World of Warcraft’s quality of life features have arguably always been lacking. It took the WoW team years to completely rework the way the game looks, introducing a heap of new features and visuals in the Dragonflight expansion.

With WoW’s great community at the helm, the Dragonflight rehaul paved the way for some incredible addons to flourish. Addons are useful for players of all experience levels, with some of the strongest competitive players in the world leaning on them.

These addons can improve your gaming experience, and some of them are arguably mandatory if you want to progress through all forms of content with every new patch and expansion.

Here are the best addons for Dragonflight that you should download and add to your game. Remember to keep tabs on any addon updates, and refresh them whenever there’s a new World of Warcraft patch, too.


Raider.IO is an addon that gives you an overall rating on your M+ dungeon runs. If you look in the game’s premade group feature, you will see players looking for particular scores or ratings from Raider.IO to find ‘better’ players.

This does somewhat force players to start grinding early because if you get left behind, you will be stuck with lower M+ runs. It heavily affects solo play, but at the same time, it does help make the runs go much smoother.

The ratings are mostly based on the highest M+ difficulty you have finished on each dungeon.

Once you reach a high M+ finish on each dungeon, your score should be high enough to get into all PUG groups.


WeakAuras provides a deep level of HUD customization.

The addon is quite complicated, but there are lots of scripts that allow you to generate icons or even announcements to help alert you about things like cooldowns and key boss mechanics that are hard to spot initially.

You can have WeakAuras for boss fights with unique mechanics. For example, the boss fight against Hungering Destroyer (Mythic) requires you to deal with Miasma.

You need to have specific groups where people are soaking X, Y, and Z. However, you can’t fix the groups because the Miasma will be completely random. You could have 3 Miasmas in group 3, which would destroy a fixed group system.

With WeakAuras, you can set alerts on everyone to know who gets the debuff and adjust accordingly to which group is soaking who.

This is just one out of thousands of WeakAuras that you can come up with, including interrupt priorities and rotations. You can copy Auras from other players online and type /wa to import it into the addon.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Raid Mechanics

Deadly Boss Mods is one of the best mods for casual players. The addon gives you information on what is currently happening in a PVE fight and gives you advice on what you should do in order to perform well.

DBM covers both dungeons and raids, including everything from the easiest M+ dungeons to standard LFR content, so you are all set for almost every type of PVE content. It’s arguably not as valuable for content with higher difficulty levels, but it’s still worth checking out.

You can just follow what DBM tells you to do and perform well in a boss fight without ever needing to read up about it.



Recount is an addon that gives you a small window with information like damage done or healing done for each individual in your group.

It isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps show people who are slacking, what the group is lacking, or for getting a general understanding of how you’re doing.

You can also check for other details like the number of interrupts, dispels, and other things that may be relevant for the fight at hand.

You can choose other addon meters like Details and Skada.

I prefer using Skada because I’m a Mythic raid officer and it helps to have lots of information at my disposal. Skada allows you to monitor multiple things at once when you duplicate the windows.

World Quest Tracker

World Quest Tracker is a very simple addon. You can use it to improve the way that world quests are shown on the map.

It shows you every available world quest in the area, and you can also see the rewards for each of the quests.

You can also see world quests from your other characters if you have multiple alts.



Bagnon is probably the best (and oldest) bag addon in WoW. It converts all your inventory slots into one big window. You can also check your other character’s inventory space with this addon, too.

Not only that, you can also hover over items and check if you have them on your other characters. It is very handy when it comes to crafting.


Pawn is a great World of Warcraft addon that lets you calculate your gear score even if you don’t have a specific armor piece, weapon, ring, or trinket that you’re aiming to get and add to your current gear set.

You can look up other items you might want for your build and calculate how much it improves your current build.

While there are other guides online that talk about ‘BiS’ or ‘best in slot’ items for your class and specialization, you can min-max your whole build by yourself using Pawn.



Bartender is an addon that changes your hotbars. You can customize your hotbars with this addon by changing their scale, slots, transparency, and gaps to make your screen tidier.

The addon also lets you add hotkeys to your abilities, which is very handy for playing competitively.

There’s also some class-specific utility for Bartender, too.

If you are playing a Rogue spec, for example, you’ll know that all of the specs have different hotbars when you’re in stealth. Having the ability to change hotbars and adjust them is very useful for managing these different specs and their unique abilities.


The Auctionator addon improves WoW’s existing Auction House. Even though Dragonflight introduced new changes to the Auction House, the Auctionator still has a lot of additional features that can help make it even better.

You can check the median price of items just by hovering over them. It also shows the last price at which an item has been bought, so you can get an estimate on how much an item would cost without checking the Auction House every now and then.

There is also a shopping list feature, where you can put items down to help making searching for them and purchasing them easier.

If you like crafting (especially if you are looking to make lots of gold from crafting) you can list all the items you need and set a specific price on items you will buy to make a profit.


The TitanPanel addon is a nifty tool that gives you a small panel on the top of your screen.

On the panel, you can add a lot of useful information, such as your weapon/armor durability, current gold, current XP, XP/hour, gold/hour, and a lot of other details.

It isn’t necessary, but it helps you look through information without pressing a ton of buttons. It can save you a lot of time and effort.

TradeSkillMaster (TSM)

TradeSkillMaster is the go-to addon for crafters. You can queue up multiple crafts, get a better crafting display, reagent listing, mass prospecting, mass milling, and a lot more. If you’re trying to level up crafts like Mining, you should get TSM.

TSM is one of the best mods for money-making, but you will still have to do your own research to make a real profit.


GatherMate2 is one of the best addons in Dragonflight for players who want to make money by selling raw materials on the Auction House.

For example, if you have Herbalism, you will be gathering herbs in random places around a fixed location. Once you gather a herb, it will be register on the addon and show you a spawn point for that herb in the future.

Each herb gathered will be shown around the map until you can pinpoint each herb that spawns around the area.


Postal is a very useful addon that improves the existing mailbox feature in World of Warcraft.

The notable features include the ability to check mail on your other characters and also get a complete rundown of how much gold you earn whenever you open up your mailboxes. It’s not the most complex addon by any means, but it’s nice to have.


The Atlas addon is a dungeon-mapping tool that lets you see detailed map versions of an instance. This includes raids, dungeons, and other key instances.

You can look at key enemies, items, interactable things, and other useful details that normally don’t show up on the map.


WorthIt is a supplementary addon to TSM for players looking to make lots of gold. With WorthIt, you can look at items and see the current sell rate for each item. It’s one of the best addons in World of Warcraft for gold making.

If the item has a high sell rate, you don’t have to undercut the lowest price in the Auction House. It can save you some gold, especially if you are selling in high numbers.


The HealBot addon replaces your existing unit frames. The whole purpose of changing your visual set-up with the HealBot addon is so that you can configure each frame.

You can edit your skill usage in a way where you press a specific button on a unit frame and it uses the configured skill on the target.

For example, you can configure your right-click button to cast Rejuvenate and your left-click button for Swiftmend. Find the tank unit frame and just use the two buttons to cast the spells.

The best way you can improve your healing with the addon is by configuring a dispel and instantly dispelling players as you see them pop up on their unit frames. This is one of the best addons in World of Warcraft for healers.

Shadowed Unit Frames

Shadowed Unit Frames is another addon that changes the unit frames, but this time, it is for more aesthetic purposes.

Cleaning up your unit frames is completely optional, but for some players, it does improve your gameplay by making information easier to read. A tidy screen allows you to focus more on the fight while retaining information about what is going on with other players in your group.

There are other unit frame addons that are also good, but it is entirely based on your preference. You can look at ElvUI, ZPerl, Plater, VuhDo, Grid2, and a lot more. Test them out and try to find the right addon for you.

Visual addons are great for helping you to change annoying elements like action bar art and the size of the in-game chat window, too.


SellTrash is an addon that automatically sells trash items when you interact with a vendor.

That’s it! It is quite handy if you are too lazy to sell items one by one. Some players even avoid looting trash items, but it definitely adds up. You might as well make a profit from it.

Astral Keys

Astral Keys is a guild-based addon where you can easily check all the M+ keys available for everyone with the same addon.

You can type ‘!keys’ in your guild chat, and it will automatically link everyone’s keys in chat, providing they have Astral Keys installed.

For my guild, we use this after finishing our prog runs just to finish our weekly chest. Just typing ‘!keys’ and finding the easiest key to finish for getting a weekly 10 or 15 finish is extremely efficient.

What to Do Next

If you’ve found some addons in this list that you want to add to your game, head to a site like CurseForge and look up how to install addons properly. Remember to double check if they require any extra steps or additional downloads.

Once you’ve installed the addons and checked they work in your game, take a look at your HUD in World of Warcraft and see whether you like how everything looks. You can change elements like the size of the chat box or whether the action bar has art on it is to help save space and create a more minimal aesthetic.