Every year when Madden is approaching release, fans find themselves asking whether buying the game’s standard edition or the deluxe edition is right for them.

The answer to this question will be different for every person depending on factors such as what game modes they play the most and what features they value the most in their Madden experience.

But this can be a difficult question to answer when all the advertising talks up the deluxe edition’s new features as the best thing since sliced bread with no push back in favor of the standard edition.

That’s where DiamondLobby comes in, with the one stop breakdown to help you decide: is Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition worth the money?

Madden 24 Deluxe vs Standard Edition

The first and most obvious question when deciding which edition of Madden 24 is right for you is what content is actually included in each edition of the game?

Below is a quick overview of what’s included in each edition followed by a more detailed breakdown.

Madden 24 Standard EditionMadden 24 Deluxe Edition
Madden 24 Base GameMadden 24 Base Game
Josh Allen Elite Player ItemJosh Allen Elite Player Item
Choice of Two Strategy Items Choice of Two Strategy Items
NFL Marble Bills GearNFL Marble Bills Gear
AKA Player
Three Day Early Access (August 15)
4,600 Madden Points
$69.99 / £69.99$99.99 / £99.99

As you can see in the table above, Madden 24’s Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition have a few items in common.

Regardless of which edition you pre-order, you’ll receive: the full base game itself, a Josh Allen elite player item for the game’s Ultimate Team mode, your choice of two strategy items (one offense and one defense, both for Ultimate Team), and NFL Marble Bills Gear.

If you choose to pre-order Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition you’ll get three exclusive items that buyers of the Standard Edition won’t get: an AKA Player (an “Also Known As” Ultimate Team card), three day early access (meaning you’ll have access to the game beginning on August 15), and 4,600 Madden points (to be used to buy items, bundles, and packs in Madden Ultimate Team).

These three items and/or features are exclusive to the pre-order of Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition and can’t be obtained otherwise.

Does the Console I Play on Affect These Items?

Seeing as Madden 24 is available on multiple platforms, you may be wondering if either edition’s perks are affected by your choice of platform.

This is a valid concern, as there are some game modes and gameplay features that differ between platforms with the main difference being whether you’re playing on a current generation or old generation for platform.

Thankfully, the only pre-order bonus items that are specific to one game mode are the Madden Ultimate Team specific items such as player cards or Madden points.

Madden Ultimate Team is a game mode that is available to all players regardless of their choice of platform (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or PC), which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the full selection of pre-order bonus items on whichever platform you choose to play Madden 24 on.

Is the Madden 24 Deluxe Edition Worth It For Me?

Now that we’ve established what each pre-order edition of Madden 24 comes with as well as the fact that these bonus items are available for pre-order on all platforms, all that remains is to determine if these Deluxe Edition exclusive items are worth the purchase for you and your playstyle.

Ultimate Team

You may have noticed that the majority of the bonus items that come with a pre-order of Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition are specific to the Ultimate Team game mode.

This means that whether you intend to regularly play Ultimate Team will have a big effect on how much value you’re able to get out of pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition.

If you don’t play Ultimate Team and instead focus on managing in Franchise Mode, some of these perks such as the exclusive player cards or the 4,600 Madden Points for use within the Ultimate Team game mode won’t be of much use to you.

However, if you are a regular player of Madden Ultimate Team, then these previously mentioned perks may appear very appealing.

The AKA Player Card, your choice of two strategy items, and the 4,600 Madden Points can be used to get a early leg up on other Ultimate Team players in what always quickly becomes a very competitive game mode. Not only can you use the items that come with the pre-order of the Madden 24 Deluxe Edition to get a leg up, but the included three day early access can also be used to get a 72 hour head start on other players in the world of solo grinding for both coins and player cards.

If you mainly play Madden for the game’s Ultimate Team mode, then you’ll more than likely be able to get your money’s worth from a pre-order of Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition by using it to help build the Ultimate Team roster of your dreams in Madden 24.

Three Day Early Access

The three day early access isn’t only valuable to those who play Madden Ultimate Team, however. In fact, it’s the only perk of Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition that would be appealing to players not interested in Ultimate Team.

By pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition, you’ll have access to Madden 24 three days before the general population (August 15th as opposed to August 18th).

At this point, it comes down entirely to your patience level regarding getting your hands on the virtual gridiron in Madden 24.

Those who don’t play Ultimate Team would essentially be paying an extra $30 (£30) solely for the three day early access.

This mean’s the Deluxe Edition’s value to you simply comes to down to whether you’d rather pay a premium for a 72 hour head start with the game, or if you’d rather save that money by waiting for the full release of the game.


If you’re someone who plays a lot of Ultimate Team throughout the course of the year, Madden 24’s Deluxe Edition will almost certainly be worth the purchase for you thanks to perks like extra cards and Madden points.

Meanwhile, the only real benefit you’d get from the Deluxe Edition if you don’t play Ultimate Team would be the game’s three day early access.