Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode, like previous versions of the game, runs on the primary currency of MUT coins. This aspect of Madden has not changed at all from 2023.

MUT coins, unlike Madden points, aren’t available for purchase; you must earn coins through various avenues within Madden Ultimate Team.

Unlike Points, Coins can be used to buy cards from the auction hub and packs containing rare players and items. Madden points can be used to purchase most packs in the store but not cards from the auction hub.

The rough conversion is 75,000 coins for every 1000 points, but there isn’t a formal conversion method.

As of now, there isn’t any way to turn coins into points, and the only way to turn points into coins is by buying packs and then selling the contents in the auction hub.

There are plenty of ways to earn coins quickly in Madden 24.

Buy Your Fortune

Unfortunately, the main way to get coins and rare cards is by spending real money. We’re going to cover free ways below, but this method will be something that many players consider so we’ll cover it here.

By buying Madden points, you can quickly upgrade your team and acquire more cards (through packs such as the elite player pack or the legendary fantasy pack). You can then sell these cards in the auction hub for coins.

Buying packs and selling the contents in the auctions hub is the least time-consuming way of quickly earning coins in MUT 24.

As for what this will cost you, MUT points typically sell for about 10 U.S. dollars per 1,000 points. You may be able to find better deals if you’re willing to buy in bulk or on a third-party site.

Play the Markets

The auction hub is a great way to earn coins. You can use existing coins to buy up cheap cards at auction and then flip those cards for a profit later.

Much like the stock market, the Madden card market also fluctuates wildly; you can often find good deals midday on a weekday and sell that card on a weekend evening in order to make a big profit.

You can also quick-sell cards if you aren’t having any luck at auction, but usually, you should reserve this for lower-rated silver and bronze players as the payouts are much less than what you would fetch at auction.

Build Sets

If you are frustrated that your 80+ overall gold players or low-rated elite players aren’t selling for how much you would expect, then sets might be for you. With sets, you can add multiple cards together to gain a higher-rated (and thus more valuable) card.

There are numerous different sets to build in Madden 24, but the most basic of which are the repeatable player upgrade sets. This is where you combine several different cards with similar overall ratings in order to receive one higher-rated card.

For example, you may turn in four 74-75 overall players for one 76-77 overall player. You can repeat this set as many times as you want.

As with previous iterations of Madden ultimate team, you will likely find yourself accruing tons of extra players and cards that you have no use for, often those cards may be un-auctionable as well. Sets are an easy way to convert those junk cards into real value.

Play the Game

As simple as it sounds, the most surefire way to earn coins quickly is to actually play the game.

For every challenge you complete, a solo battle you win, and every online match you play, you will be rewarded in MUT. Most of the time, this reward will be in the form of coins. Other times it may come in the form of valuable, exclusive cards and players.

MUT has a long history of providing a near-constant stream of challenges and battles updated weekly, each with plenty of coins in prizes.

Log In To Madden Ultimate Team Every Day

Madden rewards loyalty. If you get on Madden and log in to MUT everyday, the game makes sure to give you a lot of incentives.

The more consistently you log on to the game mode, the more coins you will be rewarded.

If you log in once you will receive 100 coins, if you log in the next day, you will be given 200 coins, if you login on the third day you will receive 300 coins, and this continues until you miss a day and then you will start back down at 100 coins the next time you log in.

Whilst this won’t get you rich in Madden, it adds up significantly over time.