The whole main questline for Tilting the Balance is pretty linear and straightforward. There is one part of the storyline where you will need to find and locate the objective without having a marker on the map or compass.

This guide will aim to locate King Burgred’s hideout and how to finish Tilting the Balance in AC Valhalla.

The Old Crypt South of Ledecestrescire

Hideout Location 1

The first thing you should look for is the area south of Ledecestrescire. You will find a big area with only one name attached to it which is the Offchurch. This area will be a restricted area that is heavily guarded by King Burgred’s men. You can either stealth through it or eliminate everyone in the camp.

I’d prefer clearing the area because there are specifically 3 treasures you can find in this area that can help you progress more in the game. It is up to you if you want to stealth your way to the hideout and just come back for these but they are rather easy to deal with anyway.

Where the Arwy and Alne Rivers Join

When you open your world map and zoom in a little more, you will be able to find the names of the riverways. You can check that the south of the Offchurch area is near the intersection where the Awry and Alne rivers connect. This is a clue in which area you should look for in the Offchurch.

Hideout Location King Burgred 1

After dealing with a few enemies, because there will be enemies patrolling the entrance, you will find a pathway entrance with a torch on the left side. Simply enter the crypt and make your way down the stairs. You will find more enemies and elites while exploring the crypts.

The elite will be the one that drops the key to open the door where King Burgred rests. The enemy is quite fast and aggressive but you can take him out quickly with parrying because he will attack frequently. After dealing with the skirmisher, you can now open the locked door and enter a cutscene with King Burgred.

King Burgred Fight

After the cutscene, you will enter a fight with the cowardly king. Eivor will only use his bare hands in this fight because King Burgred is not really a fighter per se. You can easily dodge his slow attacks and even parry it with your bare hands.

One parry and a finisher will take him out instantly. You can also smack King Burgred around for show acts of cowardice and make him suffer a little more.

Kidnapping the King

After beating King Burgred, he will surrender and you will be able to tie him up so you can bring him back to your fortress under Ceolwulf. Head to the nearest exit just near King Burgred’s room. This will lead you to a back exit where you can escape the other enemies if you decided not to clear the camp.

Call your mount and put King Burgred on the horse. Ride back to your fortress which will be around 1000 meters away. During your ride, there will be enemies on horses that will be chasing you or patrolling the area. You can get rid of them easily or just keep riding back to the fortress. They will not be able to chase you if you just keep moving.

Once you have delivered King Burgred back to the fortress, you will enter multiple cutscenes and this questline is finished.


There are not really any other decisions you can make that would affect the story in this questline but the next one will. You can check out our guide on how to level fast in AC Valhalla here.

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