The Rune Pouch in OSRS is an incredibly useful item. It allows players to store up to three different types of runes in quantities of up to 16,000. This effectively collapses three inventory spaces into one, which can be invaluable in a game like Old School RuneScape. 

That being said, powerful items like the Rune Pouch are locked behind some pretty hefty requirements. It will take a significant time and effort investment to unlock, but the utility the Pouch provides is certainly worth it. 

The extra inventory spaces unlocked when using the Pouch are often used for food or other supplies when fighting bosses such as Vorkath, or simply for more teleports when questing or completing Treasure Trails. To save on these inventory spaces, I’ll show you how to get a Rune Pouch in OSRS in this guide. 

Slayer Rewards

The Rune Pouch in OSRS can be obtained in a few different ways. The first, and probably the easiest, is simply to purchase it from any Slayer Master in the game. It costs 750 Slayer Points. Regardless of your Slayer Level, 750 Points is a lot and will take a long time to accumulate.

However, there are some ways you can maximize the efficiency of this grind. Start by figuring out which tasks you don’t like doing, and spend a few points to skip them. Spending a few Slayer Points now will save a lot of frustration and headache in the future. 

Additionally, you will receive extra Slayer Points for every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th tasks completed. Many players capitalize on this with a practice called “Konar Boosting.” Each Slayer Master gives a different number of points per task, and Konar gives the most.

To Konar Boost, simply use whichever Master you prefer, and switch to Konar for your 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, or 1000th task. You will need a Combat Level of at least 75 to get tasks from Konar, and she is located on Mount Karluum, just north of the Farming Guild on Great Kourend. 


When you have at least 750 Slayer Points, head to any Slayer Master, it doesn’t matter which, and open the Rewards interface, NOT the supply shop, which deals in GP. From this interface, simply right-click ‘purchase’ on the Rune Pouch. 

Last Man Standing

The second way of getting a Rune Pouch in OSRS is to purchase one from Justine’s Stuff for the Last Shopper Standing, with the Pouch costing 75 Last Man Standing Points. To obtain these points, you must participate in the Competitive tier of the Last Man Standing minigame. 

Last Man Standing is a PvP minigame, similar to a battle royale. Talk to Lisa in the Ferox Enclave, located in shallow Wilderness, to get started. It’s a safe minigame, you can’t bring any outside items anyway, and you will be pitted against three to twenty three other players. 


During the minigame itself, all combat stats, except Defence, will be set to their maximum level of 99, all Prayers, and the Ancient Spellbook will be available, regardless of whether you meet the requirements to unlock them. Your Prayer Points and Run Energy will also be infinite. 

The goal of Last Man Standing is, pretty self-explanatorily, to be the last man (or woman) standing. When killing another player, all stats and supplies that were depleted will be replenished, and you will get a bloody key. 

The bloody key is to be used on chests found throughout the Last Man Standing map, which contain a number of Old School RuneScape’s most powerful PvP items, such as the Armadyl Godsword and Dragon Claws. Check out the Crush Weapon Guide to see what’s what.

You will get five Last Man Standing Points for winning a game in first place, four for second place, three for third and fourth place, and two for fifth through ninth place. Placing tenth through nineteenth will net you one point. You will also be awarded one point for three kills, and two for five kills, regardless of your placement. 


Once you have 75 Last Man Standing Points, you can exchange them for a Rune Pouch at Justine’s Stuff for the Last Shopper Standing, located near the LMS lobby in the Ferox Enclave. Note, however, that your account must have at least 48 hours of playtime as a Member to access the shop. 

Rune Pouch Note

In the shop interface, simply purchase either the Rune Pouch or a Rune Pouch note. The Rune Pouch note is similar to the other banknotes found in the game, it can simply be exchanged for an actual Rune Pouch at any bank. Keep in mind, the Rune Pouch cannot be re-noted. 

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the Rune Pouch note is that it is a tradeable item, providing a third way to get a Rune Pouch in OSRS. If you don’t want to grind Slayer or Last Man Standing, you can simply buy a Rune Pouch note on the Grand Exchange.


While the price fluctuates and should be checked beforehand if you decide to go this route, the Rune Pouch note tends to stay quite expensive at several million GP, due to the level of time and effort investments made to obtain one from Justine’s Stuff. 

One final thing to note is that players can only have one Rune Pouch in their possession at any time, and the Pouch will be lost if player-killed in the Wilderness or on a PvP world with inherent risk. For these reasons, many players choose to keep a few Rune Pouch Notes as backups. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a Rune Pouch in OSRS can be done using several methods. First, simply train the Slayer skill until you have 750 Slayer Reward Points. Practices such as blocking undesirable tasks and Konar Boosting will help with this. 

Alternatively, you can play the Last Man Standing minigame until you have 75 Last Man Standing points, then purchase a Rune Pouch or Note from Justine’s Shop. Or, simply buy a Rune Pouch Note from the Grand Exchange, provided you have the spare capital.