Earning coins in PGA Tour 2K23 is very straightforward. If you play the game casually, you will constantly find yourself with a few coins to spend.

However, if you play it casually, you wouldn’t know exactly where it can be coming from, so you wouldn’t know if you are getting coins efficiently or not.

If you are the type of person to make impulse buys, you will always run out of coins because there are so many things to buy in the game.

So, how do you earn coins fast in PGA Tour 2K23?

What Are Coins?

Currency Earning

Coins are the main currency in PGA Tour 2K23. They are also called VC or virtual currency to anyone who has played sports games made by 2K Sports.

You can see your total coins available on the upper-right side of your screen when you are in MyCareer.

What Are Coins Used For?

The coins are used in a lot of ways in PGA Tour 2K23. For ways to improve your player, you can equip fittings for every single club you have in your golf bag. The higher the rarity, the more coins it is going to cost you.

You can also reset all your skills with coins, but that is going to cost you a lot if you keep switching builds or skills.

The biggest chunk of coins in the game will be actually used for buying cosmetics. If you go to the shop, you will see a lot of apparel, clubs, accessories, and even sets and bundles.

The shop will refresh throughout the season, and new items will show up as the developers keep the game fresh and up-to-date.

How to Get Coins

Coins Reward Rivalry

In MyCareer mode, you will get most of your coins from leveling your player. In fact, it is the main way of earning coins in the game.

The faster you level up, the quicker you can get coins as well as other rewards like fittings, apparel, clubs, and balls.

So, the best way to earn more coins is by playing and winning events. The bonuses from getting experience will be based on your performance, finishing course challenges, and the difficulty setting on the game.

To maximize the experience points, you need to play on a greater difficulty. Playing on normal difficulty, winning the event, and finishing a few challenges can give you around 600 to 700 experience points in a match.

Course challenges aren’t that big in terms of coins. These are specific challenges for holes where you just need to score a par or better or not exceed a stroke limit for any hole during the course.

As long as you play and win, you will earn coins efficiently. If the difficulty is too high and you aren’t winning or placing high in the standings, you will be earning less efficiently.

The fastest way to earn coins is by playing at the highest difficulty you can while maintaining the top spots in the events.

The difficulty doesn’t really affect the mechanics of the game. It just makes the competition a lot better. For example, playing on normal difficulty will have other golfers average around -4 to -8 in the events.

You can also get sponsorships and unlock other apparel, clubs, and balls for free. This lets you save coins so you can spend it on things that can actually improve your player, like fittings.

As another method of gaining coins, you need to accept every rivalry available at every event.

Once you beat a rival, some of them are going to give you rewards such as apparel, clubs, fittings, and coins.

Most rival challenges give multiple rewards. If you go against better rivals (higher tiers), you will get better rewards.

In Societies, you can also earn some coins if you prefer playing the game mode. The coins don’t make a big difference, but at least you will be able to earn coins while playing the game mode you prefer.

Final Thoughts

The amount of coins needed in the game isn’t that big. You should be set with around 4,000 – 5,000 coins by equipping all the good fittings you have for each of your clubs.

Most of the coins you need to spend will be for dressing up your player. Every golfer needs to look good on the fairway, right?