The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is the premium version of FIFA 23, designed with hardcore FIFA players in mind. 

But at a significantly higher price tag than the Standard Edition, is the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition worth it?

This article will focus on the differences between the FIFA 23 Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition, comparing pricing and what additional bonuses are on offer to identify whether the Ultimate Edition is worth the higher price.

Edition Prices

As you would expect, the Ultimate Edition is significantly more expensive than the regular edition on each console, given the additional features and bonuses on offer.

ConsoleStandard EditionUltimate EditionLegacy Edition*
Xbox One$59.99$99.99N/A
Playstation 4$59.99$99.99N/A
Xbox Series XS$69.99$99.99N/A
Playstation 5$69.99$99.99N/A
Nintendo SwitchN/AN/A$39.99

*As the Legacy Edition is only available on Nintendo Switch. EA Sports has confirmed there will be no significant enhancements or new developments. Therefore, this article won’t consider it an alternative to the Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 23 Standard Edition

As the name suggests, FIFA 23 Standard Edition is the basic version of FIFA 23. It allows gamers to purchase the game without additional bells and whistles. 

As a result, FIFA 23 Standard Edition is the cheapest variation of FIFA 23 that you can get your hands on.

You can access some additional features if you purchase the game before it launches. 

Please note that these additional bonuses will no longer be available if you read this article after the FIFA launch date.

Team of the Week 1 Player Item

If you order FIFA 23 Standard Edition before it launches, you will get one randomly assigned untradeable item for your FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Ultimate Team Cover Star Loan Player

You will also gain a regular loan Mbappe to use in five FIFA Ultimate Team matches. He is one of the best meta players in FUT, so it’s a pretty decent option to have from the start even as a loan.

Pack Ambassador Player Pick

You get to choose three known players as your first player pick of the season that can get used for as many as three FIFA Ultimate Team matches.

Career Mode Homegrown Talent

The final pre-order bonus is not specific to FIFA Ultimate Team. Instead, it provides your youth team with a player with great potential in Career Mode. You can learn how to improve players in FIFA 23 career mode to ensure that the youth player’s potential is maximized.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition also provides players with the same pre-order benefits and several others. It also offers one bonus not specific to pre-orders via FIFA Points.

Dual Entitlement

For starters, if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition, you can upgrade your FIFA 23 copy from previous generations for free.

Untradeable Ones to Watch Item

Ones to Watch is the first special item of the FIFA 23 season. They get released on the same day as the game launch, and if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition, you will gain one random untradeable item that can get used in your FIFA Ultimate Team. 

Untradeable FIFA World Cup Hero Item

If you pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21st, you will gain a random World Cup hero player for your team. This item is untradeable.

FIFA Points

Finally, the most enticing bonus from purchasing the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is the FIFA points on offer. These points are not only for pre-orderers and can be used to open plenty of FIFA Ultimate Team packs. Purchasing packs is one of the fastest ways to increase your Team and Player Chemistry.

In total, the FIFA Ultimate Edition gives you 4,600 FIFA Points.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Further Information

Unfortunately, most of the benefits you can gain from purchasing the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition occur if you pre-order the game, including access to the game 72 hours earlier than the official release date.

Buying the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is not the only way to gain early access to the game, but 72 hours of early access is much bigger than the 10 hours of early access on offer if you buy the game via EA Play.

The main advantage that will impact whether or not the Ultimate Edition is the right choice for you is the FIFA points on offer. 

These points are the currency used within the game and can typically only get purchased with real-life money.

However, you could easily purchase the Standard Edition, buy 4,600 points in-game, and spend the same amount, as this level of points would generally cost $39.99 to acquire. 

Standard vs Ultimate Edition Comparison

Aside from price, there are also many other differences between the FIFA 23 Standard and Ultimate Edition. Here is a quick visual breakdown of the most significant changes to help you decide which edition is the right option for your particular needs.

Standard EditionUltimate Edition
Early AccessN/A3 Days
FIFA PointsN/A4,600
World Cup Hero ItemN/A1 x Random FUT Hero
Team of the Week Item1 x Random TOTW player1 x Random TOTW player
One To Watch ItemN/AOne random OTW Player

Final Thoughts

In summary, which edition of FIFA you choose will depend on several factors.

If you prefer to play different modes on FIFA, such as career mode or online friendlies, it is unlikely that the Ultimate Edition is the right option for you, as most of the bonuses are exclusive to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Remember, most of the benefits from the Ultimate Edition are only available for pre-orders, and some of the most exciting bonuses, such as the Ones to Watch bonus, are based entirely on luck.

If you’re new to FUT, then you should check out a guide to everything you need to do first in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It might even help you to make the decision about paying extra for the upgrade.