Level 7 Labyrinth might be a confusing stage but it is easy as the paths are mostly linear.

While this level has one of the trickiest puzzles in the game, the whole stage can still be finished rather quickly.

This guide will teach you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete level 7 Labyrinth in Superliminal.

Level 7 Labyrinth Walkthrough

You wake up again in a bedroom with an alarm and head straight for the hallway and follow the path. All the paths at the start have multiple intersections but only one path is correct.

Keep following the right path until you see the elevator. It will be a dead-end and you will have to wait until you get teleported back to the room.

You will teleport back to the bedroom with an alarm and turn it off to open the door.

Keep following the path towards the hallway and you will be teleported back and forth in the bedroom. Do the same and keep entering the hallway and follow the path. Do this until you get your screen inverted and head towards the hallway again. You will find an alarm clock on top of a chair and stop it.

You will get teleported back again to the bedroom and this time the hallway will be a dead-end. In the bedroom, there will be a painting you can interact with. Enlarge it so that you can fit and enter right through it. You will find a door leading to a long hallway and keep following the path. Things might get a little trippy from here.

Level 7 Inverted Room

Just keep following the linear path while everything gets inverted.

In the red room, you will open a door while the perspective is still inverted. It will open another door on the right where the exit sign will land. Keep following that path while everything keeps getting inverted.

Level 7 Optical Illusion

You will see a white room with a large frame that has a crack in the middle. Jump over it and keep following the path to the orange room.

You will see an optical illusion of a block kind of like in level 2 Optical. Try to use your perspective to grab the cube but eventually, you will fall down on the corner of the room.

Level 7 Breakable Flooring

You will now be in a large room with a small staircase on top of a table. Grab the small staircase and enlarge it near the door. It will break the flooring and you will go with the flow and go down with it. After jumping down, you will see an elevator immediately.

Enter the elevator and it will say that the exit has been removed. Look back and you will enter a never-ending hallway with a door sign that says “Superliminal Hall 1”. Pay attention to the sign above it and it will say left or right. In my opinion, the Superliminal hallways puzzle is amongst the trickiest.

The solution to the Superliminal infinite hallway is that perception is not reality. Every time you go down the elevator looking towards the “Hall” door, the exit sign that points in the right direction should be the last thing you have to look at.

If the exit sign above points to the left, look right first when you enter the intersection and then look back and follow the exit sign. The same goes if the exit sign above points to the right. You just need to look at the left side first before looking to the right.

You will hear a sound that tells you if you are right or wrong. This should be easy now that you know the trick to the never-ending hallway. Keep doing it and you will find a door with a 3-floor looking aquarium.

Just grab the dice block and jump over it to climb the floors. Enter the bouncy castle door and follow the path. You will see a chess piece and a yellow button on the floor. Once you get the chess piece, it will magically disappear into the wall.

Stand on the yellow button and the door will open. Grab the other chess piece in the other room and place it on the yellow button you are standing on. Enter the room and follow the path again. You will fall down again into a white room with a dice block. Make it large enough that you can jump over it to get over the ledge.

Enter the next room and follow the path. You will consistently get teleported again but keep following the path. You will eventually see an alarm clock that turns your screen into a painting. You will then see that you are in an elevator labyrinth. Choose one path and keep heading straight until you see a sign on the floor with an arrow.

Level 7 Elevator Signs

Keep going on a linear path until you see another arrow sign on the floor the tells you to change direction. Keep going on a linear path on elevators that do not have an arrow sign on the floor. Keep doing this and follow the same rule because this part will be quite long.

You will find yourself in a room with an elevator in front of you in the end. Enter it and you will find yourself teleported to a large open area with a ton of street lights.

Head towards a single direction one by one until you start shrinking every corner of this open area. Keep doing that and you will eventually see a room in the middle that you can enter which turns out to be your bedroom from the start. Click the alarm and the level is finished.


While the Superliminal level 7 Labyrinth has one of the trickiest puzzles in the game with Superliminal endless hallway, everything is still relatively easy.

The level just makes you a bit dizzy if you play long enough.

After finally completing level 7 Labyrinth in Superliminal, you can freely explore the level again and find hidden secrets and achievements. You can check out more guides about other levels on our website like Level 5 Clone or Level 6 Dollhouse.