FIFA 21 Career Mode has undergone a host of changes and features an all new training system that includes player morale indicators. Both individual player morale and team morale affects the performance of the team and getting this right makes a lot of difference to the performance on the field and also smaller factors like wage requirements and player overall ratings.

Much like Match Sharpness levels, high levels of team morale in FIFA 21 career mode is a little tricky to achieve. But, a few small tweaks to your normal gameplay can make a huge difference. A team with higher morale can win more sim matches and players in a team with higher morale in FIFA 21 will be less unsettled by transfer offers too.

If you’re wondering how to improve team morale in FIFA 21, this post will give you a few pointers which will help you create a better team unit with high morale and cohesion, which is crucial to success in team sports.

Do Not Overtrain

Training has been revamped in FIFA 21. Managers now need to maintain a delicate balance between match sharpness, fitness and morale. It is easy to throw the balance away either by training too little or too much.

Players react to overtraining negatively. They feel like it affects their fitness levels and causes a massive decrease in morale in FIFA 21. Some players love the extra drills but some, especially the veterans, do not like to be overworked on the training field.

more trianing days FIFA 21

Also, when a defender is assigned offensive drills frequently or vice versa, it causes some resentment. This negatively impacts morale and causes a player to question the leadership at the club.

Respond to Player Chats

Another effective way to increase match sharpness levels in FIFA 21 career mode is to pay attention to the player chats in the manager inbox. Player chats are more flexible this year, giving you the opportunity to react to player demands and concerns with pre-programmed replies that either increase or decrease individual FIFA 21 morale.

Certain players ask you about their play time while some appreciate you for your leadership. There are times when they will ask you to make decisions about their future at the club too. All these situations have the right reply programmed in. Search for the handshake icon on the replies. It usually is the most balanced answer to give and guarantees an increase in player morale every time.

Ignoring these conversations is often what managers will opt for in a bid to speed track career mode gameplay. But this approach is not advisable and will lead to poor squad harmony and chemistry. You will find passes going awry and player positioning poor. Matches in general become harder to win without proper communication between player and manager.

Attend Post-Match Press Conferences

Post-match press conferences are crucial in FIFA 21 to increase player morale. If you choose the right options, the can positively impact the overall team morale too. After every game you play (not sim), you get a chance to answer three questions from the press.

fifa 21 manaager conference

You might be inclined to attend conferences only when the team wins, but it is more important to face the press when you team loses a game. This is because the team morale decreases after a defeat. Attending a conference helps you reassure the fans that the squad is doing well and that the recent loss is just a minor setback to development plans. This reinforces to the players that you can motivate even when the squad is down.

Make sure you praise the team even when an individual is singled out for good performances on the field. If an attacker is scoring plenty, give credit to the midfield and defense because without them, he will not have attacking freedom. Similarly, when the team tactics are questioned, let the media and fans know that current squad issues are minor and will be fixed soon. This goes a long way to the success of the team and your career as a football manager.

Pay the Right Wages

Keep an eye on the contract time and wages in the finances tab under squad hub. Here, you will find how much a player should be paid (approximately) when you click on delegate renewal. This suggestions is usually pretty high. Undercut this a little (not too much), but make sure a player who has improved drastically or has been performing well for you receives a big bump in wages.

This will help you retain your core squad and they will be happy to play for you and give it their all on the pitch.

Choose the Right Captain

Captaincy choices are crucial to improve team morale in FIFA 21. The captain has separate conversations with you about squad progress and choosing the right thing to say in these one -on-one chats will boost the team morale a lot.

Choosing a player with ‘a leader of men’ trait helps reduce morale drops when the team loses. This is because a good leader amongst the players helps dispel the negative feelings of inadequacy that plague a squad after a team loses in FIFA 21.

Choose a good captain, who has a lot of experience and stick with him. Make sure you do not sell him for cheap at first chance. Try to keep you captain with the squad during a transfer window as players respond negatively to a captain departing without a contingency plan to procure an adequate replacement.

Sim Games During a Losing Streak

We Found that simming games helps with breaking a losing streak. There are certain strategies you can follow to ensure a sim victory in FIFA 21. If you find that you are constantly losing games, it helps to sit back and watch your team tactics unfold in front of you without you controlling every play on the field. This will give you an idea of where your team is making mistakes in defense and where they are strong in attack, allowing for strategic changes.

sim game fifa 21

Also, you might find yourself unable to break defenses down when your tea has lost a few games. Simming games makes sure you can avoid a offensive shutout. Your team is bound to find space in the attacking third, at which point you can jump in, make a couple of moves and score easily. This helps tremendously in breaking a losing streak and improving team morale.


Follow these tips to ensure that your team has a decent overall morale. The morale ratings play an important role in individual and team output and as a manager, it is your duty to ensure that the dressing room is high in spirit and feeling optimistic about their performances.