Looking for the best bronze team in FIFA 22 with 100 chemistry? Whether you need to build an OP Bronze team for completing objectives or to simply humiliate opponents who’ve spent tens of thousands of coins in building their teams, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll show you the best combination of 11 bronze players that have everything you can expect from a very decent team at fraction of the cost.

I must say, finding this combination of players wasn’t easy. I went through a lot of trial and error but this 100 chemistry bronze team is insane.

Below, I’ll break down each player from the starting XI and explain to you why I’ve decided to go for them.

Know This Before Reading On

To create the team that you’ll find below, I used a mixture of English and Japanese players. Yeah, it might sound weird but it worked, and to be honest, it worked really well. The team is full of quick players and most importantly, it has 100 chemistry.

I built this team with the basic 4-4-2 formation, which I think is one of the most dominating formations on FIFA 22. The great thing about this team is that you don’t need to stick with 4-4-2. You can go for virtually whatever formation you want as long as you don’t have three strikers instead of two or have three defenders in the back.

If you decide to do any of that, then you might need to seek some additional players or even spend coins on amending the default positioning of some of the players to that of your formation.

The Best Bronze Squad in FIFA 22

Image credit: FUTBIN

Nathan Baxter – GK – EFL Championship (ENG 2)

Starting off with the goalkeeper, the player that I’ve decided to go for is the Englishman, Nathan Baxter. The 64-rated Hull City player boasts 66 diving, 67 reflexes, 64 handling, 38 speed, 63 kicking, and 65 possession.

Considering that the 1998-born is a bronze card, his stats are very decent. On top of that, he’s also super affordable, priced in at just a few hundred coins regardless of the platform that you’re playing on.

If you’re someone who likes to bring out the keeper and catch out the opponent’s striker during a counterattack, you might have to think twice about that with Baxter due to his very low speed and acceleration rate. Besides that, a very worthy GK for a bronze hybrid squad.

Takahiro Yanagi – RB – Meiji Yasuda J1 (JPN 1)

As I mentioned above, this overpowered bronze team consists of a mix between English and Japanese players. For the right-back position, my player of choice is one of the four Japanese players, Takahiro Yanagi.

The 1997-born Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo player boasts 83 pace, 54 dribbling, 36 shooting, 59 defending, 52 passing, and 76 physical. The reason behind going for this youngster is primarily because of his pace, which has proven to be of crucial importance in FIFA 22.

On top of that, you can grab him for just a few hundred coins regardless of the platform that you’re using.

Nesta Guinness-Walker – LB – EFL League One (ENG 3)

On the opposite side, for left-back, I’ve decided to go for the Englishman Nesta Guinness-Walker. The 1999-born AFC Wimbledon player boasts 83 pace, 59 dribbling, 31 shooting, 58 defending, 52 passing, and 58 physical. It’s fair to say that he has quite similar stats to his colleague from across the world, Takahiro Yanagi.

Similarly, he’s very affordable and is easily one of the fastest bronze defenders in FIFA 22. When it comes to his weak foot and skill moves, they are both 2 stars, which is rather average for a defender, especially a bronze one.

Takuma Ominami – CB – Meiji Yasuda J1 (JPN 1)

For the first center back, on the right-hand side (to achieve maximum possible chemistry between this hybrid team), I decided to go for one of the fastest center backs in FIFA 22, the Japanese defender Takuma Ominami.

The 64-rated Kashiwa Reysol LB has 87-pace, 46 dribbling, 29 shooting, 62 defending, 37 passing, and 75 physical. He’s not only super quick (by a big margin compared to any other bronze defenders), but is also 6’0″ in height, which will be of tremendous value when it comes to clearing out set-pieces against tough and tall opponents.

Due to how rare fast bronze CBs are, his card might be a little more expensive (by a few hundred coins) depending on the platform that you’re using. Not a big deal anyway.

Tyler Magloire – CB – EFL Championship (ENG 2)

To achieve a great and even chemistry across the back four, the left-hand side of the defense will be supplied by another Englishman, Tyler Magloire. The Blackburn Rovers player seemed to be the best addition to the team, considering the other three defending players and the goalkeeper.

The 61-rated Magloire is not only the fastest amongst the four, at 89 pace, but also links up very nicely with the keeper and the LB. As for the rest of his stats, he has 49 dribbling, 27 shooting, 59 defending, 38 passing, and 70 physical. Nothing really impressive, but like his Japanese-to-be teammate, he’s in the 6-foot range, which is always beneficial.

Yuta Kamiya – CM – Meiji Yasuda J1 (JPN 1)

The first of four players in midfield is the Japanese Yuta Kamiya. My reason for picking the 1997-born Ehime FC CM is mainly due to his impressive stats and chemistry potential with the RM (who you’ll find below) and the Japanese CB, Takuma Ominami.

In terms of individual stats, Kamiya boasts 81 pace, 70 dribbling, 52 shooting, 57 defending, 67 passing, and 54 physical. He’s not only quick but also very good at dribbling and passing the ball. In other words, just what you’d expect from a decent center midfielder.

Another technical aspect that caught my eye was his 4-star weak foot and 3-star skill moves, which are relatively hard to find in a bronze CM.

Dru Yearwood – CM – Major League Soccer (MLS)

Despite not playing in the same team, or even the same league as any of the other players in this 100 chemistry bronze team, the Englishman Dru Yearwood is what I deem to be the perfect fit.

The 64-rated NY Red Bulls CM boasts 82 pace, 67 dribbling, 53 shooting, 64 defending, 60 passing, and 80 physical. Those stats are pretty average, with the exception of his pace and physical attributes, which are way above the general bronze CM.

As for his technical abilities, he does have 3-star weak foot and 3-star skills, which will always come in handy. One of the major drawbacks of this player is his price, which depending on the platform you’re using, you can expect to pay upwards of a few thousand coins.

Brendan Kiernan – LM – EFL League Two (ENG 4)

An overpowered bronze team without fast wingers is incomplete. For that reason, I dove deep into the search for a quick and reliable left midfielder and to my luck, I found Brendan Kiernan – the Walsall (League Two team for those of you that don’t know) player.

The 61-rated 1992-born Englishman boasts 90 pace, 63 dribbling, 53 shooting, 28 defending, 51 passing, and 59 physical. Besides that, he has a 4-star weak foot and 3-star skills – you can pull off some tricks if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Unlike some of the other players on our list today, Kiernan goes for just a few hundred coins, despite being one of the fastest bronze midfielders on FIFA 22.

Tekeshi Kanamori – RM – Meiji Yasuda J1 (JPN 1)

You thought the right midfielder was quick? Wait until I tell you a little bit about Kanamori, the 1994-born Avispa Fukuoka player. He’s also the fourth and last Japanese player on this team.

When it comes to his individual performance stats, the 64-rated RM boasts the staggering 94 pace, 67 dribbling, 57 shooting, 30 defending, 52 passing, and 71 physical. He’s not only the fastest player on this team but also amongst the fastest bronze players on FIFA 22.

As far as his technical abilities go, he has the rather average 3-star skill foot and 3-star weak foot, which is plenty in my opinion for a right midfielder.

Elliott List – ST – EFL League Two (ENG 4)

There was a decent amount of choice as far as strikers were concerned. Despite that, for the left striker, I went for the Englishman Elliott List. The Stevenage player boasts 93 pace, 65 dribbling, 62 shooting, 28 defending, 53 passing, and 67 physical. He’s amongst the best bronze players in FIFA 22.

The great thing about the 1997-born player is the fact that he’s relatively inexpensive and can often be found for under 1,000 coins. As far as his technique goes, Elliott has a 3-star weak foot and 3-star skills.

Ricky-Jade Jones – ST – EFL Championship (ENG 2)

And last but not least, I’d like to present you with Ricky-Jade Jones, the 2002-born Peterborough United striker who has recently made a name for himself. In my eyes, he’ll be amongst the best young players in the division for the years to come.

As for his performance stats, he boasts 92 pace, 60 dribbling, 59 shooting, 28 defending, 51 passing, and 56 physical. When it comes to his technique, he boasts a 3-star skill foot and 3-star weak foot, which isn’t great but then again the guy is young and has plenty of time to improve in the years to come.

Robbie Fowler – Manager

Without a suitable manager, this OP FIFA 22 bronze team will only have 93 chemistry until they have loyalty. So, I went out and looked for the perfect fit.

During my search, I came across one of England’s best ex-football players, Robbie Fowler.

You can use any English manager, but the bronze factor just gives this team the perfect finish.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. This is, in my opinion, the best and fastest bronze team with 100 chemistry in FIFA 22.

The great thing about it is that you don’t need to make any subs early on in the game and you can get your hands on the full bronze squad for just a couple of thousand coins depending on the platform that you’re on.