Dragonflight introduced a heap of new Battle Pets into World of Warcraft. Whether you’re a casual collector, a fan of battles, or just interested in getting to the Dragon Isles and exploring as much as possible, there’s sure to be a Battle Pet that you’ll want to get your hands on.

One of the most popular Battle Pets that you can find on the Dragon Isles is Pilot.

Pilot is a cute and fluffy duck pet which (unsurprisingly) falls into the Aquatic family. It’s a good pet to pick up for a competitive team, especially if you’re aiming to complete a pet family achievement.

It’s not immediately obvious how to catch Pilot, so I’ve put together this quick guide. Here’s how to get the Pilot pet in Dragonflight.

How to Get Pilot in Dragonflight

The quest line that you need to get Pilot in World of Warcraft takes place in the Ohn’ahran Plains. This zone is suitable for levels 62 to 65, so it’s good to make sure you’re at least level 62 so you can deal with any wild mobs.

Once you’re in the right zone, head to Shady Sanctuary. This is on the West side of the map, right at the edge.

Here, you’ll be able to find an NPC named Gracus who is a wandering Ancient. He patrols through Shady Sanctuary regularly and is easy to spot.

gracus npc wow 1

Speak to him, and you’ll be able to do a few quests for him that involve gathering bug parts to feed the ducks he looks after and chasing down some of the ducks to feed them by the river.

The first quest is Some Call Me Bug Catcher and the second is Others Call Me Duck Herder. Interestingly, you’ll get to see Pilot during the second quest, alongside all the other ducks that Gracus cares for.

some call me bug catcher

There’s no particular requirements or pre-quests to finish before you can get these quests from Gracus. I flew over to the zone after questing somewhere else and was able to immediately pick up the first quest.

Then, head back to Gracus and get the ‘But…I Am the Hero of Ducks’ quest. This requires you to go to the nearby river and battle a Queasy Hornswog who has swallowed one of the ducks. Defeating the Hornswog will make it throw up and release the duck.

queasy hornswog

If you’re playing as a cloth class, the Hornswog can hit a little hard especially if you’re not very geared. It is very possible to solo it, though. I’m someone who always plays as a Warlock or Mage spec, and I managed to take down the mob pretty quickly.

After this, simply turn in the quest and you’ll get a level 1 rare quality Pilot to add to your Battle Pet team.

Pilot is a good pet, with an Aquatic type and mostly Aquatic or Dragonkin type moves. If you’re trying to get an Aquatic family brawler achievement, it’s worth leveling Pilot up quickly and adding him to your team.