On FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, a proper CDM build can be decisive in a balanced match. Basically, as well as having experience and technique, you must have an ideally-built avatar with the best physical traits and skillset.

A meta build is particularly vital during the early game, where you’re at a low-level stage and your avatar has not hit top performance levels. But, if you play your cards right during the initial attribute points assignment, you can level up faster.

Still, creating an above-average avatar relying on attribute points and physical customization alone can be pretty complex. Hence, why we’ll discuss the best CDM build for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs in this article and make this easier to achieve.

The CDM Physical Attributes

A good CDM build begins during character customization. So, when creating your character, make sure to set their physical attributes to match their playing position. For CDM players, you’ll want to avoid being too short and light since you’ll need to be more robust for defending.

Ideally, you’ll have a good setup if you define your height as somewhere between 5’7” – 5’10” tall. In addition, get your avatar’s weight to sit between 119 – 123 lbs. This setting ensures that your player will be conventionally fast and strong to deal with interceptions and tackles.

Best Perks

Selecting the best perks for a good FIFA 23 Pro Clubs CDM build should lean towards improving your character’s defensive bonus.

So, during the early game, you’ll have access to a single defense-centered perk, which is the ‘Interceptor.’ Therefore, choose this bonus as a starting trait. Basically, this perk will improve your avatar’s ability to intercept other players.

As you only have a single perk slot available during the first levels, you’ll have to use the interceptor for a while. Then, as you unlock more perks and slots, you can go for ‘Ball winner’ for defensive improvements and ‘Active first touch’ to squeeze into some plays better.

Still, in our opinion, the best perk combo for a CDM player in Pro Clubs is:

  • Interceptor
  • Ball Winner
  • Physical Strength

So, once you unlock all three perk slots, we highly recommend using the above-listed bonuses since they’ll improve your tackles, interceptions, physical disputes, and ball control. This role’s perks are similar to the perks your Pro Clubs team’s CB should use.

Best Attributes

A top CDM player needs to have perfect pacing to pursue opponents, intercept long passes, and even join counter-attacks. In addition, a good CDM should excel in one-on-one situations, mainly when they depend on physical performance.

You can give your CDM avatar in Pro Clubs a meta skillset, even at the game’s beginning, with a short number of available attributes.

First, start by assigning points for ‘Pace.’ You’ll want to unlock a few panels on ‘Acceleration’ and ‘Sprint Speed.’ But, give priority to acceleration; we recommend unlocking four panels on the former and two on the latter.

Then, throw some points toward the ‘Defending’ section. Basically, your avatar’s ‘Def. Awareness & Interceptions,’ and ‘Def. Awareness & Standing Tackle’ is crucial. So, spend enough points to unlock one panel of each.

You can invest in some ‘Physical’ skills with the remaining points. As you evolve, we recommend that you keep prioritizing the skills we’ve mentioned. Then, you can pursue these archetypes:

  • Guardian
  • Cheetah
  • Maestro

By following our recommendations, you’ll get closer to a Casemiro skillset. So, ensure your team’s wingers and strikers have a meta build that’ll work with yours.


Although the focus here is to discuss a CDM build for Pro Clubs, we recommend that you slightly stretch out of this position and change it for an RB or LB. The reason is that, in FIFA 23, the CDM position struggles with a speed ‘nerf,’ whereas the RB or LB don’t.

This speed nerf is quite discrepant, and even if you assign the exact same skillset, a CDM build can have a 10-point pace loss to any of the alternative positions we’ve mentioned.

At this point, you should know if building a CDM is what you want to do in Pro Clubs. To help with your decision, it might be worth learning about other positions as well. Attackers are a pretty popular choice, so I recommend learning how to create the best striker build next.