Reviewing your own games and those of your competitors is a strategy that all professional Fortnite players make use of. It not only allows you to learn from your very own mistakes but gives you full access to the recent gameplays of the top players in the world.

Despite having access to such privilege that could completely transform you as a player, many who are striving to become professional players either never conduct VOD reviewing or simply don’t know what to look out for.

In this blog, we will show you the secrets that top competitive Fortnite players make use of in order to obtain the most valuable information from VOD reviews. So, if you want to learn from your mistakes or analyse the games of top competitors in more detail, continue reading as we have prepared some amazing ground-breaking secrets that are guaranteed to make you a better player.

What Is VOD Reviewing?

Before we get deeper into the topic, let’s explore what VOD reviewing actually is. VOD stands for ‘video on demand’. However, VOD reviews refer to when players go into in-game recordings of games that they have already played and conduct a deeper analysis of their performance. There are plenty of ways to VOD review, however, in this blog, we will scrap all the useless detail and focus solely on the fundamental aspects.

So, if you don’t know what to look for in your own Fortnite replays, keep on reading.

How Do I Review My Own Gameplay?

In order to review your gameplay, you don’t need to be pre-recording your screen since Fortnite actually does that already without affecting your in-game performance.

Once your game has loaded, simply head over to Career > Replays > [Select the game that you want to review] > Play.

Once the replay file loads, you can review every single detail of the game using the settings panel. Please take a look at the image below for more information regarding navigating the VOD settings.

Vod Review 1

Note: Please remember that depending on the platform, your in-game recordings are not going to be available for preview permanently. Furthermore, after each update, your old recordings will be automatically deleted. So, make sure to take full advantage of your VODs and review your performance right after your gaming session.

VOD Review Tips & Tricks (What to Look For)

Now that we have covered the basic details surrounding VOD reviews, let’s get into the more complex and fundamental part of this guide. Below, you will discover 3 tips that if applied properly and consistently, you will notice a significant improvement in your overall game sense, strategy, and performance.

1) Pay Extreme Attention to Your Drop

Time Your Drop

Do you happen to often land a little short or are way too high for your landing spot? That is a big problem, especially in competitive Fortnite. The first couple of seconds are one of the most critical moments in ‘early game’ and if you mess up early on, it can get you eliminated very easily.

So, play a couple of games, and try to land perfectly at the exact same place every time. After that, go into the replays and take a look at the exact moment you jumped off the battle bus and how you can make your flight towards the ground smoother, faster, and overall more efficient.

In case you land 2nd or 3rd after thinking that you have nailed your drop, go into the replays and take a look at those players that landed before you and take into account what they did in this case. You will often find that those players are doing something completely different from you, which could be the reason why they land way before you do.

2) Review Your Loot/Rotation Path

Loot Path

When was the last time you reviewed your loot or rotation path? Never? Probably. It isn’t something a lot of players do, leaving them at a huge disadvantage. How? Because if you don’t have a loot path or aren’t aware of all the loot in the area and beyond (depending on where the zone pulls) you will not only miss out on potentially getting better loot, but will also risk running into opponents from the areas nearby who too are trying to rotate.

So, if you are taking part in a tournament, go back and review your rotation and find the weak points and try to improve them before you play.

Things to avoid when rotating:

  1. Avoid rotating through open fields and valleys as they leave you highly exposed to opponents rotating around/with you.
  2. Don’t make too much noise, if you find yourself to be in a low-ground position in an area that is likely to be crossed by opponents trying to rotate.
  3. Avoid random fights mid-game as that can quickly attract plenty of players that will most likely third-party the fight.

3) Analyse Each of Your Deaths & Eliminations

4 Analyse All of Your Deaths Eliminations

When it comes to VOD reviews, most people just look at how they got eliminated. While that is a great thing as you can learn a lot from the mistakes that you made which led to your death, you also need to be looking at the people you eliminate and what you did in order to do so.

Yes, it is likely that most of the people that you eliminate are not as good as your and simply got “outplayed”, however, if you run into players on your level, go back into the replays and take a more detailed look at exactly what you did.

This will not only show you what you did right but will also show you where you could have been even better. At the end of the day, it’s not about being good at something, it’s about getting even better and executing your winning strategies more effectively.

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