FIFA 23 brought with it many new features and changes for players to factor in when selecting their team and choosing their play style.

Alongside the new chemistry system, FIFA 23 also introduced players to the Trivela, a skillful pass where the footballer crosses the ball using the outside of his boot.

This article will explain the trivela shot in a little more detail and how to do the trivela shot in FIFA 23 to give you a slight advantage over your opposition.

What is the Trivela?

FIFA 23 Trivela 1 1

The trivela is a move that has not been used for very long, but it has quickly risen to become an extremely popular skill move for many football players. 

It can be used as a shooting or crossing option, and if it is executed correctly, it can add a lot of bend to the ball, making it hard for defenders or goalkeepers to deal with.

Some of the most popular names associated with this skill move are Joao Cancelo, Neymar, and Ricardo Quaresma.

Each of these players, and others that use this move effectively, have mastered the technique of using the outside of their boot to cross or shoot and have produced memorable in-game moments for their teams.

Until FIFA 23, this skill move was not available in-game. However, all that has changed now, and players can use the trivela to create their own magical moments.

But how do you actually perform a trivela? Let’s have a look at the controls you need to master to become a pro at this skill move.

How to Perform a Trivela

  • Xbox Consoles: Hold LT and shoot.
  • PlayStation Consoles: Hold L2 and shoot.

In order to execute the perfect trivela cross or pass, you will be pleased to hear you do not need to use advanced controls. 

Unlike learning how to do the Rabona, the process for executing a trivela is incredibly simple. You just need to make sure you get into the right positions on the pitch with your most skillful players so that your delivery or shot can be as effective as possible.

The controls are similar to executing a chipped through ball, a low cross, or a chipped finish. You only need two buttons, regardless of which console you play on, which makes this move incredibly easy to execute.

Using a Trivela In-Game

FIFA 23 Trivela 1

Due to how new this move is in the FIFA franchise and how easy it is to execute, it is a skill move that is getting used frequently by players, either to play a defense-splitting cross or to fire a powerful shot at goal.

The move was overpowered when FIFA 23 was initially released, but it has since been nerfed to a more reasonable degree. However, it is still quite effective in certain situations if you get the timing right.

Final Thoughts

While some skill moves seem to be more trouble than they are worth, the trivela is a great move to execute as it has such simple controls and, if executed at the right time, can be devastating for your opponent.

If you’re looking to add more tricks that give you the upper hand in online FIFA games, I recommend also learning how to score free-kicks. It’s pretty effective as well!