The winger is a critical part of any Pro Clubs team. This position requires accurate offense decisions, great confidence, and a perfect avatar build.

While playing alongside a striker, the winger must have the necessary attributes and skillset to provide decisive assists and score winning goals. Hence, your avatar’s physical traits must offer a noticeable advantage to your team.

Creating a perfect winger can be troublesome, though, especially during the early game, where the available skills for you to allocate will be limited.

This article will discuss the best winger build for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, listing how to make a meta beginner skillset and keep the quality as you level up.

Best Physical Attributes

To excel as a winger in Pro Clubs, you must be able to join the offense fast and fit any tactic play as smoothly as possible. Therefore, your first jab into a meta-winger build begins with character customization.

Set your character’s physique to 5’5” in height. Your main goal here is to have a small and light frame, allowing you to pace yourself quickly on the field. So, your weight should stay at the minimum value of 99 lbs.

For wingers, using the stronger foot is crucial. For instance, if you’re playing on the left wing, a stronger right foot should give you better crosses and passing. But a proper left foot should provide you with more finishing shots.

In FIFA 23, I recommend playing a right-footed winger on the right and a left-footed winger on the left.

This is because the most broken finishing type in the game – the trivela – is much easier to execute when the player is positioned that way. Additionally, it also makes crossing or passing into the opponent’s area much easier.

Best Skill Tree Attributes

A beginner skill set for a winger should mostly go to ‘Pace’ and ‘Dribbling’. The faster your player is, the quicker you’ll join the action for scoring or assisting opportunities. Then, as you get more skill points, keep prioritizing the attributes above, but throw some points on stamina, ball control, agility, and passing.

Let’s break down the sub-categories where you should apply your skill points as a lower-level pro with a few skill points and as a higher-level pro with at least 150 skill points unlocked.


Pace has always been king in FIFA, and it is doubly important for players that operate on the flanks.

Your winger build should start with unlocking at least two panels each in the sprint speed and acceleration sub-categories.

Depending on how many skill points you have, you can unlock a couple more panels here but the end goal should be activating the “Cheetah” archetype by unlocking the panels as indicated in the attached sample.

This will cost you 35 skill points but it should be easy if you’re a high-rated pro with many skill points to spare.


In this category, you’re going to focus on the “Shot Power”, “Finishing”, and “Long Shots” sub-categories.

Unlock the first two panels in the shot power section. No matter how many skill points you spend anywhere, make sure that your player’s shot power does not exceed 89 because that affects the quality of trivela shots.

In the “Long Shots” section, the goal is to unlock every panel as indicated in the attached sample. This is important because wingers spend less time inside the box compared to strikers, so you need to be able to shoot consistently from outside the box.

As a low-level pro, you can unlock one or two panels to start and invest in other areas until you have many more skill points to spare.

In the “Finishing” category, you should also be looking to unlock every panel. Start with two as a low-level pro and complete the line when you have enough skill points.

This section of the build should cost you 23 skill points if every recommended panel is unlocked.


In this section, the end goal is to unlock the “Artist” archetype and improve your short/long passing to a reasonable level.

The archetype can be unlocked under the “Crossing” sub-category – follow the pattern of the attached sample to do so.

As a low-level pro, you can make do with unlocking the first two panels in all three sub-categories and coming back to unlock more as you level up your pro and earn more skill points.

If you’re wanting to create a player with the best possible dribbling ability, you can sacrifice some of the panels in the short and long passing sub-categories and invest them in the dribbling section instead.

This section of the build should cost you 31 skill points if every recommended panel is unlocked.


As a low-level pro, your first port of call should be the “Balance” sub-category because it is the only way to unlock the Lynx archetype. This archetype costs less than the Maestro archetype so it will be easier to unlock while you’re being conservative with skill points.

To unlock the Maestro archetype, follow the “Agility” skill tree and unlock the panels as indicated in the attached sample.

If you’re a high-level pro, you might be able to afford to unlock more panels in the “Dribbling” sub-category as well. However, the priority should be getting the Maestro archetype alongside the Lynx.

This section of the build should cost you 42 skill points if every recommended panel in the image is unlocked.


Considering the small size of the avatar that we’ve created for this build, there’s very little point in spending skill points on boosting your strength stats – the player will be lightweight regardless.

With that in mind, there are still some useful panels that can be unlocked here, most notably the panels that help to boost your player’s reactions and stamina.

Wingers run a lot, so boosting your stamina helps your player to last longer during matches. Reactions also affect every action of the player in the game, so it’s an important boost as well.

As a low-level pro, you might want to hold off on spending skill points in this “Strength” category until you have enough to spare.

However, if you’re a high-level pro, go ahead and unlock those panels in the order indicated in the attached sample. It should cost you about 17 skill points.

To reiterate, the first archetype you’ll want to unlock is the ‘Cheetah’. Then, it’s also vital that you pursue these:

  • Lynx
  • Maestro
  • Artist

This skill set should work well with your Pro Clubs team’s striker and CAM, which would ideally be as fast as your player.

Best Perks

The winger perk customization is similar to the one we recommend for strikers. You’ll begin with a single perk slot available and not so many perks to select. A proper beginner-level winger should have the ‘Distance Shooter’ perk first.

This perk will increase your long-shot accuracy while providing your player with a 5-star weak foot ability. A good weak foot is vital for a winger since this position needs to provide proper crosses, passes, and finishings from both sides.

As you unlock more perks, I recommend using the ‘Skilled Dribbler’ (unlocked at level 10) instead of the distance shooter since the former provides you with more ball time, granting you more experience. Consequently, you’ll level up faster and earn more skill points to spend.

Once you have three perk slots available, I recommend building this combo:

  • Distance Shooter
  • Skilled Dribbler
  • Active First Touch

This combo will provide you with better opportunities since it focuses on ball control, acceleration, speed, dribbling, and shot accuracy.


In Pro Clubs, having good team communication leads you to more victories. So, discuss the formations with your team beforehand and ensure that you’ll play on the wing side you’re better at. Your player’s stronger foot should help you decide.

Make sure to always stay ready for an offensive play. Do not waste your player’s energy by pursuing the opponent’s ball to defend out of your position.

Instead, having a mate playing an excellent CB build in your team can help. Leave it to them.