Effective communication in Fortnite when playing solos isn’t necessary as you are solely responsible for your actions, however, when it comes to duos, trios, and even squads, effectively communicating with each of your teammates becomes a crucial factor in increasing your chances of winning each fight that you go into.

It’s no secret that the more people you play with, the harder it is to keep track of their positioning at any given time, making effect communication vital winning games. So, in this blog post, we will discuss a range of different things you can do to improve at Fortnite and take the communication between your teammates to a whole new level.

Appoint an In-Game Leader

An IGL or more well known as an in-game leader is the player that essentially responsible for leading the team to victory. Such players are essential for every team, especially in trios and squads as they will be acting as the commander and the decision maker.

By having an IGL, it will make your team a lot more organised and structured as everyone will know what role they have and that whatever the IGL says, goes.

Use The Compass

The compass on top of your screen in Fortnite is a small yet crucial aspect of Fortnite when it comes to achieving effective communication between team members. It is not only great for orientation yourself but also pointing out to your teammate over the microphone where a particular player/drop is.

When it comes to end-game in Fortnite competitive, there usually are 40+ players in the smallest of zones. This means that there would be a team based up pretty much everywhere you look. So, communications of the sort “to your left” or “to your right” become highly ineffective.

In that case, if you see a potential threat, you can look at the compass and call out the exact location of your opponents in name. For example, “there is a sniper on high ground looking at us at 352”.

Call Outs

Call-outs are truly essential if you want to play well as a team. While there are plenty of great solo players, when you put them in a team of other three, you could never tell that they are truly that good. Solos and squads are two different beasts, and so, you must be a team player if you want to achieve great results and win more games.

As you will be playing against other teams, effectively communicating through call outs will be vital when engaging in fights as a team. For example, if you don’t communicate, your teammates will not know what you are up to.

Simple things which are listed below can have a tremendous impact on your game as a team:

  • I knocked one (helps your team understand that you are now in a 4v3 scenario, switching up the play style and becoming more aggressive in your play as there is less risk of dying.)
  • Two on me (Telling your teammates that there are two on you can quickly bring one of your teammates close to you to distract the opponents before you get teamed on.)
  • They padded (This quickly notifies your entire squad that there are players in the air that you all can team on and deal “free” damage while they fly in the distance.)

Be Efficient

This one applies mainly when you are playing with 3 or more players on the same team. When things get heated up during a w-key, the last thing you want to happen is everyone to talk and no one to listen, which is the recipe for a disaster.

Being efficient comes down to communicating by using the least amount of words as possible. Remember that you know what you are talking about, but your opponents may not. So, always try to be as clear as possible.

For example try and avoid situations like, “There is a player here…ugh, northeast of your Jack, on top of the hill.” If you do this in a squads tournament, Jack may be well aware of what is going on but the remaining 2 players will have 2 solve the equation that you put them through before they get in-line with your thoughts or spot the player in name.

On the flip side, lack of communication is equally as bad. The last thing you want is to get knocked and start moaning at your teammates that they didn’t help you in time. Always make sure that you call out your exact moves at all times so that everyone else is in-line with your actions. This will help them to act accordingly and come to help you if needed.

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Get a Good Setup

Finally, if you have checked all of the other tips above, it’s time to think about your setup. Do you have a good microphone/headphones? Such things can seriously affect your in-game communication with your teammates. Be sure to invest and not grab something cheap as background microphone noise is more annoying and distracting than anything to your teammates.

Furthermore, having to repeat sentences in crucial situations because you cut out or your communication was unclear due to poor microphone quality is also not an idea situation to be in.