Learning how to grow the various crops in Minecraft is an essential survival skill.

Having a farm at your base with different crops will allow you to have a continuous food source, but there are many other benefits to crops.

Many crops in Minecraft don’t stop at being just food items. They can also be used in various crafting recipes, and carrots are no different. This is why we’d recommend growing carrots on your base in Minecraft.

Here’s how to grow carrots in Minecraft and how to use them efficiently.

Getting Carrot Seeds in Minecraft

Carrots, unlike most other crops, do not come in the form of seeds for planting.

To get your hands on carrots you have to find them in the world. The easiest place to start looking is in villages that have farms.

On these little farm plots you can find different crops already planted and growing, with the farmer villagers tending to them. Carrots can be recognized by their leafy green tops and the small splash of orange that shows above the dirt.

To collect carrots you have to just hit the crop in order to make them drop out.

Carrot farm

It is best to keep an eye out for carrots that are already fully grown, because these will give you more carrots than a half-grown crop will.

Sometimes, you can also get carrots as a drop from killing zombies. This is quite rare, but it’s possible. You have a higher chance to get a carrot if you farm zombies continuously.

Growing Carrots in Minecraft

To grow any crop in Minecraft you first have to make farmland.

To do so, you need to dig a hole and put water inside it. One block of water allows for a 5 by 5 block grid of farmland to be made. This means you can make quite a large plot to start your farm off.

Farmland range

You can use a hoe of any material level on the dirt block to turn it into farmland. It is generally best to make an iron hoe as they will last much longer than a wooden or stone hoe.

Now that you have tilled your soil you can plant carrots. All you have to do is equip the carrot into your main hand and right click on the farmland block. This will use up the carrot like a seed and plant it in the ground to grow more carrots.

Growing Carrots

There are 7 stages to carrot growing, which can be hastened by using bonemeal.

You will know the carrots are ready to be harvested when you can see their orange tops poking out of the ground.

Usually a fully grown crop will grant you 2 to 5 carrots.

This always allows you to have one carrot to plant back into the dirt and have the rest for use.

Using Carrots in Minecraft

First of all, carrots are a food item. When eaten on their own, carrots will restore 3 hunger and grant you a bit of hunger saturation.

They can also be added to a recipe to make a much more complex food item like rabbit stew. To make rabbit stew, you will need a bowl, a carrot, potato, cooked rabbit, and either a brown or red mushroom.

This food item restores 10 hunger, which equals to 5 hunger points.

Rabbit Stew Recipe

Carrots can also be used on pigs and rabbits. Both of these animal mobs are attracted by carrots, like cows and sheep are to wheat, and can be bred by being fed the carrots.

Combining a carrot with a fishing rod will allow you to make a carrot on a stick.

This tool can be used to guide a saddled pig and make it go where you want it to go. Pigs cannot be tamed like horses can, but they can be saddled and ridden. However, without a carrot on a stick the pig will simply walk around randomly.

Riding a Pig

The carrot on a stick will make the pig move in the direction you are pointing the stick. It is not the most effective way of travel and getting around, but it is fairly fun and amusing.

Minecraft Golden Carrot Recipe

A golden carrot is another food item, but much more valuable than it is in its regular carrot form. To make one, you’ll need 1 carrot and 8 golden nuggets.

Similarly to a golden apple, a golden carrot will restore a lot more of your hunger and give you a lot more hunger saturation than it normally would.

Golden Carrot recipe

It is a worthwhile food item to have on you on longer journeys and some dangerous exploration.

Additionally, a golden carrot can also be used as an ingredient in brewing the potion of night vision.

What to do Next

Having a well built farm that has all the crops you may need in your survival adventure is very important in Minecraft. At one point or another you will need to use all these crops.

Other than wheat, it is worth learning how to grow melons on your farm as they can be quite beneficial in the long run.

Growing Melons 2

If you are looking to make a slightly more complex farm and are in need of mushrooms, then you can also make a mushroom farm. Mushrooms have many benefits, other than being used in stews.