Who Are the Best Valorant Streamers to Watch?

Valorant, Riot Games’ FPS production has amassed a lot of fervent fans. They follow every development the game makes with enthusiasm. Much like other popular FPS titles, a lot of professional streams have jumped on the bandwagon, adding to the popularity of this rich and intense shooter. 

Twitch, which is the most popular streaming platform for video games has catapulted Valorant’s fame. Many of the streamers who used to stream games like Fortnite, Overwatch and CS:GO are now playing Valorant and amassing thousands of viewers, which has made the game extremely popular on the web.

Twitch estimated that nearly 335 million hours of Valorant was streamed on the platform, making it the most popular game viewed in April, 2020.The tie-up with popular twitch streamers during the beta period and subsequent offering to the fans increased the anticipation for the full version. This caused an explosion in the number of players on their servers. 

This surge that the game saw has spawned several thousand streamers but some stand out. A few streamers have become popular for their in-game skill and brilliant agent plays. They have a dedicated following and back it up with intelligent plays, enviable skills and a storm of kills. 

We will take a look at some of the best streamers of the game that you can follow for some fun video game entertainment or to learn how to use a new agent skill or improve your valorant game play.


This Portuguese streamer is well-known for his Fortnite streams. Since the explosion of Valorant, however, the streamer has made this game his prime focus. With over 100 hours streamed and averaging 5 hours per day, he has garnered a dedicated viewership with over 20 thousand people tuning in for his Valorant streams. Some of his streams for Valorant have had over 70 thousand live viewers, making him one of the more popular streamers of Valorant. 

His plays with Sova and Viper are a treat to watch. Even though his streams are in Portuguese, his gameplay makes him very popular across the world. Watch out for the way he deals with Operator (AWP) users in the game. He uses intelligent movement combined with stealth to take them out, giving his team more time to deal with the rifle carries and freeing up sight-lines across long. 


Follow this team on Twitch if you want to know how to build a squad with different agents and bringing all their skills together to form a lethal combination. T1esports is widely regarded as the best team in Valorant, winning tournaments too. They regularly host “team vs” with other elite squads on Twitch. These matches happen over the course of 5 hour streams that are very engaging throughout. 

Watching this, you can learn various agent combinations and how to combine their particular abilities. For example, a lot of Valorant gamers tend to ignore Phoenix because his ‘Curveball’ ability (flashbang) is hard to tame. You end up flashing yourself and your teammates a lot of the time and this becomes annoying. Even his ‘flame wall’ is not efficiently used by gamers. But the way T1esports bring him into the mix and use him in-tandem with agents like Cypher and Brimstone (who have smokes) is eye-opening to many. The tactics they use are incredible to watch and you can learn a lot. 


In our opinion, Hiko is the best Valorant streamer. Even though he is not as successful as the other streamers in terms of viewership, his popularity on YouTube streams and just clips of his gameplay uploaded on YouTube are massively popular. This is not surprising because he is naturally entertaining and has insane skills in Valorant. This makes him a treat to watch and follow. 

His in-game plays are studied by dedicated fans and you can see a lot of ‘Hiko plays’ being tried out in unranked matches in the game. He is one of the best Sage players around in ranked and uses this extremely important agent (healer) beautifully. His plays when he attacks with Breach on the ‘Split’ map are also beautiful to watch. He could write a book on how to take control of ‘A’ on this map, which is almost always the epicenter of some intense battles.  

His team is also very strong and their plays are awe-inducing at times. By using a mix of initiators and sentinels, they dominate most maps and come up clutch. Across the internet forums, Hiko is considered one of the top individual players and his stream will add a lot of value to your game while being extremely entertaining. 

Following these channels if you are a Valorant enthusiast is almost mandatory. The skills and tactics on display are engrossing to newcomers and ranked pros. Watch these streams to learn the game. If you are a video game enthusiast, these streams also carry a lot of entertainment value while being educational too!


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