The Customs map has most of the quests involving Scavs, and it can be increasingly difficult to eliminate Scavs if you do not know where they are.

Customs has a lot of Scavs compared to other maps, but the number of PMCs and the location of each PMC spawns make it difficult to farm Scavs around the map.

You will likely encounter these other PMCs in a fight as everyone is trying to fight to get to the other side of the map from where they spawned.

In this guide, we will show you where to find Scavs in Customs so that you can finish these quests easily, even with other PMCs trying to fight you.

Scav Quests in Customs

Customs Scavs


  • Eliminate 5 Scavs all over the Tarkov territory
  • Obtain and hand over 2 MP-133 12ga shotguns

The Punisher – Part 3

  • Eliminate 25 Scavs on Customs while using an AKS-74U

Polikhim Hobo

  • Eliminate 25 Scavs on Customs


  • Eliminate 40 Scavs with headshots

Operation Aquarius – Part 2

  • Eliminate 15 Scavs on Customs

Silent Caliber

  • Eliminate 20 Scavs while using a suppressed 12 gauge shotgun
  • Eliminate 10 PMCs while using a suppressed 12 gauge shotgun

Peacekeeping Mission

  • Eliminate 12 Scavs on Woods while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
  • Eliminate 12 Scavs on Customs while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
  • Eliminate 12 Scavs on Interchange while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
  • Eliminate 12 Scavs on Shoreline while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)

The Survivalist Path – Wounded Beast

  • Eliminate 3 Scavs while suffering from pain effect

The Survivalist Path – Eagle-Owl

  • Eliminate 6 Scavs in the time period of 21:00-04:00 without using any NVGs or thermal sights (Excluding Factory)

The Huntsman Path – Forest Cleaning

  • Eliminate 30 Scavs all over the Tarkov territory

The Tarkov Shooter – Part 1

  • Eliminate 5 Scavs while using a bolt-action rifle with iron sights from at least 40 meters away

The Tarkov Shooter – Part 5

  • Eliminate 8 Scavs on Customs while using a bolt-action rifle in the time period of 21:00-5:00

The Tarkov Shooter – Part 6

  • Eliminate 5 Sniper Scavs while using a bolt-action rifle

Scav Farm Locations

Sniper Roadblock

Sniper Roadblock

Sniper Roadblock is located near the Smuggler’s Boat extraction. The roadblock is easy to see, and you will find Scavs roaming around this area all the way to the little shop in the middle of the road.

It is good to check this area for Scavs because the location is close to other prime destinations for farming Scavs like the bus terminal, dorms, RUAF, and the construction site.

RUAF Roadblock

RUAF Roadblock

The RUAF Roadblock is an extraction point if you spawn at the opposite side (Military checkpoint, factories/silos, and Old Gas Station. Scavs will spawn in this extraction point after a few minutes into the raid.

These Scavs spawns are consistent, and this spot is one of the prime locations for getting a few Scavs. PMCs frequently cross this area as well, so be careful.

Old Gas Station

Old Gas Station

The Old Gas Station is one of the most consistent Scav locations. Even player-controlled Scavs spawn here, and they all count towards Scav quests.

The area is also one way of crossing to the other side of Customs, which makes it a dangerous place. It is also an extraction point for PMCs who spawn close to the Crossroads area of the map, but the extraction is not always open. The green smoke will be the indicator if the extraction is open.

You can plan your route and go to this location wherever you spawn since it is quite close to the middle of the map.

Container Park

The container park or yard has a ton of Scav spawns, but sometimes it can be empty. If you spawn at the end and you are extracting in Crossroads, you might as well check the container park as well as the trailer park next to it.

Tarcone’s Warehouse

Tarcone’s Warehouse spawns Scavs outside the big red warehouse. They can be seen in the open area or on the two sides outside of the warehouse.

The office inside the warehouse is also a popular quest location in the early wipe, so be careful of PMCs.

New Gas Station

New Gas Station

The new gas station has multiple PMC spawns near it. Scavs roam around inside and outside the gas station. You can see them go beyond the hills, the main road, or by the white wall.

Reshala can spawn here as well, and players like to go here to hunt Reshala down for a quest or loot. There are multiple quests that can be done around this area, like the Tigr Safari or the fuel tank markers.


Stronghold is probably the second hottest spot on Customs, right behind the dorms area. It is the center of the map and holds a ton of loot inside, including an extraction if the power is turned on.

Reshala can also spawn in this location, and that is why it is an extremely hot area. Scavs aren’t particularly common inside Stronghold, but they can spawn here, and it is close to other hot Scav spots.



Silos spawn a ton of Scavs, and it could be dangerous because they can be hiding around bushes beside the factories. However, you should be able to hear them if you get close.

The area is also hot since PMCs can spawn here, and the players who spawned at the opposite side have to extract in ZB-11.

Water Tanks

Water Tanks

The water tank area is just outside the factories near the ZB-12 extraction. The Scavs will roam around the area as well as inside the factory.

They can be hard to spot at times since they might stop in a bush, and they can see through bushes and shoot. You can pay attention to the audio so you can spot their exact location since they will be shouting once they see a PMC.

Open area in the middle of the storage buildings

Open Area Factories

The open area, where there is a tiny cabin for the Unknown Key quest, has a ton of Scavs roaming around. They are pretty open, and you can even shoot them from as far as the forest behind the new gas station.

Construction Area

Construction Site

The construction areas near crackhouse and stronghold are both a hotbed for Scavs and even sniper Scavs on top of the buildings.

PMCs frequently cross around this area because they like to avoid the openness of the main road. It can be dangerous, but you will definitely find a ton of Scavs here or by the other side of the white wall near the road.

Bus Terminal

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is right beside the construction areas mentioned previously. Once you go past the broken wall into the main road, you can immediately see the huge open space that looks like a parking lot.

Scavs can roam around the inside, on the road, or in the bushes near the intersection (going to the dorms area).

Dorms (three-story and two-story)


Scavs can spawn on both dorm buildings, including Reshala and his guards. In the three-story dorms, Scavs are more common, roaming around the 1st and 2nd floors. In the two-story dorms, they are common on the first floor.

They can roam around the outside as well, but it is quite rare. Some Scavs from the bus terminal can roam around the intersection and sometimes reach the dorm area from the road.

Military Base Checkpoint

The checkpoint has a ton of Scavs roaming around the hills. Most of the Scavs will be around the tower and near the roadblock on the road. They can be a bit dangerous because it might be hard to see the Scavs when they have some cover inside the checkpoint.

Best Scav Farming Routes

The best Scav farming routes you can do is dependent on your spawn location, but here are some tips you can do before we discuss the possible farming route for the spawns.

Hear out the map and where possible shooting can occur. Reshala spawns in dorms, stronghold, and the new gas station, and his guards usually throw grenades immediately. Their guns are loud because they are not suppressed.

If you hear any of these noises, you can pinpoint their spawn and assume that there is a PMC nearby too. PMCs from other areas might come running to the spot as well, and you can capitalize on other locations to farm other Scavs.

Avoid going towards open areas when going around the spots in Customs mentioned above. You can always take the safer route where there are a lot of covers.

If you spawn in the Crossroads/Trailer Park area, you can use these two routes below.

Sniper Roadblock > Dorms > Construction > New Gas Station > the open area between factories > water tanks > Silos > Extract ZB-11

RUAF Roadblock > Construction > Stronghold > Bus Terminal > Dorms > New Gas Station > open area > Water Tanks > Silos > Extract ZB-11

Admin gate > Military Checkpoint > New gas station > Construction > Bus Terminal > Dorms > Sniper Roadblock > Tarcone’s Warehouse > Container Yard > Extract Crossroads

If you spawn in the middle, you can go for the closest spot on the list and work your way through the farthest extraction while going to each location on the list.

Finding Scavs in Customs is a lot harder than finding Scavs in Interchange just because there are a ton of PMCs going around the map, and they will easily be eliminated by other players on the map.

You can try to maximize your runs for efficiency by going for the hidden stashes around Customs. It is a good way to make money in Escape from Tarkov.