Strategy items are a relatively new addition to MUT. Along with training points, you can use strategy items to increase the ratings of certain players on your roster.

Each strategy item has a boost that you can apply to certain players or your team as a whole.

Silver and gold strategy items can only be added to single players, but coach strategy items can be applied to the whole team.

You can earn strategy items by getting XP and progressing through field passes, buying packs, or going to the auction house.

Below, we will look at the best strategy items in every category.

I will also include the average price for these cards in the auction house.

These numbers aren’t set in stone and are based on PlayStation numbers, but expect to see similar prices on Xbox and PC.

Silver Strategy Items

Strategy ItemRatings BoostPositions Available Typical Price
Iron Wall+1 Pass BlockLeft Tackle (LT)3,000
Hot Pursuit+1 PursuitEvery Defensive Position (LE, RE, LOLB, ROLB, MLB, CB, FS, or SS)3,000
Pave The Way+1 Run BlockRight Tackle (RT)3,000
Bull Rush+1 Power MovesLeft End (LE) and Right End (RE)3,000
Let it Rip+1 Throw PowerQuarterback (QB)3,500
On the Move+1 Juke MoveRunning Back (HB)4,000
Reelin’+1 Catch in TrafficWide Receiver (WR)4,000
Out My Way+1 TruckingRunning Back (HB)5,000
Heavy Hitter+1 Hit PowerMiddle Linebacker (MLB)5,500
Mind Reader+1 Play RecognitionMiddle Linebacker (MLB)6,000
In The Zone+1 Zone CoverageCorner Back (CB), Free Safety (FS), or Strong Saftey (SS)6,000
Ball Hawk+1 Man CoverageCornerback (CB)8,000
Deep Route Specialist+1 ReleaseWide Receiver (WR)10,000

The humble silver item is the lowest-level strategy item you can get. It gives you one extra rating point on a specified attribute for a specific player in a certain position group.

Each strategy card will have a position listed at the top of the card. Be very mindful of the position when you are thinking about spending your hard-earned coins at the auction house on strategy items.

You can only use strategy items on a player that plays the position listed on the top of the card.

A lot of these cards will be available in very similar positions. For example, you might want to add a power move point to your starting left end, so you buy a Bull Rush strategy card only to realize later that it is only for right ends.

All silver cards increase an attribute by only one point, but they are very affordable in the auction house.

The best silver strategy item for the price, in my opinion, is the ‘Iron Wall’ card.

It is one of the cheapest strategy items out there, and it gives you a great extra protection stat for your blind side blocker.

Gold Strategy Items

Strategy ItemRatings BoostPosition RequirementTypical Price
Out My Way+2 TruckingRunning Back (HB)12,000
Play Fake+2 Play ActionRunning Back (HB)12,000
On the Move+2 Juke MoveRunning Back (HB)12,000
In The Zone+2 Zone CoverageCorner Back (CB), Free Safety (FS), or Strong Saftey (SS)12,500
Hot Pursuit+2 PursuitEvery Defensive Position (LE, RE, LOLB, ROLB, MLB, CB, FS, or SS)12,500
Mind Reader+2 Play RecognitionMiddle Linebacker (MLB)13,000
Bull Rush+2 Power MovesLeft End (LE) and Right End (RE)13,000
Reelin’+2 Catch in TrafficWide Receiver (WR)13,000
Deep Route Specialist+2 ReleaseWide Receiver (WR)13,000
Pave the Way+2 Run BlockRight Tackle (RT)13,000
Heavy Hitter+2 Hit PowerMiddle Linebacker (MLB)13,500
Over the Top+2 Deep Route RunWide Receiver (WR)13,500
Iron Wall+2 Pass BlockLeft Tackle (LT)14,000
Let it Rip+1 Throw power and +1 Deep Throw AccuracyQuarterback (QB)14,000
Ball Hawk+2 Man coverageCornerback (CB)15,000

Despite being called gold, these cards actually have a green border around them.

They all give a two-point boost to a specific attribute that you can use on a player.

The exception to this rule is the ‘Let It Rip’ card; that card gives a one-point boost to two different attributes.

Much like the silver strategy items, you have to be careful with positions when it comes to buying these cards in the auction house; you don’t want to purchase something expecting to apply it to a certain player only to learn that the player isn’t eligible.

Despite the price tag of 15,000 coins, the ‘Ball Hawk’ card has to be the best gold strategy item in the game.

Ball Hawk is an iconic Madden ability in other game modes, and it can be super effective in MUT.

Having a player that can be a lockdown corner and go get interceptions when thrown to is an awesome asset to have.

If you can find this card for a little under the typical price, I highly recommend buying it and putting it on your number one corner.

Coach Strategy Items

Strategy ItemsRatings BoostTypical Price
Frank Reich, Colts+1 Short Route Run2,000
Doug Pederson, Jaguars+1 Pass Block3,000
Robert Saleh, Jets+1 Pursuit3,300
Josh McDaniels, Raiders+1 Spin Move3,500
Andy Reid, Chiefs+1 Throw on the Run3,700
Kevin O’Connell, Vikings+1 Juke Move4,000
Mike Tomlin, Steelers+1 Pass Block4,000
Brandon Staley, Chargers+1 Play Recognition4,000
Sean McVay, Rams+1 Play Action4,000
Todd Bowles, Buccaneers  +1 Hit Power4,200
New England HC, Patriots+1 Break Sack4,500
Dennis Allen, Saints+1 Bull Rush4,500
Mike Vrabel, Titans+1 Finesse Moves4,500
Kevin Stefanski, Browns+1 Trucking5,000
Mike McCarthy, Cowboys+1 Break Tackle5,000
Ron Rivera, Commanders+1 Power Moves5,000
Pete Carroll, Seahawks+1 Run Block Power5,000
John Harbaugh, Ravens+1 Run Block Finesse5,000
Arthur Smith, Falcons+1 Special Catch5,500
Shane Steichen, Colts+1 Deep Route Run5,700
Sean Payton, Broncos+1 Throw Accuracy Mid5,700
Zac Taylor, Bengals+1 Throw Accuracy Deep6,000
Nick Sirianni, Eagles+1 Catching6,500
Brian Daboll, Giants+1 Impact Blocking6,500
Matt Lafleur, Packers+1 Throw Under Pressure7,000
Kyle Shanahan, 49ers+1 Throw Accuracy Short9,000
Mike McDaniel, Dolphins+1 Run Block10,000
Dan Campbell, Lions+1 Medium Route Run10,000
DeMeco Ryans, Texans+1 Tackle11,000
Sean McDermott, Bills+1 Zone Coverage11,500
Matt Eberflus, Bears+1 Man Coverage15,000
Jonathan Gannon, Cardinals+1 Awareness 25,000

Coach Strategy Items add ratings boosts to the entire team, unlike normal strategy, which can only be applied to one specific player at a time.

This makes coach strategy items incredibly valuable for your team, and luckily for us, they are actually quite affordable in the auction house.

The coach strategy items offer a vast array of different ratings you can boost.

This includes increasing your scramble and spread offense with Andy Reid’s throw-on-the-run boost, or dominate your opponent’s offensive line with Dennis Allen’s bull rush boost.

Each boost only gives you one additional rating point for that attribute, but it does it for every player on your roster.

The best coach strategy item is Jonathan Gannon from the Cardinals.

He’s a new coach going into what will likely be a very tough season with a pretty weak roster, and it looks like Madden wants to give him a little pick-me-up in the form of a great coach card.

Gannon’s card gives you +1 awareness to every player on your roster.

Awareness is one of the most important traits in Madden, and it is equally valuable for every position.

Unlike the other cards like Mike Tomlin’s Pass block, where it only matters for a few players on the roster, Gannon gives a boost that matters to everyone.