Level 4 Superliminal Blackout is the horror stage of Superliminal with some jump scares. So, for the ones asking if Superliminal is a horror game, or if Superliminal have jumpscares, to an extent, you wouldn’t be wrong – so definitely get ready.

There are fewer puzzles but it is more about getting the courage to go through despite the rising tension as you play.

This guide will show you step-by-step how to complete level 4 Blackout in Superliminal.

Level 4 Blackout Walkthrough

In level 4 Blackout, you will start in a bedroom again with an alarm. Follow the path towards the hallway and you until you the way towards the factory. The lights will start to flicker and turn off and that is the whole premise of the level. This is kind of Superliminal’s horror stage but do not worry, nothing can kill you in this game.

Keep following the path through the multiple doors and the storage rooms. Keep going forward until you see multiple red propane tanks and clear the way by throwing them off the table. Jump over the table and head straight towards the door.

You will see a dead-end in the middle and just head to the left or right side into the darkness until you see another path.

You will see a plant and head in the opposite direction towards the door. Keep following the path with the red paint and you will see a dark path in the middle. There are hidden flooring in the middle of the darkness you can take it slow to find your footing to get past the hole. If you fall, it will just put you back before falling.

Level 4 Dark Room

Go straight to the double doors and follow the red paint. Once you enter the Superliminal red room that is half-lit, keep going straight and turn left until you find a staircase. Go up and follow the path again until you see a dark room with a red light glow. Grab the Superliminal red exit sign as it will be your light for the next part.

Head back and turn right towards the dark place and parkour through the boxes. Keep following the path past the maze and you will see another hallway with another red exit sign.

Level 4 Dark Room 1

Enlarge this red sign so that is shining bright enough for you to see the door on top of the next room. Keep following the path and you will eventually see the elevator after discovering that the red stains on the floor in the stage was actually red paint instead of blood.


Level 4 Blackout is a little bit nerve-racking but you should just remember that you are alone and there is nothing that can kill you in the level.

Now that you have completed the stage, you can replay it again to check out more secrets and achievements you might have missed.

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