Right at stage 1 of the game, you will encounter the Superliminal soda machine with multiple kinds of drinks.

I’ll say it right now: you cannot technically drink sodas but you can still finish the Soda Connaisseur achievement.

This guide will teach you how to drink soda in Superliminal. Let’s get into it!

How to Get Sodas

Soda Connaisseur Achievement

For each vending machine you encounter in Superliminal, you can get more than one soda in a vending machine. But sometimes the vending machine will malfunction even after just the first try, meaning you cannot acquire many sodas from it.

There are a total of 7 sodas in the game and you will need to find at least 5-6 vending machines to drink all sodas due to the malfunctioning issues. The most popular of the lot is the dream soda in Superliminal.

The good news is that you can finish this as early as level 2 because there are multiple vending machines per stage.

How to Complete Soda Connaisseur

To complete the Soda Connaisseur achievement, you must drink all the sodas available in Superliminal.

Here’s the trick: ordering a soda in the vending machine immediately counts as it being drank. So whilst you can’t actually drink them in-game, ordering them is all you need to do.

So to complete Soda Connaisseur, press every kind of soda at the vending machine — as long as it’s working. It will take you at least 5-6 vending machine encounters to finish the achievement.

Top tip: there is also another achievement where if you hold a soda high enough and drop it, it will break and you will get the Soda Crash achievement.

The soda will also get bigger when you do this and it will burst to the floor more successfully. You can also find a hidden constellation room where you can see a vending machine through a particular perspective to magically animate the whole thing in the room.


While Superliminal is an absolute masterpiece and a mind-bending puzzler, this whole soda misunderstanding is a puzzle in itself for entirely different reasons.

That said, Superliminal is one of the most underrated games that is out there. The developers really paid attention to the little details, where enlarging a can of beans so that you can read the writing on it can make all of the difference between success and failure on a level.