The importance of the ring slot is underestimated by a lot of Old School RuneScape players. This is understandable, as many early game rings offer little more than convenient teleports. 

As players put more time into their accounts, they find significant upgrades by focusing on the ring slot. In the later stages of an OSRS account, rings have a massive impact on player stats, and therefore damage output too.

There is a wide variety of rings in Old School RuneScape.

In order to highlight some of the best rings in OSRS, I’ll consider convenience offered, stats, and any special properties that rings may have.

This OSRS rings guide is here for you when choosing which upgrades to pursue!

Explorer’s Ring

First off, the Explorer’s Ring is one of the best rings in OSRS for general convenience. It’s easily obtainable by any account, since it’s a reward for completing the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diaries.

Each Achievement Diary has four tiers: easy, medium, hard, and elite. As a result, each of their rewards corresponds to the highest tier you have completed. For example, if you have completed the medium Lumbridge and Draynor diary, you’d have Explorer’s Ring 2. 

Each tier of the ring unlocks more features and rewards. At level one, the ring offers a once daily run energy restore, up to 50%. It also allows you to cast the Low Level Alchemy spell for free (without any runes) up to thirty times every day. 

At level two, you gain the previous tier’s rewards, as well as the ability to teleport to a cabbage patch south of Falador, three times a day. Additionally, you gain two extra uses of the 50% run energy restore, for a total of three.

Rank three allows another use of the run energy restore, for a total of four. It also allows you to teleport to the aforementioned cabbage patch an unlimited number of times. You’ll gain 10% more experience from the Tears of Guthix with it, as well.

Finally, the Explorer’s Ring 4 allows you to fully restore your run energy to 100%, three times a day. Additionally, your thirty free casts of Low Level Alchemy are upgraded to free casts of High Level Alchemy. 

Each tier of the Explorer’s Ring can be obtained by speaking to Haitius Cosaintus, just outside the Lumbridge Castle, once the respective Achievement Diary tiers have been completed. 

Since the diaries get progressively more difficult, it will take some time to get the Explorer’s Ring 4. I would very highly recommend using the RuneLite client, and downloading the plugin “Quest Helper” from the Plugin Hub. 

The Achievement Diaries have a good number of quest requirements, so Quest Helper will come in handy. There are even some Achievement Diaries programmed into Quest Helper, as well!

Fremmenik Rings

Next, we will discuss the Fremmenik Rings as some of the best rings for combat in OSRS. The Archer’s, Berserker’s, and Seer’s Rings are the best in slot rings for Ranged, Melee, and Magic combat, respectively. 

The Archer’s and Berserker’s Rings provide +4 bonuses to Ranged attack, Ranged defense, Strength, and Crush defense, respectively. Meanwhile, the Seer’s Ring provides +6 bonuses to Magic attack and Magic defense. 

You can double the bonuses provided by any of the three rings by imbuing them. To imbue the rings, as well as a variety of other items, participate in either the Nightmare Zone or Soul Wars. Imbuing costs 650,000 Nightmare Zone points per ring, or 260 Soul Wars Zeal tokens per ring. 

Each of the Fremmenik Rings are obtained by defeating the Dagganoth Kings, in the Waterbirth Island dungeon. There are three Kings, each corresponding to one of OSRS’s combat styles.

Each ring is dropped by its corresponding King at a rate of 1/128. Also, keep in mind that Dagganoth Rex, the melee King, can drop the Warrior Ring as well. While good, the Warrior Ring’s stats are not as desirable as those from the Berserker Ring. 

Ring of Suffering

Meanwhile, the Ring of Suffering is OSRS’s best ring for tanking. Since tanking is an important, unavoidable task in Old School RuneScape, many players agree this ring is a must-have for endgame accounts. 

The Ring of Suffering offers no offensive stats, but a +10 to all defensive stats. This is a massive increase to your character’s survivability in almost every encounter. Therefore, many players use it for solo bosses. 

Additionally, you can charge the Ring of Suffering with up to 100,000 recoil charges, or about 2,500 Rings of Recoil. Doing so causes the Ring of Suffering to act like a Ring of Recoil. You can toggle this effect on and off at will. 

To obtain the Ring of Suffering, you must enchant a zenyte ring with the Lvl 7 Enchant Spell. Making the ring requires 89 Crafting, and the Enchant spell requires 93 Magic. To get more Crafting done, consider learning how to cut gems in OSRS.

Getting zenytes requires completion of “Monkey Madness II,” and they can be found on Ape Atoll.

Ring of Endurance

Additionally, Ring of Endurance is one of the best rings in OSRS for traveling around the map. You charge the ring with stamina potions, and then it will provide two effects whenever you consume one. 

First, the Ring will double the amount of run energy restored by the potion, to 40%, at the cost of one charge. Also at the cost of one charge, the ring will double the duration of the stamina effect. 

In simplest terms, a charged Ring of Endurance will make each stamina potion you consume count as two. Moreover, if the ring has more than 500 charges, it passively reduces your run energy drain by 15%. 

To obtain the Ring of Endurance, you need to open the Grand Hallowed Coffin, on the final floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre. It requires 70 Agility to equip, but you need 93 Agility to reach the Coffin in the first place.

The Grand Hallowed Coffin has a 1/200 chance to drop the Ring of Endurance. 

Elven Signet

Finally, the Elven Signet is one of the best rings in OSRS for skilling activities. While wearing the Signet, you have a 10% chance to not consume charges of crystal equipment, such as the crystal armor, axe, harpoon, and pickaxe. 

These crystal tools are the highest tier items for their respective tiers in the game, and consume charges on use. Combining the Elven Signet with these tools allows you to get the most out of these charges. 

You can make great use of the Elven Signet by combining it with the crystal axe, and the best place to cut yews in OSRS!

To obtain the Elven Signet, you need to catch Crystal Implings in Priffdinas. You need 80 Hunter to catch the implings, and to have completed the “Song of the Elves’ ‘ quest to enter Priffdinas. They have a 1/128 chance to drop the Signet. 

Final Thoughts

The best rings in OSRS really depend on what activity you’re looking for. For example, the Explorer’s Ring offers a number of highly convenient uses. Meanwhile, the Fremmenik Rings offer a significant boost to combat stats. 

On the other hand, the Ring of Suffering is the best defensive ring in the game. For traversing the map, the Ring of Endurance has many uses. Finally, the Elven Signet is one of the best rings in the game for skilling.

Keep in mind, if you have the gold, you can buy these rings (except the Explorer’s Ring) from the Grand Exchange, at varying prices. Most of these rings are very expensive, but require significant grinds to obtain naturally. Therefore, it’s your call how you want to upgrade your account with the best rings in OSRS.