Valorant is one of the most popular esports titles in the world, but sadly for many, it is only available for PC.

For those not used to playing with a mouse and keyboard, can you play with a controller on a PC?

The good news is yes! It might be far from optimal, but it is possible. We’ll show you a step-by-step guide to using a controller and why you might want to avoid it.

Can You Play With a Controller on PC?

The short answer would be yes. Does Valorant support controller on PC? The answer to this is no. It might be confusing for some, but the best explanation is that people have already found workarounds.

They made third-party applications using their controllers for PC games that does not have controller support in the past.

How does the controller support feature help?

It is usually by giving controller players some aim assist features that can help them play on somehow equal grounds against mouse and keyboard players.

These aim assist feature does not mean it is an auto aim. It functions to help your aim stabilize on a player you have already targeted on your own.

For example, by knowing how Jett moves extremely fast with her abilities, your aim should get assisted while you have your aim locked on her manually and she dashes in a different direction.

There are numerous disadvantages on playing a controller against mouse and keyboard players. The biggest problem is that your aim sensitivity is fixed and limited.

You will be stuck with a certain range of sensitivity, while mouse players can adjust accordingly with the speed of their hand.

You are limited to a few number of keys to input on a controller. While there are only a few keys that really matter when playing, this can affect your overall gameplay with the game.

Since Valorant doesn’t have controller support, aim assist is a non-existent feature if you use a controller. There is no point in using one.

Even without aim assist, it is unfathomable to think about using the analog/D-pad on flicking Operator shots or flying as Raze with the Blast Packs.

Playing With a Controller

The only way to play Valorant with a controller is through a third party application.

There are a few great ones out there, and can depend on which controller you are using. DS4 Windows is a great tool for using PS4 Dualshock controllers. Another great application would be reWASD.

While both application features easily customizable keys to input into your controller, mouse and keyboard users still has the advantage and can freely customize their settings while playing in a game.

Valorant was made to be played with a mouse and a keyboard.

While it is possible to use a controller, it is best just to learn and familiarize yourself playing with a mouse and keyboard if you are looking to play competitively. If you are an extremely good player with a controller, you can still use them at a high level with the third party application installed.