Rogues are USEC soldiers that patrol the Water Treatment Plant in the Lighthouse. You can compare their loot to Raiders found in the Labs or Reserve. They patrol in a group and behave like Gluhar and his bodyguards.

Once you aggro a single Rogue, every Rogue will be hostile towards you. It is tricky to fight these Rogues, but you can follow a few simple strategies to dispose of them safely and efficiently.

In this guide, you will learn how to kill Rogues in Escape from Tarkov while also teaching you ways to extract the loot you get from them efficiently.

Rogues’ Location and Behavior

The Rogues in Lighthouse can spawn in a lot of different locations, and their quantity is quite random as well.

There are a ton of Rogues to loot, but if you are thinking of finding more than ten Rogues to kill in a single raid, it will be an extremely rare case, even if you go through all the locations.

The most common places that Rogues spawn on are the following.

Water Treatment Plant

  • Main Gate
  • Warehouse 1, 2, and 3 rooftops. (called USEC Buildings as well)
  • Inside Warehouse 1 and 3
  • Helicopter area

Lighthouse (12.12.30 expansion)

  • In the middle of the houses
  • On the top near the Lighthouse area

Water Treatment Plant

The Rogues spawn on the mounted guns in the main gate, but there is a possibility that only one Rogue spawns here. You should always be careful because there is even a possibility that three Rogues spawn here. One by each mounted gun and one by the big container next to the main road.

For the warehouses, the Rogue spawns can be extremely random, but you can bet that more than three Rogues can spawn on all rooftops as a minimum.

Each warehouse can spawn one to three Rogues, so there can even be a total of nine Rogues on all rooftops, excluding the ones on the main gate, the ones patrolling outside, and the ones inside the warehouses.

The Rogues on the rooftops are dangerous because they can laser into your location even from afar, as long as they have an angle.

For the Rogues inside the warehouses, they are more uncommon, and from experience, they spawn more inside warehouse 1. Their spawns can fluctuate, so the ones in the main gate and warehouse rooftops are more reliable.

The patrolling ones around the Water Treatment Plant are also uncommon and are probably the most dangerous unless you can take your time and spot them from a distance.


When you go and cross through the bridge to the lighthouse near the southern road, you can immediately hear the footsteps of the Rogues if they spawn near the houses.

There is only one entrance to the area, and you will need open the door to enter the small island.

The Rogues can spawn literally in the middle of the houses, so it would be dangerous to open the next door to get inside.

The other Rogue spawns are on top of the hill next to the lighthouse. Do not go into the lighthouse because there are landmines scattered around it.

As for the Rogues’ behavior, they are aggressive towards BEARs and will shoot on sight. For USECs and Scavs, they only shoot them when they get near.

You will hear these Rogues talk when they spot you, and you will remain an enemy to them after coming in contact, whether you shot them or just went past them.

If you are a USEC or Scav, once you have killed a Rogue, every single Rogue will be hostile towards you.

After queuing in the next raid, they will remember this and will be hostile towards you at the start. They will become neutral again after a number of raids without killing Rogues.

You will hear a few voice lines from the Rogues where they switch from becoming neutral to shooting you on sight.

Voice lines that may sound passive, like “Scav spotted” is actually passive-aggressive. At this point, Rogues will already shoot you on sight. Even as a PMC, they can say this line to you.

Lines like “we got a bandit,” “enemy spotted,” and other voice lines will also trigger them to shoot you. The proper indicator would be your distance from the Rogues. Going inside the USEC buildings with Rogues on the rooftop will already trigger them.

Approaching the Rogues

There are multiple ways to approach the Rogues. It depends on how greedy you are. If you want to kill and loot more than 4 Rogues, you have two “safe” options.


Lighthouse Expansion

Once you cross the bridge, you will see the main gate with two metal doors to get inside the lighthouse area. Before entering the area, you should scout out if there are Rogues near the vicinity.

The conference room house (to the left from the entrance) and marked room key house (right from the entrance) can have Rogue spawns. They will roam around the area and will shoot you through the windows.

The best approach would be to hear them out before entering the main door. It is a lot safer, but you can also opt to stay inside the room on the left with the drawers if you don’t want to get shot from behind by other PMCs.

Close the door so that other players have no idea if someone has entered the area or not. If they spawn near, try to shoot them only after hearing their footsteps or voice lines so you can get an idea of their exact location.

For the ones near the lighthouse, you can slow down and check if the Rogues are outside first. If not, go inside the small room with the safe and try to hear them out. Do the same strategy and prioritize safety.

There is only one exit from here, so you have to be fast when it comes to looting and dealing with them.

USEC North Building (Warehouse 2)

There are patrolling Rogues that come in packs of four. They circle around USEC North Building or circle around the helipad in the middle of the Water Treatment Plant.

If you find them near the USEC North Building, you can wait until you can safely enter the building. Once you get inside, you can position yourself where you can hold the chokepoint by the door or by the back entrance.

You have two options to get inside the USEC North Building. You can go from the main entrance on the main road or the side entrance from the abandoned cabins bridge. Follow the road or look for the middle warehouse since it is easy to spot.


The helipad is found near the middle of the Water Treatment Plant. You can see this easily as there is a big helicopter in the middle. The Rogues patrol this area as well. It depends on where these patrolling Rogues spawn.

If they spawn and patrol this area, you can go to the helipad and wait for them there. When they are already near the helipad, wait for them to leave before going to the helipad. It will be harder to kill them from the outside, where mounted LMGs can shoot you from all angles.

When the Rogues patrol this area, they go around the middle of the van with the GPU spawn. They could also go to the tent with the server and technical crate. Your goal is to go to the helipad and wait for them to come to kill them more efficiently.

Main gate

If you are not feeling greedy, you can actually snipe the two Rogues on the mounted LMG near the main gate. You will see two watchtowers by each side of the main gate. You can shoot them one at a time from the main road or even from the beach.

Once you take them out, the Rogue on the left side (facing the Water Treatment Plant from the main road) will be the easiest one to loot. Tread safely. The Rogues from the USEC buildings can shoot you from here.

Beachside Main Entrance Rogues

The Rogue on the right side of the main gate will be almost impossible to loot without taking out the Rogues on the rooftop. With this strategy, you can loot the Rogue on the left side and leave the area. Use extraction points that do not require you to pass through the Water Treatment Plant.

Playing as a BEAR

You do not have many options as a BEAR. You will have to deal with all the Rogues if you want to loot them all. Killing and looting the ones near the main gate is still possible as a BEAR. You just have to avoid running wide open on the main road.

For the other Rogues, you will have to pick them off one by one. If you can go sneak from the side entrance and hug the blue fence, you can actually enter the USEC North Building by running from cover to cover. Deal with the Rogues on the rooftops that you have sights on.

If you are able to get the patrolling Rogues without taking out most of the Rogues on the rooftops, you can come back to the blue fence and avoid them. Going to the Railyard will require you to cross the sights of these Rogues, so it is safer to go back instead.

However, you might be finding other players on the way back. You can decide whichever path you want to take from here.

Best Strategy to Kill Rogues

When you get to each of the spots mentioned above, the hardest part is always extracting with the loot. Before killing any Rogues, you would want to plan out your exit first.

As a Scav, you can get away with killing Rogues inside the USEC North Building because you can go from cover to cover and extract safely to the Industrial Zone Gate, which is near the same building.

As a PMC, you would want to clear out all the Rogues on the rooftops, so the mounted LMGs are all clear. Add in the tasks of killing the patrolling Rogues, all the Scavs, and all the players, the risk of getting killed is insanely high.

Here are some tips you can follow when killing Rogues and extracting with the loot.

Sniping all the Rogues on the rooftops first

It is a bit tricky, but you can clear every single Rogue on the rooftops, including the random Scavs that spawn too. From the helipad, you actually have cover to shoot the Rogues on the rooftops one by one before or after dealing with the patrolling Rogues nearby.

The ones on the main gate can be seen from this side, and you can shoot them safely since they cannot aim at you from here. If you miss, they will run back to safety without shooting at you as long as you are near the helipad.

You can start sniping the ones on top of the warehouses afterward. Clear the area until you can safely go from cover to cover and circle back to the abandoned cabins and go to the Path to Shoreline extraction point.

It will be hard not to attract any attention after all this shooting. Always keep a lookout at the entrances or any nearby footsteps. The Water Treatment Plant should be the hottest area in the Lighthouse, especially after 10 minutes into the raid.

Always run with cover

After killing Rogues or getting aggro from any of them, you should always try to stick to cover when running. Prioritize getting cover from the rooftops where the Rogues spawn. Even if you snipe and kill the Rogues on the mounted LMG, there are multiple Rogue spawns on each rooftop, and some of them might not even use the mounted LMG.

There are some Rogues who shoot from the rooftop with their own weapons. These Rogues are sneaky and dangerous so always be on the lookout. If you have trouble seeing them, you might as well get cover every time you run somewhere.

However, be careful when you are near tents, fences, and broken walls; sometimes, they shoot through it and hit you for whatever reason.

Use grenades

Dealing with the patrolling Rogues is already a tough task. First, there are four of them, and you still have to worry about the other Rogues on the rooftops once you get aggro. The best way to deal with them is to split them up with grenades.

They will scatter once you throw a grenade. It is quite effective since they will also stop shooting trying to run away from the explosion. This could be your opportunity to thin them out.

You can also use grenades when you are luring them to a chokepoint inside a USEC building. Once you kill one Rogue, the others will follow and avenge their fallen ally.

You can preemptively throw a grenade to stop them from pushing you instantly. Even a flash grenade would work perfectly.


The best loadout is to have the ability to fight from a distance and in close-quarter battles. A DMR like an SR-25, M1A, or even an SVDS would do. Use a Valday or any optics with two different magnifications.

Bringing two weapons into the raid is not always ideal. You are farming Rogues to get their weapons and gear anyway, so you would eventually drop a weapon after successfully killing and looting the Rogues.

You can also bring a cheap Mosin with a scope to deal with the Rogues on the rooftops along with your preferred short-range weapon, but it will end up being just as expensive as bringing one decked-out DMR.

Ammo or ammo-type does not matter that much. Most of the Rogues do not even have armor. On rare occasions, some could be wearing Hexgrids where you would need high-penetration ammo. However, it is even rarer to see them with a full Caiman complete with attachments and a Hexgrid at the same time.

Things You Should Know

Playing with friends as a squad can alter your playstyle when fighting Rogues. You can shoot different Rogues all at the same time to deal with them efficiently. However, if you have a BEAR on your squad and everyone else is a USEC, the Rogues will treat everyone on your squad as if you were all BEARs.

You should also know that once a Rogue aggros on a member of your squad, they will also shoot you on sight too.

Getting near a mounted LMG will immediately aggro all the Rogues. If you also go inside a USEC building without any Rogues inside, the Rogues on the rooftop can also “sense” your presence and can aggro on you when you enter.

You should also know that looting the whole area without getting near any of the Rogues is actually a decent way to make money. The best loot spots in Lighthouse are mostly in the Water Treatment Plant. It is also one of the fastest ways to make money after a wipe if you do not care about leveling up.

Phased Array Elements, Military Corrugated Tubes, Graphic Cards, Bitcoins, VPX Modules, and other extremely valuable loot spawn inside the Water Treatment Plant. The Rogues could be considered a nice bonus, especially if you are looking for loadouts.

Rogue Loot Drops

Rogues have a particular theme to their loadouts. They usually use weapons like the SCAR, MK47, M4A1, AK, and SR-25. Their armor is a little inconsistent. Some of them only have tactical rigs without any armor or helmet, while some of them can have Hexgrids, USEC Troopers, and other armored vests that are class 4 and above.

They can also spawn random items like a Scav, so always check their bag and pockets. Rogues also loot from dead bodies. If you ever find a Rogue without a ton of loot inside their bag, they might have looted other players who tried and failed to kill them.

For example, the image above has a ton of loot inside the Day Pack from the dead Rogue. Items like the VPX, Gold Skull, Rachet, and OFZs have been looted from other players since these items are common in the Lighthouse.

If you are still neutral with the Rogues, looting their dead bodies will not turn them against you. As long as you do not go near a Rogue who is alive, you should be safe.