The Dwarf Multicannon in Old School RuneScape is an invaluable tool that increases Ranged experience massively. It is also very easily acquired, and worth the significant cost to purchase, as well as use. 

Players can set up the cannon in areas with several NPCs, fill it with 30 cannonballs at a time, and it will fire at the nearby NPCs, hitting them for up to 30 damage. 

Due to its automatic nature, the cannon alongside traditional combat training methods drastically increases kills per hour, and therefore, experience per hour. 

Be sure to check out how to make cannonballs, as well!

That being said, the cannon can be used in most, but not all, locations within Old School RuneScape. However, some of these locations are better than others due to their status as single- or multi-way combat, and the NPCs found within. In this guide, I’ll explain the best places to cannon in OSRS. 

The Lighthouse

One of the best places to cannon in Old School RuneScape is the Lighthouse in the Fremennik lands, near Rellekka. You can find aggressive monsters that are fairly weak for their combat levels, called Dagganoth, in the basement. 

The basement is a multicombat area, meaning you can be attacked by several Dagganoth at once, and your cannon will be able to hit several Dagganoth at once. 22 Dagganoth spawn in the lighthouse basement, making it very unlikely you can kill them faster than they respawn. 


Additionally, two variants of Dagganoth can be found in the basement. A level 74 variant, and a level 92 variant. Both variants are much weaker than these combat level suggest, so you should be ok with your best melee gear and some food in your inventory. If you have Guthan’s armor from the Barrows, you will be able to consistently outheal the Dagganoths’ damage. 

In order to access the lighthouse and its basement, you need to complete the quest ‘Horror from the Deep.” You can start this quest by speaking to Larrissa, just outside the lighthouse. You need 35 Agility and to have previously completed the miniquest ‘Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl.’


Green Dragons (Wilderness Slayer Cave)

Another one of the best places to cannon in OSRS is the green dragon area located in low level wilderness. Though it’s low level Wilderness, you should still be prepared to run into player killers, and remember not to bring anything you are not willing to lose. 

Of course, since you are fighting dragons, you will also need the anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield, dragonfire ward, or antifire potions. If you don’t have any of these, you can claim another anti-dragon shield from Duke Horatio in the Lumbridge Castle. 

Green dragons can be found in several locations around the Wilderness, but the best place to cannon them is within the Wilderness Slayer Cave, where six level 88 Green Dragons can be found. It’s also a great place to find lesser demons.


The Wilderness Slayer Cave is the best location because it’s a multicombat location where the cannon is allowed. Additionally, there are several safespots around the little room where the green dragons reside. 

Keep in mind that green dragons are an incredibly popular cannon target, and given their locations in the Wilderness, they are also incredibly popular PvP hotspots. This is due to their profitable guaranteed drops. 


Each time you kill a green dragon, it will ALWAYS drop green dragonhide and a set of dragon bones. Picking up one (or both) of these items on each kill can result in great profit, even when losing money on cannon supplies. 

Northern Jatizso

Alternatively, a third best place to cannon in Old School RuneScape is the northern part of Jatizso, where there are Fremennik warriors fighting an onslaught of ice trolls. These ice trolls make great cannon targets, since the entire area is multicombat. 

Thematically, there is an ongoing battle here, so ice troll males, females, and runts are spawning constantly in this multicombat area. The allied Fremennik warriors will also soak up some of their attention and damage they may cause.


However, you should still bring combat gear and the Protect from Melee prayer in order to maximize your trip efficiency. I would recommend bringing runes for High level Alchemy, as well, since the trolls have several drops that are profitable with alchemy. 

To access the ice trolls here, you need to complete the quest ‘The Fremennik Isles.’ You can start this quest by speaking to Mord Gunnars in Rellekka. You need 20 Construction, and to have completed the quest ‘The Fremennik Trials’ for this quest. 


During the Fremennik Isles quest, you will create (or otherwise obtain) a Neitiznot shield. I would recommend equipping this shield when fighting the ice trolls, since it reduces the max hit of the females’ Ranged attacks from 6 to 2. This allows you to extend trips significantly. 

Varrock Sewers

The next best place to cannon in Old School RuneScape is the Moss Giant area in the Varrock Sewers. This location is cannon-friendly since it is multicombat and safespottable. Moss giants themselves have +0 defensive stats, meaning they are weak to every attack type in the game.


Moss Giants also have enough hitpoints to be worth the time and supplies you use while cannoning them. They drop various herbs and seeds pretty consistently, allowing for small profits at lower levels. The mossy key, which allows access to Bryophyta, can also be dropped.


There are no quest or skill requirements to access the moss giant location within the Varrock Sewers, but you will need a slash-based weapon or a knife to cut a few webs blocking your path to the moss giants. Alternatively, you can take the Edgeville Dungeon shortcut with 51 Agility. 


Final Thoughts

There is a variety of best places to cannon in OSRS. For example, the Lighthouse in the Fremennik Province contains a large amount of Dagganoths, which are too weak to pose a significant threat. 

Alternatively, you can cannon Green Dragons in the Wilderness Slayer Cave for some profitability, Ice Trolls on Neitiznot for combat experience, or Moss Giants in the Varrock Sewers for a mix of experience and profitability.