Level 2 – Optical involves a lot of optical illusion puzzles that you have to solve and you might find yourself stuck on some of them. This guide will go step by step into showing you how to complete level 2 Optical in Superliminal.

Level 2 Optical Walkthrough

For the Superliminal level 2 Optical, you start waking up in a bedroom with an alarm. Follow the hallway until you see the red carpet flooring. Turn left and find the interactable door and grab it. Enter the hallway and turn to the right until you see the trippy door in the hallway. Turn left and you will see a painting that looks like a dead-end but it is just an optical illusion and you can go through it. Keep heading straight until you find the big room.

Grab one of the exit signs and enlarge it so that it can become a ramp that you can jump on to climb over the wall. You will see a speaker box in the middle and you will hear Dr. Glenn Pierce talking to you. Keep heading straight until you see a room on the right. You will find a weird-looking pillar with checkered paint that is spread across the objects as well.

Go towards the middle of the room and look at it so that you can turn it into a checkered cube block. Use your perspective until you see a complete checkered cube block and it will become interactable and quickly grab it.

Use the block to go through the door on top in the hallway. Head straight and enter the room on the right. You will see another unfinished checkered cube in the room but first, you will need to get the missing part of the optical illusion.

Table and Vase Optical Level 2

Go back to the end of the room near the unfinished checkered cube and look towards the door. You will see a table with a vase that will become interactable when you look at it from this angle. It will magically appear on top of the table and the other half of the vase will be the missing checkered shade of the cube.

Do what you did from the past room and grab the checkered cube. This cube is different as it will have ledges inside so you can climb on it. Make it large enough so that you can jump over it to climb the door on top in the hallway.

Use the same checkered cube and place it towards the left side of the next big room. Climb on top and you will see an odd-looking pillar with some door hinges. Use your perspective so that you are looking through this pillar and the exit door below. Once it is interactable, you can remove the door and you can jump straight down and head towards the exit.

Level 2 Chess Piece Optical

Keep following the path until you enter the warehouse. You will see another checkered cube optical illusion on the roof and use perspective to grab it again. Use the checkered cube to jump up the ledge and go to the metal railings. You will see a big chess piece optical illusion in the middle of the room. Use perspective to take it again and combine that with the checkered cube to climb up the next door on the left and you will see a dice but this is optional.

Go towards the place where you got the chess piece and head straight. You will see warehouses but just keep heading straight and follow the path. You will eventually reach another red carpet room with a dead end.

Look up to the windows and you will see a moon that should be interactable. Once you get the moon, you will see some tiny objects attached to the moon and grab the one that looks like a door. Enlarge it and place it on the ground until you can fit inside it. After doing that, you can go through it and head towards the elevator. You have now complete level 2 Optical.


Level 2 Optical is kind of mind-bending because of all the optical illusions you need to discover. The Superliminal moon room was also incredibly difficult to figure out and hopefully, this guide helped you solve the problems you had in the level. There are a ton of secrets and achievements to complete and you can replay this stage to discover them. You can check out more level guides on our website like Level 4 Blackout or Level 5 Clone.