For level 5 Clone, you will traverse through the level by manipulating objects through cloning them multiple times and enlarging some of them. There are many big brain strategies you can think of through the level. This guide will teach you step by step how to complete level 5 Clone Superliminal.

Level 5 Clone Walkthrough

Level 5 Clone starts again waking up in the bedroom and just go through the hallway until you see a green door and open it. Bring that green door with you and keep following the hallway. Continue until you see a green button on the floor and place the door there.

Go past the door and follow the path again. Once you hit the wall, turn right, and follow that path. You will see a green door and you will need to left-click it multiple times so you can clone it so many times that it actually creates a ramp for you to use. Go through the ramp you made and head towards the door.

Head straight to the room where you can see the alarm clock. Clone an alarm clock and enlarge it multiple times so that you can make a staircase with it. Each left-clicks you do with the alarm clock will clone it so make sure to enlarge each one you make until you can make a staircase with it.

Level 5 Apples

Head towards the door and follow the hallway. You will enter a room with a green apple on top of a green button. This puzzle is solved by pushing the green apple away from the green button to open the door.

To do this, you need to clone the green apple and enlarge it again. Let the green apple clones tip the apple in the middle and make it off balance. Once it is off-balance, you can push it out of the green button physically. Go towards the door and go up the staircase.

Go behind the green button in the middle and clone the apple down the staircase up to the green button. Go towards the door and follow the hallway again until you see the 2-floor room with the Somnasculpt sign.

Level 5 Sign

Clone the Somnasculpt sign an insane amount of times to turn it into a staircase again. Keep going up until the closed door on top and there will be a hole behind it to jump down to. Follow the linear path again until you see the elevator to finish level 5 Clone.


In level 5 Clone, there will be multiple ways to complete puzzles with the cloning mechanic. You might find other ways to complete some of the puzzles in level 5 Clone. After completing the level, you can replay it to check for more secrets and achievements in Superliminal. You can also check out more guides on our website for the other levels like Level 6 Dollhouse or Level 7 Labyrinth.