While spellcasters may have many mechanics in common, such as spell slots, it’s important to note that they don’t necessarily have the same spells at their disposal.

Each class has its own set of unique spells. The only method to cast a spell from another class’s list without resorting to a scroll is through multiclassing.

If you’re planning for the future, whether you’re crafting a character like a Warlock-Sorcerer or an Eldritch Knight, you’ll discover all the spell lists for each class in Baldur’s Gate 3 right here.

Wizard Spell List

The Wizard might be the only class able to use all spells available in their list, as long as you find at least one scroll for each spell.

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Acid SplashBurning HandsBlindnessAnimate DeadBanishmentCloudkillArcane Gate
Blade WardCharm PersonBlurBestow CurseBlightCone of ColdChain Lightning
Bone ChillChromatic OrbCloud of DaggersCounterspellConfusionConjure ElementalCircle of Death
Dancing LightsColor SprayCrown of MadnessFearDimension DoorDominate PersonCreate Undead
Fire BoltDisguise SelfDarknessFeign DeathEvard’s Black TentaclesHold MonsterDisintegrate
FriendsExpeditious RetreatDarkvisionFireballFire ShieldPlanar BindingEyebite
LightFalse LifeDetect ThoughtsFlyGreater InvisibilitySeemingFlesh to Stone
Mage HandFeather FallEnlarge – Reduce (Enlarge/Reduce)Gaseous FormIce StormTelekinesisGlobe of Invulnerability
Minor IllusionFind FamiliarFlaming SphereGlyph of WardingOtiluke’s Resilient SphereWall of StoneOtiluke’s Freezing Sphere
Poison SprayFog CloudGust of WindHastePhantasmal KillerWall of FireOtto’s Irresistible Dance
Ray of FrostGreaseHold PersonHypnotic PatternPolymorphSunbeam
Shocking GraspIce KnifeInvisibilityLightning BoltStoneskinWall of Ice
True StrikeEnhance Leap (Jump)Magic WeaponProtection from Energy
LongstriderMelf’s Acid ArrowRemove Curse
Mage ArmorMirror ImageSleet Storm
Magic MissileMisty StepSlow
Protection from Evil and GoodPhantasmal ForceStinking Cloud
Ray of SicknessScorching RayVampiric Touch
ShieldSee Invisibility
Tasha’s Hideous LaughterWeb

Sorcerer Spell List

Sorcerers have quite an extensive spell list and they can make some spells work differently by spending Sorcery Points.

That way, single target spells might target more creatures, and some spells can be cast with a bonus action, which can create some interesting combos.

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Blade WardBurning HandsBlindnessBlinkBanishmentCloudkillArcane Gate
Acid SplashCharm PersonBlurCounterspellBlightCone of ColdChain Lightning
Mage HandChromatic OrbCloud of DaggersDaylightConfusionDominate PersonCircle of Death
Poison SprayColor SprayCrown of MadnessFearDimension DoorHold MonsterDisintegrate
True StrikeDisguise SelfDarknessFireballGreater InvisibilityInsect PlagueEyebite
FriendsExpeditious RetreatDarkvisionFlyIce StormSeemingGlobe of Invulnerability
Dancing LightsDetect ThoughtsGaseous FormPolymorphTelekinesisSunbeam
Fire BoltEnhance AbilityHasteStoneskinWall of Stone
LightEnlarge – Reduce (Enlarge/Reduce)Hypnotic PatternWall of Fire
Ray of FrostGust of WindLightning Bolt
Shocking GraspHold PersonProtection from Energy
Minor IllusionInvisibilitySleet Storm
Bone ChillKnockSlow
Mirror ImageStinking Cloud
Misty Step
Phantasmal Force
Scorching Ray
See Invisibility

Warlock Spell List

Warlock is often considered a weak class unless you multiclass them.

Their greatest strength is to always regain their spells upon short resting and always casting them at the highest possible level according to their class level.

Warlocks might be able to optimize their spellcasting by choosing low level spells that escalate well, like Counterspell, Witch Bolt, or Sleep.

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Blade WardArmor of AgathysBlindnessBestow CurseBanishmentCone of ColdArcane Gate
Chill TouchArms of HadarCalm EmotionsBlinkBlightDominate PersonCircle of Death
Eldritch BlastBurning HandsCloud of DaggersCounterspellDimension DoorFlame StrikeFlesh to Stone
FriendsCharm PersonCrown of MadnessFearDominate BeastHold MonsterCreate Undead
Mage HandCommand HaltDarknessFireballEvard’s Black TentaclesSeemingEyebite
Minor IllusionDissonant WhispersDetect ThoughtsGaseous FormFire ShieldTelekinesis
Poison SprayExpeditious RetreatEnthrallFlyGreater Invisibility
True StrikeFaerie FireHunger of HadarWall of Fire
Hellish RebukeHypnotic Pattern
HexPlant Growth
Protection from Good and EvilRemove Curse
Tasha’s Hideous LaughterStinking Cloud
Witch BoltVampiric Touch

Bard Spell List

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Blade WardSpeak with AnimalsBlindnessBestow CurseConfusionDominate PersonEyebite
Dancing LightsAnimal FriendshipCalm EmotionsFearDimension DoorGreater RestorationOtto’s Irresistible Dance
FriendsBaneCloud of DaggersFeign DeathFreedom of MovementHold Monster
LightCharm PersonCrown of MadnessGlyph of WardingGreater InvisibilityMass Cure Wounds
Mage HandDissonant WhispersDetect ThoughtsHypnotic PatternPolymorphPlanar Binding
Minor IllusionHeroismEnhance AbilityPlant GrowthSeeming
True StrikeTasha’s Hideous LaughterEnthrallSpeak with Dead
Vicious MockerySleepHeat MetalStinking Cloud
Cure WoundsHold Person
Faerie FireInvisibility
Healing WordKnock
ThunderwaveLesser Restoration
Disguise Self
Feather Fall

Druid Spell List

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
GuidanceAnimal FriendshipBarkskinCall LightningBlightConjure ElementalHeal
Poison SprayCharm PersonDarkvisionDaylightConfusionContagionHeroes’ Feast
Produce FlameCreate WaterEnhance AbilityFeign DeathConjure Minor ElementalGreater RestorationSunbeam
ResistanceCure WoundsFlame BladePlant GrowthConjure Woodland BeingsInsect PlagueWall of Thorns
ShillelaghEntangleFlaming SphereProtection from EnergyDominate BeastMass Cure WoundsWind Walk
Thorn WhipFaerie FireHeat MetalSleet StormFreedom of MovementPlanar Binding
Fog CloudHold PersonGrasping VineWall of Stone
GoodberryLesser RestorationIce Storm
Healing WordMirror ImagePolymorph
JumpMisty StepStoneskin
LongstriderMoonbeamWall of Fire
Speak with AnimalsPass Without Trace
ThunderwaveProtection from Poison

Cleric Spell List

Clerics must prepare spells, but unlike Wizards, they pretty much know all spells in their spell list.

So, all you have to worry about is to prepare the right spells before a combat encounter.

CantripsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
GuidanceAnimal Friendship (Nature)Aid (Life)Animate DeadBanishmentContagionBlade Barrier
LightBaneBarkskin (Nature)Beacon Of Hope (Life)Confusion (Knowledge)Dispel Evil And GoodCreate Undead (Nature)
Poison SprayBless (Life)BlindnessBestow Curse (Trickery)Death Ward (Life)Destructive Wave (Tempest, Light)Harm
Produce FlameBurning Hands (Light)Calm Emotions (Knowledge)Call Lightning (Tempest)Dominate Beast (Nature)Dominate Person (Trickery, Knowledge)Heal
ResistanceCharm Person (Trickery)Enhance AbilityCrusader’s Mantle (War)Dimension Door (Trickery)Flame Strike (Light, War)Heroes’ Feast
Sacred FlameCommand (Knowledge)Flaming Sphere (Light)Daylight (Light)Freedom Of Movement (Tempest, War)Greater Restoration (Life)Planar Ally
Shillelagh (Nature)Create WaterGust Of Wind (Tempest)Feign DeathGrasping Vine (Nature)Hold Monster (War)
ThaumaturgyCure Wounds (Life)Hold Person (Knowledge)Fear (Trickery)Guardian Of Faith (Life, Light)Insect Plague (Nature, Tempest)
Thorn WhipDisguise Self (Trickery)Lesser Restoration (Life)Fireball (Light)Ice Storm (Tempest)Mass Cure Wounds (Life)
Divine Favor (War)Magic Weapon (War)Glyph Of WardingOtiluke’s Resilient Sphere (Knowledge)Planar Binding
Faerie Fire (Light)Mirror Image (Trickery)Mass Healing WordPolymorph (Trickery)Seeming (Trickery)
Fog Cloud (Tempest)Pass Without Trace (Trickery)Plant Growth (Nature)Stoneskin (War)Telekinesis (Knowledge)
Prayer Of HealingProtection From EnergyWall Of Fire (Light)Wall Of Stone (Nature)
Protection From PoisonRemove Curse
Scorching Ray (Light)Revivify (Life)
Shatter (Tempest)Slow (Knowledge)
Spike Growth (Nature)Sleet Storm (Nature, Tempest)
Spiritual Weapon (War)Speak With Dead (Knowledge)
SilenceSpirit Guardians (War)

Paladin Spell List

Paladins are to Clerics what Eldritch Knights are to Wizards. They are competent fighters who can cast divine magic.

However, unlike Eldritch Knights, Paladin is not a subclass, but a fully realized class with their own unique spells and mechanics.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
BlessAid (Life)Blinding Smite
Command HaltBranding Smite (Evocation)Crusader’s Mantle
Compelled Duel (Enchantment)Lesser Restoration (Life)Daylight
Cure Wounds (Life)Magic Weapon (Transmutation)Elemental Weapon
Divine Favor (Evocation)Protection From PoisonRemove Curse
Protection From Evil And GoodWarden Of Vitality
Shield Of Faith
Searing Smite
Thunderous Smite (Evocation)
Wrathful Smite (Evocation)

Ranger Spell List

CantripsLevel 1Level 2
True StrikeGoodberryBarkskin
Sacred FlameFog CloudDarkvision (Dark Domain)
Ensnaring StrikeLesser Restoration
Cure WoundsPass Without Trace
Animal FriendshipProtection From Poison
Hail of ThornsSilence
Enhance LeapSpike Growth
Disguise Self

Arcane Trickster Rogue Spell List

CantripsLevel 1Level 2
Acid SplashBurning HandsMelf’s Acid Arrow
Bone ChillChromatic Orb (Knowledge)Arcane Lock
Fire BoltMagic MissileDarkness (Dark Domain)
Poison SprayMage ArmorGust of Wind
Ray of FrostProtection From Evil and GoodScorching Ray
Shocking GraspShieldShatter
Witch Bolt

Eldritch Knight Fighter Spell List

The Eldritch Knight is a powerful fighter that, in many ways, can be compared to the Battle Master. However, this subclass uses magic instead of combat maneuvers.

There are many viable ways to build Eldritch Knight Fighters, but they all require you to know their spells well.

CantripsLevel 1Level 2
Acid SplashBurning HandsMelf’s Acid Arrow
Bone ChillChromatic Orb (Knowledge)Arcane Lock
Fire BoltMagic MissileDarkness (Dark Domain)
Poison SprayMage ArmorGust of Wind
Ray of FrostProtection From Evil and GoodScorching Ray
Shocking GraspShieldShatter
Witch Bolt