When playing World Tour, you will meet many street fighters from all over the world. In fact, you can meet every single playable character in this game mode, even the DLC ones.

However, some of the characters are hidden, and others are optional. Although you meet Juri throughout the campaign, you must find her again to become her disciple and practice her style.

Don’t worry, though. We know exactly where to find Juri in Street Fighter 6.

Juri’s Location in World Tour

At the beginning of Chapter 12-1, a side quest called “A Hard-Boiled Adventure” becomes available.

It leads you to Juri, but you cannot complete the side quest until you’ve finished the first step of the main storyline in Chapter 12-1.

This unlocks The Hangout in Old National, where you can change day to night. Once you have access to The Hangout, go to the central Bazaar in Old National during the day and talk to an NPC named Govind to start the quest.

Govind will ask you to interview two other NPCs, Sundal and Kapana. To speak with them, you’ll need it to be nighttime, so go to The Hangout and sleep until evening.

Then, go to the South Alley location, where you’ll encounter Govind, who turns out to be unpleasant. Defeat him, and Juri will appear at night in that location.

Find her and engage in a fight. Afterward, continue the conversation by selecting the dialogue choices that progress the interaction until she agrees to teach you her fighting style.