There are only a few ways you can improve your player in PGA Tour 2K23 because most of the gameplay relies on your mechanical skills and knowledge of the game.

You can have all the best skills, perks, clubs, shafts, and balls, but you still have to make the right decisions and hit all the perfect timings on the fairway.

For this post, we’ll show you how to improve your player fast in PGA Tour 2K23, whether it is through skills, clubs, technique, and everything in between.

Ways to Improve Your Player


Choosing the right archetype for your playstyle is one way of improving your player.

Greensman – strong putting skills, but weak with recovery shots

Powerhouse – strong driving distance, but weak with timing/accuracy

Rhythm – strong with timing or accuracy, but weak with driving distance

Sculptor – strong with shot shaping, but weak with distance control

Woodsman – strong on recovery shots, but weak with putting skills

Every archetype gives a different playstyle for your player. The only noticeably weak archetype here would be the Woodsman.

You don’t need to be strong on recovery shots if you always find the green or the fairway. Since it also puts a damper on your putting skills, the archetype is horrible.

Club Fits

Apply Fitting

In the main menu screen, you can go to “MyPlayer” and press the “Locker” icon. From here, you can see four different tabs – Golf Bag, Collection, Fittings, and Apparel.

Under Golf Bag, Collection, or Fittings, you can equip a head, shaft, and grip on your clubs. Each club can be fit with one head, shaft, and grip. All of these fittings have different rarities and stats.

The higher the rarity, the better the boost. However, you would want to choose stats that can be beneficial to you.

Driver Fitting

For example, if you are using a Powerhouse archetype, you would have some slight problems with swing difficulties. You can compensate for that specific weakness by adding swing path and timing bonuses.

In a way, it would pretty much be the same if you are using a Rhythm archetype and you are adding fittings that increase your power.

However, it is important that you can increase your drive distance, as finishing 5-par holes will always give you a chance for an eagle. If you can carry upwards of 310 yards on your driver, you can make the green with two strokes and go for the eagle.

You can have custom clubs with fittings that are built specifically for accuracy and timing, while other clubs are built to carry more power.

For example, you can add more timing and swing path to your 6-iron while adding more power to your 5-iron. You can have better recoveries on the rough with the 5-iron, and you can use the 6-iron for more accuracy.

You can even opt for using a bigger club if that club has more timing and swing path fittings. You can just reduce the power on the swing.

Fit Fee

It is also worth noting that equipping fittings on your clubs will have a fit fee. The higher the rarity, the higher the cost.

You can replace the fitting any time you want, but it will cost you coins every time you switch. The fittings do not disappear if you change them.


Skills add a lot of bonuses to your player. These skills are categorized by clubs. Each club has its own skill tree, and they will all have separate bonuses.

It is best to focus your skill points on clubs that are used the most. These are the putter, irons, driver, and wedge.

Most of the good skills take a while to unlock because you need to allocate skill points before unlocking the next tiers. On the bright side, you can unlock the best skills for a club even if you allocate some of your early skill points to the other clubs.

How to Unlock Fittings

To unlock fittings, you can get them through leveling reward bonuses, rivalry challenges, winning events, and sponsorships.

All of them are tied to just playing the game, performing well, and winning. However, when you get sponsorships, you can choose the brand that can give you rare or epic fittings.

How to Gain More Skill Points

To earn skill points, you need to level your player. Each level gives you one skill point, and the maximum number of SP is 50.

There are 126 skill points needed to allocate all the skills in the game, so you need to choose your skill points wisely. You can reset all your skill points, but it will cost you 500 coins.

Final Thoughts

All of the things mentioned are ways you can improve your player, but most of the improvements need to come from decision-making and mechanical skills.

The best tip to improve your play is to notice everything involved that can alter your shot accuracy.

Things like wind, shot timing, terrain, lie, swing path, shot types, spins, loft, and everything in between need to be noticed. Learning how to spin the ball can save you a lot of points.

You can find more guides for PGA Tour 2K23 on our site as we continue to produce content to help players get better at the game.