Packs are the lifeblood of Madden Ultimate Team, and arguably of EA too.

Packs are full of players and items to help improve your roster, and it is important for gamers to keep their eyes on the pack store for new deals.

But for such a critical element of the game mode, EA doesn’t make the store all that intuitive.

Packs are often randomly placed in the store in arbitrary categories with no rhyme or reason to the releases and stock of the packs.

Most of the packs are based on different season programs and promotional periods, and it can get very confusing.

This guide breaks down the different packs into a concise and easy to consume list, based on the different programs that run throughout the seasons of MUT 24. 

Standard Packs

Standard packs will typically stay in the store year-round and will have a much bigger roster of potential cards you can pull than the other field pass packs.

Many of these packs come with special rules, like daily and weekly restrictions, discounted prices, and special deals. They are often located under the featured section of the store.

If you want to add classic gold and elite players to your team, these are the packs to get.

Gold Player Pack

Price: 9,500 coins

Contains: Two 70+ gold cards and one 73+ gold card

Madden restricts you to only five packs per week for this item, which illustrates just how good of a deal it is. Players all over the globe buy five of these a week because you can get lots of good gold players for relatively cheap. This pack is especially great for set collectors looking for quantity over quality.

Even though the description specifically says “gold player,” you actually have a shot at getting elite cards in these packs. The two 70 overall and 73 overall ratings are just referring to the minimum overall rating of the potential player. 

You can end up getting high 70s overall cards or even 80+ overall cards in these packs, and that is why it is a fan favorite.

Gold+ Player Pack

Price: 500 coins once a day or 2,400 coins

Contains: One 70+ gold card

This pack actually has two different editions; one is a 500-coin deal you can redeem once a day, and the other is the standard pack that costs 2400 coins. They both include the same item, and the only difference is their price.

This pack seems to be limited to only gold players, which makes sense, given its name. You can get a gold player with overall ratings ranging from 70 to 79.

I suggest getting the daily deal once a day simply for the training points you can get by quickselling the gold player.

Weekly Platinum Pack

Price: 500 points

Contains: two 78+ gold platinum players and one 78+ normal gold player.

This item has a two-pack-a-week limit and is bought with Madden points, which means you have to use real money to buy it. The weekly limit is likely an attempt by EA to stop play-to-win players from having too big of an advantage early on.

Once again, the 78+ overall cards can be either gold or elite and can range from 78 to 87 overall.

It is important to note that platinum cards are the exact same as standard gold and elite cards but can be quicksold for coins. Gold platinum players can be sold for 9,000 coins, and elite players can be sold for 14,000 coins.

Weekly Pro Platinum Pack

Price: 1,050 points

Contains: Five 78+ gold platinum players and three 78+ normal gold players

After buying two weekly platinum packs, you unlock the ability to buy one weekly pro platinum pack for that week.

Platinum players sell for 14,000 for elite and 9,000 for gold, as I said in the platinum pack section, but in this pack, you get five of them, which can be a direct points-to-coins transfer of over 50,000 coins to your account for just 1,050 points.

This is a powerful pack with the ability to turn points into coins, and that’s probably why you have to buy two other platinum packs and still have weekly restrictions on how many you can buy.

Playmaker Pack

Price: 37,500 coins or 500 points

Contains: two 70+ gold players and one 78+ gold player

This pack is very similar to the gold pack, with only a few changes in minimum overall ratings being the difference.

Simply put, both this pack and the gold pack promise three cards that have at least 70 overall golds but could be as high as 87 overall elites; the only difference is a five overall change in the minimum overall of the card; it’s basically semantics at that point.

The gold pack costs 9,500 coins, and this pack costs 37,500 coins or real money; I’ll let you decide what the better deal is.

Pro Playmaker Pack

Price: 78,000 coins or 1,050 points

Contains: 5 73+ gold players and 3 76+ gold players

This is the beefed-up version of the Playmaker pack. There isn’t much else to talk about other than the fact that all eight cards can be better than their listed minimum, and given the amount of cards in the pack, it is likely (but not guaranteed) you will receive an elite card in this pack.

Strategy Item

Price: 7,500 coins

Contains: one random common or better strategy item

Most common strategy items, which are bordered with silver, are less than 7,500 coins in the auction house, but most gold strategy items, which are bordered with green, are more than 7,500 coins.

It is definitely a gamble, but so are all of the packs in the store.

Strategy items are a huge part of Madden’s ultimate team, and you can learn everything you need to know about them in our strategy item guide.

Mystery pack

Price: 295 training points

Contains: one random pack among pro playmaker, star elite, legends, max fantasy, headliners, or a gold+ player pack

One of the most exciting packs in Madden 24, the Mystery pack, is a brand new edition to MUT and can give people the chance to open packs that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

If you buy the mystery pack for 295 training points, you get one random pack, which could be as great as a star elite pack or as mediocre as a gold+ player pack.

The mystery pack is still worth quite a bit, with 295 training points being a lot to accumulate, but for the chance to get a pack that you can only buy with Madden points, this deal is definitely worth it for players who don’t want to spend real money on the game.

Headliners Packs

Headliners is one of the first programs of season one of Madden 24, just as it was with Madden 23. The Headliners program comes with a field pass reward system, just as it has in previous Madden games.

As you complete objectives and win MUT games, you will gain experience points to progress through 19 different program levels.

Alongside the program is a slate of packs and players you can buy. This is the standard practice whenever MUT comes out with a new program. 

The headliner packs can be bought in the store using a number of different in-game currencies. The headliners featured in the packs are typically obscure players not usually highlighted in the initial core set. A lot of these Headliners players will end up being very good and affordable options for your roster.

This article will break down each headliner pack and the players you will likely see in those packs.

Headliners Player Pack

Price: 80 training points

Summary: In this relatively cheap pack, you receive one headline player. This headline player is usually a 74 overall player, but occasionally you may get a higher-rated card.

For only 80 training points, it is a low-risk pack, even if you have most of the 74 overall headliner players. You can always quick sell the player for 50 training points to cut your losses.

This pack can also be a good way to earn coins quickly, as you can use this pack to convert training points into coins by auctioning off the player you get.

The most likely players you’ll receive are:

Dieter EiselenC74
Jalen VirgilWR74
Alex WrightRE74
Curtis RobinsonMLB74
Jake BrowningQB74
Eli Ankou DT74

Headliners Pack

Price: 33,500 coins or 500 points

Summary: The Headliners Pack offers a bit more variety than the other packs because it offers more than just headliners players.

The Headliners pack gives you two 75 overall or better headliners players and four 70 overall or better gold core players.

The other thing that is nice about the Headliners pack is that it is the only pack in the program that allows you to use coins to buy it.

The most likely headliners players you’ll receive are:

Ezekiel TurnerMLB75
Trill WilliamsCB75
Larry Rountree IIIRB75
Dicaprio BootleCB75
Kaylon GeigerWR75
Arlington HambrightLG75
Jihad WardROLB77
Marcus MariotaQB77
Roger McCrearyCB77
Sam CosmiRT78
Jake FergusonTE78
Brian AsamoahMLB78
Cameron SuttonCB80
Carl GrandersonRE80
Derek Stingley Jr.CB80
Irv Smith Jr.TE80
Jakobi MeyersWR80
Romeo DoubsWR80

Headliners Hero pack

Price: 2,800 points

Summary: Because it is only purchasable with points, you can only actually get this pack if you are willing to spend real money. This pack costs roughly $25.

That is a lot of money for any pack, but especially for a pack that only gives you three players, none of which are guaranteed to be top-tier 87 overall players.

This pack guarantees you one 84 overall headliner player and two additional players that could be 84 overall or better.

Potential players:

Player PositionOverall
Travon WalkerROLB84
Teven JenkinsRT84
Ogbonnia OkoronkwoLE84
Khalil HerbertRB84
Kadarius ToneyWR84
Jaycee HornCB84
Kenny PickettQB87
Jeremiah Owusu-KoramoahROLB87
Kamren CurlSS87
Rhamondre StevensonRB87
Frankie LuvuLOLB87

Headliners Champion Player pack

Price: 5,400 training points

Summary: Only for a limited time, you can buy a random 87 overall headliner from the store for 5,400 training points. This pack allows you to get one of the top five headliners in the program.

The price tag for this pack is incredibly high, but for good reason. These five players all have incredible ratings and can make a huge difference on your roster.

If you want to buy this pack, you will need to earn a lot of training points quickly.

The only players you can receive from this are:

Rhamondre StevensonRB87
Frankie LuvuLOLB87
Kenny PickettQB87
Jeremiah Owusu-KoramoahROLB87
Kamren CurlSS87

Headliners Bound Starter Pack

Price: 1,050 points

Summary: This pack can only be purchased with Madden points, costing the equivalent of roughly $10.

The pack includes two 84 overall bound players.

A bound player means that you cannot trade, auction, or put this player in a set. The player has no value other than playing on your roster.

Before buying this pack, I suggest making sure that you don’t already have an 84+ starter at one of the six positions indicated in the table below.

Potential players:

Player PositionOverall
Travon WalkerROLB84
Teven JenkinsRT84
Ogbonnia OkoronkwoLE84
Khalil HerbertRB84
Kadarius ToneyWR84
Jaycee HornCB84

Headliners Bundle

Price: 12,000 points

This is a ludicrously expensive bundle that gives you a majority of the players in the headliner’s program.

You get six headliner packs which each include two 75+ headliners players and four other gold cards. You also get seven 80+ headliners and four 84+ headliners.

That is a grand total of 47 players, including 23 headliners. There are only 35 headliners players that you can find in packs.

In one purchase, you can buy two-thirds of the program players, but it will cost you about $100 of real life, hard earned cash.