The Challenger is the first Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in the League and Nation Hybrid section of advanced challenges in FIFA 23.

Hopefully you’ve just completed the Around the World SBC to get to this stage, but don’t worry if you haven’t as it’s not essential.

For completing The Challenger, you’ll receive an untradeable Rare Electrum Players Pack, which has a coin value of 30,000 and gives you 12 rare players; half gold and half silver.

Below is a working The Challenger SBC solution for FIFA 23, along with an explanation of how to complete it and alternative players to look for.


  • Exactly 3 leagues in squad
  • Exactly 2 nationalities in squad
  • Maximum of 6 players from the same league
  • Maximum of 6 players from the same nation
  • All players must be gold
  • Minimum of 32 squad chemistry

This is a very easy, cheap Squad Building Challenge to complete, but can get overly complicated if you don’t figure things out.

With the new chemistry system, it’s hard to get this one wrong if you break it down in the following way: 5 players of the same nation in the same league, repeat this again with a different nation and league, then get 1 player that fits the nationality of one of those two groups but plays in a unique league.

I found it easiest to separate the goalkeeper from the rest of the squad, so they’d be the player from a unique league, but you can break it down however you wish.


the challenger sbc solution fut 23
Source: FUTBIN
  • GK: Illan Meslier (Leeds)
  • RB: Malo Gusto (Lyon)
  • CB: Jonathan Gradit (Lens)
  • CB: Malang Sarr (Monaco)
  • LB: Jaume Costa (Mallorca)
  • RM: Embarba (Almeria)
  • CM: Jonas Martin (Lille)
  • CM: Jean-Ricner Bellegarde (Strasbourg)
  • LM: Toni Villa (Girona)
  • ST: Oihan Sancet (Athletic Bilbao)
  • ST: Kike Garcia (Osasuna)

The way I solved this was very simple; 5 Spanish players from La Liga, 5 French players from Ligue 1, 1 French player from the Premier League.

All of these players are far from unique. If prices increase for any reason on a specific player, you’ll usually be able to replace them really easily. This is because it uses Spanish players from the Spanish league and French players from the French league – leagues naturally have lots of players with the same nationality that their domestic competition is set in.

Alternative Solutions

You can take the concept used above and apply it to lots of different leagues and nations to make it more affordable – if required – though this one should be a fairly cheap solution to The Challenger SBC.

If you want to switch things up, you could try using 5 German players from the Bundesliga and 5 English players from the Premier League, with a final English or German player thrown in from a different league such as Ligue 1 or the English Championship.

Remember that all players need to be gold rated.

Now this is complete, you can move on to my FIFA 23 Advanced SBC solution.