If you’re getting stuck into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team then there’s one place that every new team should start; Squad Building Challenges, or SBCs.

The beginner SBCs provide phenomenal value as long as you complete them efficiently, providing you with packs worth tens of thousands of coins for a cost far lower than this.

In the early stages of the game, these SBCs are a license to print money. But even later on after the release, it’s the likes of the League and Nations Hybrid SBCs that still provide the best Return on Investment (ROI) if not already completed.

The issue? They can be tricky to figure out. But don’t worry.

In this post, I’m going to show you the Give Me Five SBC solution, one of the ‘Hybrid Leagues’ SBCs in FIFA 22.

Give Me Five SBC Solution for FIFA 22

What we want to do here is not only give you a potential solution for the Give Me 5 SBC on FIFA 22, but we also want to talk you through how the SBC is constructed — this is vital information, trust me.

The reason for this is because people post these solutions online but then they buy up the players that are in lower supply so that they can make huge profits on them, and your SBC becomes much less profitable due to the inflated costs you’re paying.

Let’s take a look:

Photo credit: FUTBIN

You’ll notice from the solution above that there are a lot of rare bronze players included — these are much rarer than rare gold players due to how many more gold packs are opened on the game compared to bronze ones.

This is how the solution creators go on to make lots of money from unsuspecting casual players, as they probably own almost every version of the rare bronze cards they’ve included on the market, and it’s not unusual to be paying 5,000 coins or more for these players.

What you need to do instead is think a bit smarter and work out what players you need to complete it the cheapest way, perhaps based on some of the players you’ve already packed already — but don’t go giving away any of the fastest center backs in FIFA 22 as they’ll be worth a small fortune.

What Does the Give Me Five SBC Require?

To complete this SBC, you need:

  • Exactly 5 leagues
  • A maximum of 4 players from any one league
  • A maximum of 4 players from any club
  • At least 6 rare players
  • A minimum squad rating of 69
  • Minimum chemistry of 80
  • All 11 players required

You don’t need to get loyalty for this one.

How to do the Give Me Five SBC in FIFA 22

Let’s break this down so that we can use our collective brainpower to complete the Give Me Five SBC cheaply and without loyalty.

What we’re going to do is take a look at each section of the squad so we can determine what is needed and who needs to link to who — and importantly, who doesn’t need to link. Remember to try to get rare players snapped up wherever you can, avoiding bronze rares unless you can get them cheaply.

Here’s what you need to do to complete this and get your hands on the Prime Mixed Players Pack reward:

The striker and the three central midfielders have the same nationality and play in the same league. In the example above, they use Scottish players from the Scottish Premier League, but other good options here are English players, Spanish players, French players, and there are many other options too.

Photo credit: FUTBIN

Any nationality who has their main league on the game can be used here, really. Cheaper nationalities that can work really well for these SBCs are Brazilian, Argentinian and Colombian, though there are others that are great too if you put your thinking cap on.

The left midfielder needs to have the same nationality as your striker and central midfielders above, but needs to play in a different league. In our example, it’s a Scottish left wide midfielder, but plays in the Irish league. You could instead go for English players in the Championship as your central players, then go for an English League One left midfielder — once you start figuring out how these work, you can get creative in your efforts to complete them cheaply.

The left back just needs an orange link to the left midfielder, meaning in our example we could pick any Scottish left back that doesn’t play in the SPL (remember, there’s a 4 players per league maximum rule here), or we could pick any Irish league left back too.

The central defenders and the goalkeeper just need to link to each other. In the example from FUTBIN above, these three players all play in the Norwegian league. There is a green link shown, but it isn’t essential in this position for this solution. For your central defenders and goalkeeper, this is your chance to pick up three rare players from a very random league for cheap.

Photo credit: FUTBIN

Finally, your right midfielder and right back need to green link. They don’t need any chemistry with any other players. The best way to do this is to pick two players of the same nationality from the same league. In the FUTBIN example we displayed above, it’s two Italian players from Serie A.

And there you have it, you now have the knowledge to be able to go and complete your own solution to this SBC without being ripped off by price fixers.

Up next is the Seven-League Boots SBC.