The first level of Superliminal is called Induction. It is more of a quick tutorial with multiple puzzles to get you used to the game because it will get harder rather quickly. This Superliminal guide will help you step by step on how to complete level 1 Induction by giving you a complete Superliminal walkthrough

Level 1 Induction Walkthrough

For the first hallway, you will just pick up the chess piece and make it smaller by dropping it near you. You will then enter a room where there are multiple objects like blocks and chess pieces. Look to the upper right and just grab the top block and you will see a door hidden after it. Make that block smaller so you can jump on it to get to the door.

Level 1 Room

Head towards the hallway and step on the yellow button on the floor. While stepping on the yellow button, grab the block on the next room and drop it on the yellow button so you can head towards the door. Grab the block and make it large enough so you can jump on it and go through the door on the upper right part of the room.

Start following the hallway and you will see a room with two holes to the left and right side of the room. Go towards the left hole and get the chess piece and while still holding it, place it on the yellow button on the floor on the right side of the hole.

In the next room, you will find a tiny block of cheese on a table and you will enlarge it so that you can make a staircase to reach the door on top. In the next step, you will go through the hallway and go to the vending machine and get the soda. You can also complete achievements by checking this guide. Once you have the soda, head back and place that soda on the yellow button next to the door.

Go to the broken window room and you will see a big block on the left side under the wall. It will shrink instantly when you grab it. Head towards the broken window on the right while holding the block and shrink it little by little so you can place it through the other broken window with the yellow button. You can try to shrink it first inside the room so it is easier if you want.

In the next room, you will see a block and go ahead and grab it. Aim it on top of the wall towards the other side of the room and drop it. Head towards the next room and place the block on the yellow button.

The next room will involve two yellow buttons in the middle. Simply grab the sign on top of the door and enlarge it so that it can push the two yellow buttons at the same time.

In the last room of the stage, you will see little cracks on the wall where you can find items to grab. Get the exit sign by looking through the broken wall on the left side and enlarge it big enough so that it shakes the floor near the center. It will make the walls fall down and you can enter the hallway after it and head towards the left. You will see a long hallway with an exit sign and just run through it for a surprise.


This is probably the easiest level in the game and it already contains a ton of puzzles to finish. Once you have completed the Superliminla level 1, you can explore the level even more by finding secrets and achievements by replaying it. There are 5 things to look out for at every level of the game as an optional secret or achievement. It can be found in the level selection of the game on the main menu. You can find guides on the other levels on the site as well as the next which is level 2 Optical.