room

Enter the building and immediately go up the stairs (1 floor up) and turn left. You will see a locked door which you will need one of the keys mentioned above. This is an arsenal room so this will contain some weapon mods and other items so make sure to loot it as well.

Duty Room

Duty Room
Duty Room

This is kind of weird, but once you go up the stairs (2 more floors up) after finishing the second arsenal room subtask, you will hear the click that you have finished the duty room subtask as well. I got mine going literally up the stairs.

First Arsenal

First Arsenal Western Barracks
First Arsenal

After going two floors up from the second arsenal room, turn left again and you will see another metal door. This one is unlocked so you can freely open it without any of the RB-ORB keys.

Northern Barracks (White Pawn Building)

Northern Barracks
Northern Barracks White Pawn Building

After finishing all the subtasks for the Inventory Check quest in the Black Pawn Building, head out where you came from and go to the next building. You will see a White Pawn marking on the building and this will be the Northern Barracks.

First Arsenal – RB-ORB2

First Arsenal Northern Barracks
First Arsenal

Once you go inside the main entrance of the Northern Barracks, immediately go to the next floor (just 1 floor up) again and turn left. You will see a locked metal door which can be unlocked by the key mentioned above.

Open the door and step inside the room to finish the subtask. There are a lot of weapon mods and attachments here so make sure to sweep the room.

Second Arsenal – RB-ORB1

Second Arsenal Northern Barracks
Second Arsenal

After looting the room, head up again but this time, go up 2 floors. Upon reaching the 4th floor, look to the right again and you will see another locked metal door. You will need the last key to open this which is the RB-ORB1.

Again, these are arsenal rooms so it might have chances for some good items. Make sure to loot everything unless there is a lot of enemies in the vicinity. You can play with friends to help you finish this quest or do it all together. It will make things a lot easier as these places are a hotbed for gunfights.

Final Thoughts

These quests are usually meant to teach the players where the good items are located. It is a good lesson, in general, to help players identify places, especially on a map as confusing as Reserve.

There are multiple levels to Reserve and it also has one of the best loots in the game. This is because it has its own Scav boss (Gluhar) who is guarded by a lot of bodyguards. They all have decent loot.

To top it all off, there are multiple military item spawns as well as multiple marked rooms to be opened. You can also spawn raiders by activating the switches and when the armored train extract arriving.

This is why this map is so good to run even early in the wipe. You can get a ton of useful loot for your hideout upgrades and you can finish other looting quests at the same time.

If you are wondering where to find Gas Analyzers for the Therapist quest are, you can check the tech stores here as well so you can finish multiple quests at the same time.