Ape Atoll in OSRS is an important location involved in a number of staple quests, such as “Monkey Madness” and “Monkey Madness II.” Both of these quests unlock a number of important items, weapons, locations, and other account upgrades. 

Some of these important unlocks include the Dragon Scimitar, which is one of the best weapons for mid-game accounts, the Ape Atoll Agility Course, and the Demonic Gorillas, which can drop very valuable items. Getting Arclight might be useful for these.

Ape Atoll is also a very interesting, unique location, inhabited by a kingdom of sentient monkeys. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get to Ape Atoll in OSRS, which will allow you to experience some of the most unique content Old School RuneScape has to offer.

Monkey Madness

There are several steps to getting to Ape Atoll in OSRS. First, you need to start the quest “Monkey Madness I” to access the island. This is a very long, very difficult quest, especially for more inexperienced players. 

To start “Monkey Madness I,” you need to have completed the quests “Tree Gnome Village” and “The Grand Tree.” With these quests complete, you can start “Monkey Madness” by talking to King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor of the Grand Tree, within the Gnome Stronghold. 


Since this is a difficult quest, I’d highly, highly recommend using the RuneLite plugin, and downloading the plugin “Quest Helper” from the plugin hub. All of this is free, and the Quest Helper will highlight the NPCs to talk to, solutions to puzzles, and even tiles to click. 

Simply play the quest, and you will eventually get to Ape Atoll. After reaching this point, you can return to Ape Atoll at any time by speaking to Daero, on the second floor of the Grand Tree, near the bar area. 


Daero will take you to a hidden gnome glider bunker, since the location of Ape Atoll is classified by the Gnomish government in-game. Here, you can talk to Waydar so he’ll fly you to Ape Atoll. 

After speaking to Waydar, you will arrive on Crash Island. This is where the missing 10th Squad in the quest crash-landed. Simply talk to Lumdo on this island, and you will take a rowboat to Ape Atoll proper. 


Staying on Ape Atoll

Keep in mind, you need a variety of items and stats for extended stays on Ape Atoll. You will be attacked if entering the city without a monkey greegree, which can be obtained from the quest. 

You don’t need the monkey greegree if you plan on staying outside the city, where there are fishing spots and teak trees for Woodcutting. However, the city contains various useful shops, including one where you can buy the Dragon Scimitar (after the quest).


I wouldn’t recommend doing “Monkey Madness I” without at least 43 Prayer to use Protect from Melee, because this prayer is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for several steps of the quest. You should also bring a knife and some antipoisons. 

Alternative Travel Methods

You only need to reach a certain point in “Monkey Madness I” to get to Ape Atoll in OSRS, but there are several alternative methods of traveling there once you have completed the quest. 

For example, after the quest, and speaking to Daero for extra training afterward, you can use the fairy ring code CLR to get to Ape Atoll Agility Course. You’ll need a ninja monkey greegree and 48 Agility to access the rest of Ape Atoll. 


If you’ve completed “Monkey Madness II,” you can take a gnome glider directly to Ape Atoll from the Grand Tree. The monkeys on the Atoll will also not be aggressive toward you in your human form. 

With level 64 Magic, the necessary runes, and completion of the “Freeing King Awowogei” subquest of “Recipe for Disaster” you can teleport to the northeast corner of Ape Atoll using the Ape Atoll Teleport spell, or tablet. 

Speaking of “Recipe for Disaster,” learning how to get Ice Gloves can be a big help with other stages of the quest.

The Arceuus Spellbook contains a similar spell, which requires level 90 Magic to cast. This spell will take you to the southern portion of the Atoll. Alternatively, tablets exist for this spell, too. 

Final Thoughts

Getting to Ape Atoll in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, start the quest “Monkey Madness I” to unlock access to the island, then I’d recommend completing it. From there, you can use gnome gliders, Fairy Rings, and basic teleport spells to get there.