Chipping the ball is one way to get the ball consistently close to the hole. It is also one of the shots you use to make an eagle if you chip it right into the hole.

This is why learning how to chip the ball in PGA Tour 2K23 is crucial. If you chip it too strong, you will be long putting your way into a par or a bogey.

You will constantly find yourself in these situations where you need to chip the ball close to the hole. It is best to practice it to get a better score in the events.

You will truly need it to push through higher difficulties and get a -8 or better score on the course.

What is a Chip Shot?

A chip shot is a low shot where you slightly tap the ball off the ground and make it roll toward your target. The chip shot is used on the rough near the hole since you only need a few yards to make a more accurate shot near the hole.

When to Do a Chip Shot

Chip Shot on the Rough

Golfers usually do a chip shot when the ball hits the rough near the green. If you hit the rough on the fairway or far away from the green, you still use a normal shot with an iron or even a hybrid or wood.

Sometimes, you can even do a chip shot on the green because of how impossible it is to do a long putt with extremely uneven terrain.

If the green is too steep in one area and forces you to follow multiple grid patterns in all directions, sometimes, it is better to do a chip shot instead.

How to Chip the Ball

Chip Shot Score

Chipping the ball is easy, but getting it into the hole or consistently getting close to the hole for 2-3 feet putts is incredibly difficult.

To chip the ball, switch your club to the pitching wedge using the up and down buttons on the directional pad. Use the left and right buttons on the direction pad to find the chip shot type.

The trick to adjusting your chip shot distance is to always aim 5-6 yards away from the hole. Once the ball rolls on the ground, it will stop closer to the hole or even go into the hole.

If you do not give leeway for the ball to roll, you will always overshoot away from the hole.

Looking at the wind speed and direction is a bit useless for a close and low shot like this. You don’t have to account for the direction, and you can always aim straight at the hole.

For the swing timing, the swing is a bit faster, especially if you are going for a closer chip. The downswing motion isn’t as far as you would normally hit the ball because the power usually hovers around 40-70% power.

Another thing you need to look for is the green terrain. When you are doing a chip shot near the green but on the rough, you will see a grid on the floor where the uneven terrains are.

Do not follow the flow of the terrain, but you can slightly adjust your shot for when your ball starts rolling near the end.

For example, the two closest grid to the hole slants downwards to the left. You can adjust your shot slightly to the right as the ball lands on the green and rolls.

It will take a lot of games to get used to it once you see how a chip shot lands on the green. Most of the time, when the ball lands on the ground for the first time, it will bounce a little more instead of rolling.

The game has amazing physics where the bounces really don’t account for the slightly uneven terrain as they shouldn’t.

In some cases, it is better to straightly aim your chip shot directly at the hole and just adjust the distance. Even if your shot is slightly strong, it could hit the pole and stop the momentum.

Adding spin to your chip shot isn’t going to be that effective. Since you are mostly swinging on the rough, the lie will usually affect your shot by a lot.

You can also improve your player by equipping fittings to your clubs. These stats can help you become more consistent because it helps your swing timing by increasing the window for success.

You can get fittings through sponsorships, level rewards, or rivalry, and you can also earn coins through all these methods.

Final Thoughts

Using the chip shot type doesn’t punish you too much if you make a mistake. As long as your mistake isn’t that bad (shot timing and power), you could still save the hole.

Mastering the chip shot isn’t about getting the ball into the hole all the time. Your goal is to put the ball into the hole as close as possible.

If you get better at chipping the ball, you will get a higher chance of scoring with it from the rough. Learning the chip shot is crucial to your game.

You will find yourself in situations where you can get an eagle on 5-par holes with it.