How to Get Job Offers in FIFA 21 Career Mode

So, you have decided to go for a different route to 90% of the FIFA players and have a career as a manager rather than a player. Perhaps you have also selected a lower-end team just to make things more interesting, but after a while, you probably experienced some success and want to move up in the divisions.

That is where many players begin to question how to get job offers in FIFA 21 career mode so that they can accept it and progress in their career. Let’s just say that it isn’t so simple, and after some digging, we may finally have the answers that you have been looking for.

So, in today’s article, we will help you understand how to get job offers in FIFA 21 career mode through a couple of tips that we believe are very relevant.

Show Them the Results

Whether you are starting your managerial career with the Premier League’s West Brom or League One’s Sunderland, if you want to progress into managing better teams with bigger budgets, you will need to show the board of directors of those teams why you are worthy of their investment, time, and effort.

Essentially what that means is don’t expect to beat Leeds United, and Wolverhampton back to back and hope for a managerial job from Liverpool. No, that is not how it goes. Rather, what you need to do is show good, consistent results. If you manage to win some trophies, that would be even better. Sometimes, it can take multiple seasons of great results to be sent an offer from the elites not just in the EPL, but the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Seria A.

Answer Infront of the Press

While we are not sure that allocating time to answering questions from the press in pre and post-match interviews has any impact on whether or not you are going to get offers, it is important that you attend them rather than skipping them.

This will not only give you the opportunity to get a message out there but also help you build a solid relationship with your players since the player morale system was first introduced in FIFA 20.

So, basically, even if attending press conferences doesn’t directly impact your opportunities as a manager, attending them and building your players’ morale will make them much more confident in their efforts while on the pitch. This for sure will have an impact on the results that you manage to obtain from each and every game that you manage.

Be Patient

Often times, we want things to happen right away. Unfortunately, even in FIFA 21, that isn’t possible. Our best advice is to simply stay patient while putting in the work and ensuring that you get the best results you can from every game.

Yes, your friends may get their dream career mode offer sooner than you, however, that shouldn’t discourage you. Maybe they just got lucky or worked harder than you.

Apply for the Position

If all else fails, be brave enough to apply for the position of a manager for your desired team. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose but get your ego hurt when you get rejected by the board of directors. However, you will be surprised that more often than not, your applications will get accepted if you have the results to prove that you are worthy enough for the team. To boost that chance, make sure to follow the tips from above, and secure your dream career move.


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