JP is a nightmare; he is such a powerful zoner that he can effectively keep out characters like Dhalsim and Guile, who are known for their zoning abilities in the franchise.

However, despite his strength, JP is not impossible to fight, and he does have weaknesses.

If you’re wondering how to fight JP in Street Fighter 6, I have some tips and tricks that can make your life a bit easier.

Rush JP Down

No matter which character you’re playing, you won’t be able to outzone JP.

JP is somewhat weak at mid-range, and some of his pokes are susceptible to Drive Impact.

However, be cautious not to simply jump on him or walk forward. His projectiles will keep pushing you back, and he might mix you up with his full-screen command grab.

To get in close and make his life miserable, you need to understand when to dash forward. Dashing alone won’t work; you need to Drive Rush him and make him fear your approach.

Keep in mind that sometimes JP will throw a spike to combo you while throwing projectiles. Therefore, you need to learn two things when dealing with him.

First, his projectiles are not active all the way. They only reach a certain range before striking you. Therefore, if you’re quick enough, you might be able to hit JP before his projectiles hit you.

Drive Rush After the Spike

Depending on your character, you can Drive Rush under his projectiles. For example, Juri might be able to low-profile his high and overhead projectiles during a Drive Rush or a Dash.

The other important thing to know is that JP is negative after the spike. So, try to move as close to him as possible.

Also, keep in mind that his projectiles disappear when you hit him.

Please note that this won’t be easy to pull off consistently, but you might not have any other option if he pushes you away full screen.

This is one of those matchups. Fighting JP requires taking risks, and it can be quite frustrating, but it’s part of the matchup.

Finally, make sure to parry his projectiles and drive rush after a successful parry.

If you manage to get a good opening or execute a Perfect Parry, you might be able to punish JP for throwing projectiles. This is probably the best way to make your opponent scared of trying to zone you.

That said, if you Drive Rush after a Spike, you might get even better results. Here’s an example with Luke:

As you can see there, I didn’t even need to Perfect Parry in order to hit JP.

If you get your timing right, and depending on your character, you might be able to hit him way before his projectile hits you.

Other characters, such as Kimberly, might be able to slide under projectiles or move through them (such as Honda) with an Overdrive special with armor.

You might need to find out what your character can do do deal with it by going to the training mode.

Cammy does not have a far reaching drive rush, but you can combine her momentum with her Spinning Knuckle special (since it goes through projectiles) in order to punish JP’s spam.

Punish His Command Grab

JP’s command grab is very annoying and you can easily get caught by mistaking it for one of his striking projectiles.

However, there’s a sound cue that you must be aware of. He will always say the same thing when he his firing the command grab projectiles. That’s your chance.

JP thrives in overwhelming the opponent with things to react to. However, most of what he does is significantly unsafe.

For instance, check above how much time you have to react and punish him for throwing out a command grab out of nowhere.

Stay at Mid Range

JP’s attacks are effective up close and at a distance. However, at mid-range, he is quite weak. You can Drive Rush through his long pokes and punish him with significant damage.

Moreover, his projectiles become very risky for him to use when you get closer. Don’t let him get away with it.

That said, try not to become too predictable. This is a common theme in Street Fighter 6. Predictability is heavily punished.

If you repeat your patterns, JP might be able to counter you or teleport away.

Final Thoughts

Fighting against JP in Street Fighter 6 can be a challenging task due to his formidable zoning abilities.

However, you can turn the tide in your favor by using the strategies and knowing his weaknesses.

Remember to rush JP down and make him fear your relentless aggression. Use Drive Rush to close the distance and punish his vulnerable pokes.

Be aware of the timing and range of his projectiles, and capitalize on opportunities to interrupt his zoning game.