Level 6 Dollhouse is another mind-bending level in Superliminal. This level is the one most relatable to Valve’s Portal game with doors being used as portals but with a unique twist. You change sizes when entering the door depending on the perspective you see while entering it. This guide will show you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete level 6 Dollhouse in Superliminal.

Level 6 Dollhouse Walkthrough

You wake up again in a bedroom with an alarm and immediately head to the hallway and follow the path. You will enter a door that lets you fall to a big room with a tiny house on the table. Grab the tiny house and enlarge it so that you can enter the door normally.

Level 6 Dollhouse

Enter the house and go through the hallway and towards the end, turn right on the door to exit the dollhouse. Grab the dollhouse again and enlarge it again. Every time you enlarge the house, the smaller your character gets when you enter it.

Adjust it so that you are the size of a dog when you enter the dollhouse. Head straight to the room with the luggage and jump over it. You will see a tiny door to the left. If you do not fit in the door, simply head back and enlarge the dollhouse again before entering.

Level 6 Fan

Follow the path and you will enter a door that leads you to another hallway. Follow the path again until you reach a big reception hall with a pillar in the middle. Head straight and you will find a tiny electric fan near a wall. Grab it and enlarge it multiple times. Aim the electric fan on the pillar blocks in the middle to knock it down.

There will be another door that falls down where you can enter. Head towards it and you will enter another room with 4 windows. Grab and enlarge one so that you can jump over that window’s frame. You will enter another hallway and keep following the path until you see a door that leads you to a room full of lockers.

Head straight again and Dr. Glenn Pierce will talk to you again. At the end of the path, you will reach a swimming pool with a bouncy castle in the middle. Enlarge the bouncy castle big enough so you can jump over the first ledge on the bouncy castle. Place it near the swimming pool wall and jump out of the swimming pool first.

Interact with the bouncy castle again and enlarge it until you can fit inside the room. Place it near the swimming pool’s wall so that you can easily jump over it. Once you have entered the bouncy castle, you will see another hallway leading to a vent shaft.

Level 6 Vent Shaft

You will see at the end of the vent shaft that you are looking over the same swimming pool from before. Pick up the bouncy castle from the vent shaft and shrink it multiple times. Once you have shrunk the bouncy castle, place it on the flooring with a door where the vent shaft is facing. Note that you need to make the bouncy castle extremely small first so that it can fit on the flooring.

Head back and go back to the door you used to enter the vent shaft. Keep heading straight and follow the path until you see another interactable door. Enter it and you will see one small door and one medium door.

The way is by getting to the top with the keyhole looking door. You have to shrink one door to a bite-sized one and place it on top of the keyhole door. Enter the other big door so you can teleport to that bite-sized door you made. Another way is by making the big door so large that it can be used as a platform to place the other door on top of it to enter the keyhole door.

Go through the keyhole and you will see a dollhouse placed on top of a chair. Interact with it and place it near you. Do not enlarge it that much so that you can enter it as normal-sized. Follow the path and you will see the elevator.


Personally, this level 6 Dollhouse is one of my most enjoyable levels in Superliminal. The level is unique where your size matters and everything you have learned from the previous levels is still applicable here. Hopefully, this full walkthrough got you over your troubles and you can start exploring hidden secrets and achievements at this particular level. You can check out more guides about other levels on our website like Level 5 Clone or Level 7 Labyrinth.