Fossil Island in OSRS offers a uniquely flavored location with a rich, ancient history. Due to this history, the museum in Varrock has taken a special interest in the island. Through helping out the museum, players can train a variety of skills, including Combat stats, Hunter, and Farming. 

On Fossil Island, players can find ammonite crabs, which are great for AFK combat training, spots for birdhouse runs, which can be a very profitable way of training Hunter, and three hardwood tree patches, which are some of the most cost-effective Farming training methods.

In addition, a number of unique Slayer monsters, such as the mutated zygomites and Fossil Island Wyverns can be found here. A high level Mining minigame, the Volcanic Mine, can also be found on Fossil Island. If you’d like to experience the variety of training methods, I’ll show you how to get to Fossil Island in OSRS. 

The Dig Site

Getting to Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape can be done in a few steps, and there are a few different methods of getting there once these steps are complete. The first step is to complete the quest ‘The Dig Site.’ 

You can start The Dig Site by talking to any of the examiners at the Digsite Exam Centre. This is a building located south of the main digsite, which is east of Varrock. You need 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, and 25 Thieving for The Dig Site.


Earning Kudos

Once The Dig Site is complete, you need to earn 100 Kudos with the Varrock Museum. There are a number of methods you can employ to get these Kudos. For example, you can go to the cordoned off area on the first floor of the museum and clean the finds after Dig Site. 

Cleaning Finds

Talk to one of the archaeologists, and they will describe the tools you need, which can all be found on a rack on the southern wall. With all the necessary tools in your inventory, and the necessary items equipped, simply take uncleaned finds from the bin, and use them on an open table. 


You can get a number of possible items from this, five of which will give you ten Kudos each, for a total of fifty. I would recommend continuing to clean finds until you have both the fifty Kudos, and a clean ruby necklace, which you will need for a later step of this guide. 

Once you have the clean necklace, talk to an archaeologist, and they will show you how to make it a Digsite Pendant. Then, save the necklace for later. 

Natural History Quiz

Another way of getting Kudos is to answer Orlando Smith’s questions during the Natural History Quiz. You can find Orlando in the basement of the Varrock Museum. There are several exhibits containing display cases, which you need to answer questions about. 

You will be asked three questions for each exhibit, and get two Kudos for each exhibit answered. There are fourteen exhibits, so you can get a total of twenty eight Kudos from this. There is no penalty for guessing wrong, and RuneLite can highlight the correct answers. 


An additional method of getting Kudos involves describing quests you have completed to Historian Minas, who is on the second floor of the Museum. You can describe a number of applicable quests to him for five Kudos each. Not every quest is eligible for this, though. 


Eligible quests include ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Rune Mysteries,’ ‘Shield of Arrav,’ ‘The Grand Tree,’ ‘Hazeel Cult,’ ‘Priest in Peril,’ and ‘Observatory Quest.’ There are more eligible quests, but these are some of the easiest and least time consuming to complete. 

Simply talk to Historian Minas with at least five of these quests complete, and you should get enough Kudos for the next step in getting to Fossil Island in OSRS. 

Bone Voyage

The next step in accessing Fossil Island within Old School RuneScape is to complete the quest “Bone Voyage.” This quest details the museum’s new discovery of, and subsequent efforts to reach, Fossil Island in the seas far north of Canifis.

You can start Bone Voyage by talking to Museum Curator Haig Halen with at least 100 Kudos. You can check how many Kudos you have at the information booth in the northwestern corner of the museum’s main floor. The only other requirement is previous completion of The Dig Site. 


Once you have completed Bone Voyage, you can use a number of methods to get to Fossil Island. The quickest and easiest would be to use your Digsite Pendant. It has a teleport that will take you right to the barge that sails to Fossil Island. Simply talk to the barge guard to travel.

Digsite Pendant

You can also upgrade your Digsite Pendant to take you straight to Fossil Island. To do this, run northeast from the Museum Camp, where you land when sailing, to the self-explanatory House on the Hill. 

There are a number of strange machines inside the House, and you can use your Digsite Pendant on the southernmost one. This allows the Pendant to teleport you straight to the House on the Hill, in addition to the Digsite. 


Also consider unlocking the mycelium transport system by clicking on the mushtree. This allows you to travel quickly within Fossil Island. 

Alternative Travel Methods

There are several alternative methods of getting to Fossil Island without a Digsite Pendant. However, they require use of several transportation systems locked behind quests, namely ‘Tree Gnome Village’ and ‘The Grand Tree,’ which can be started by talking to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village, and King Narnode Shareen, in The Grand Tree, respectively. 

With these quests complete, simply take a Gnome Glider to the location “Lemanto Andra,” which is depicted as a castle. This location is very close to the Digsite, so you can easily run to the barge and travel to Fossil Island. 


Gnome Gliders can be found in specific locations throughout the world like Catherby, and you can use other items to access them, such as rings of dueling for one in Al Kharid, or Fairy Rings for one on Karamja after the quest ‘One Small Favour.’

Final Thoughts

Getting to Fossil Island in OSRS can be done by following several steps. First, you need to complete the quest “The Dig Site.” Then, you need to work with the Varrock Museum until you have 100 Kudos. With 100 Kudos, you can do Bone Voyage, which unlocks Fossil Island. 

Once unlocked, you can use a number of methods to access Fossil Island. Some of these methods include teleport jewelry, such as the Digsite Pendant, and transportation networks throughout Gielinor, such as Gnome Gliders.