Parrots are adorable little companions in Minecraft known for their adorable mimicry and the ability to ride on the Player’s shoulders.

However, being that small makes Parrots a rather fragile Mob that can easily be hurt or killed by other hostile Mobs or even explosions and falling blocks. Unfortunately, Parrots cannot be healed nor bred within the game.

Because of this you have to put in extra effort to keep your pet Parrots safe and sound.

Where to Find Parrots

Parrots are animals that spawn only in Jungle Biomes and their variants. They can usually be found either alone or in small groups of 2, above Y levels of 70.

Some of the common Jungle Biome variants where you can expect to find Parrots are:

  • Jungle
  • Sparse Jungle (Bedrock Edition)
  • Bamboo Jungle

Sometimes finding a specific biome can be hard. There’s ways to change Biomes and have it determined that you will find the Biome with your Parrots.

In any of these Biomes the easiest way to find a Parrot will always be to listen for it. Parrots are well known for imitating sounds of different, usually, hostile Mobs. There is a tiny difference between the sound of the actual Mob and the Parrot’s imitation, so listen carefully.

Another give away can be some of the very bright colors Parrots can have, especially the blue and red Parrots.

You can usually see them from pretty far away as they’re flying around in the Jungle. If you are strugglign consider increasing your FOV to help you find them.

Parrot Behavior

Parrots are friendly Mobs, so taming one is pretty easy. Simply approaching the Parrot with any kind of Seed from the game and feeding the seeds to it will allow you to tame the Parrot.

After that the Parrot will follow you around while cawing and doing Mob imitation sounds. If you aren’t always moving and the Parrot catches up to you it’ll sit on your shoulder.

Because Parrots are so fragile and cannot be healed once damaged, you don’t want to take it everywhere with you. This means you will have to get the Parrot off your shoulder and put it in a ‘stay’ positon.
Like Dogs and Cats, a tamed Parrot will sit down when you right click on it.

Parrots are also known for being able to dance when there’s music being played from a Jukebox nearby.

Items Usable on Parrots

There are several Items that can be used on Parrots. The first of these are the Seeds that you can use to tame them. Taming a Parrot can be done with any type of crop seed in the game:

  • Seeds (Wheat)
  • Melon Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Beetroot Seeds

However none of these can be used once the Parrot has been tamed. This means there is no way to heal or breed Parrots in the game. A Parrot only has 3 hearts of health and most attacks can quickly kill it.

Like other neutral and passive Mobs, you can interact with a Parrot using a Lead. This will allow you to put the Lead on it and drag the parrot around or tie it to a Fence if it isn’t tamed.


Cookies are a food Item that can be used on a Parrot, but by no means should you ever feed your Minecraft Parrot a Cookie.

A Cookie in either version of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock Edition) will either immediately kill the Parrot or inflict deadly Poison to it. This is a reference to Parrots actually being allergic to chocolate in real life.

Parrot dying

It is likely a mechanic implemented in the game to teach younger players that they cannot feed chocolate or cookies to animals. It is an entirely unique game mechanic that cannot be applied to other tamable Animals in Minecraft.