Most football fans will want to boot up a game of Madden and have it perform realistically, as though it was an actual NFL game playing out on their screen.

But getting 22 individual players to act realistically at all times can be a very tall task.

There might be some inconsistencies you notice, such as a QB with low ratings seemingly having pinpoint accuracy, a fast WR being chased down by a slower defender, or a highly rated RB constantly picking the wrong running lanes.

Thankfully, Madden has accounted for things like this by including game sliders you can adjust for both user controlled and CPU controlled teams.

This allows you to fine tune different game aspects that you feel aren’t quite playing out realistically in your games. Here’s how to set the most realistic game sliders for Madden 24.

Things to Know

Before you can make the perfect adjustments to your game sliders in Madden 24, you’ll need to be familiar with what each slider is and what effect they have on the gameplay.

Every individual slider changes the likelihood of various game elements turning out a certain way.

For example, the QB accuracy sliders will effect how likely a QBs pass is to be on target, the offensive holding slider will effect how likely an offensive lineman is to get penalized for holding, and so on.

Each slider also has a separate scale for user controlled teams and CPU controlled teams, allowing you to further tailor your settings to account for the difference in how CPU and the actual player will behave.

It’s also important to note that sliders can be subjective, as the entire point is to be able to tailor the gameplay experience specifically to yourself.

So while we do have our best suggestions for the game slider settings below, don’t be hesitant to make some of your own adjustments if the results aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

You should also remember that for the purpose of maximum realism these sliders are intended for playing on the All-Pro game difficulty, and the “Simulation” game style.

All-Madden can sometimes be too “gamey” or “cheesy” for the sake of being difficult.

The “Arcade” game style prioritizes fun, flashy plays over realism, while “Competitive” emphasizes stick skills and keeping the game close over realism.

If you’d rather play with a different difficulty or game style you may need to make some of your own adjustments to these sliders to get your intended effect.

Realistic Game Settings for Madden 24

There are a few sliders and options that are under “Game Options” within the settings menu, separate from all the other sliders (“Penalties”, “Player Skill”, and “CPU Skill”). Those are listed below:

Game Settings

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
Skill LevelAll-Pro
Game StyleSimulation
Quarter Length12 Minutes
Play ClockON
Accelerated ClockON
Minimum Play Clock Time20 Seconds

Gameplay Helpers

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
Auto Flip Defensive Play CallOFF
Defensive Ball HawkON
Defensive Heat Seeker AssistOFF
Defensive Switch AssistOFF

Player Sliders

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
Player Speed Parity Scale45

Realistic Game Sliders for Madden 24


The penalties sliders can be found by navigating to “Options” from the main menu followed by “Penalties”.

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
False Start70
Offensive Holding65
Illegal Block in the Back60
Roughing the Passer50
Defensive Pass Interference70
Ineligible Receiver DownfieldON
Offensive Pass InterferenceON
Kick Catch InterferenceON
Intentional GroundingON
Roughing the KickerON
Running into the KickerON
Illegal ContactON

User Specific Sliders

The user specific sliders can be found by navigating to “Options” from the main menu followed by “Player Skill”.

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
QB Accuracy48
Pass Blocking50
WR Catching48
Run Blocking25
Reaction Time50
Pass Coverage50
FG Power50
FG Accuracy45
Punt Power50
Punt Accuracy50
Kickoff Power50

CPU Specific Sliders

The CPU specific sliders can be found by navigating to “Options” from the main menu followed by “CPU Skill”.

Game Slider/SettingCustom Setting
QB Accuracy52
Pass Blocking50
WR Catching50
Run Blocking50
Reaction Time55
Pass Coverage55
FG Power50
FG Accuracy50
Punt Power50
Punt Accuracy50
Kickoff Power50