Fights in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be pretty punishing. The variances for doing damage are incredibly high. You can smooth through unscathed or lose a bunch of characters in your party in a similar fight.

Some mistakes are unavoidable, so you’ll lose some of your characters in one way or another.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to efficiently resurrect your characters and save some of your resources for some of the more crucial fights.

Downed & Dead Mechanics

In a fight, a character has a specific hitpoint or HP stat. When this reaches 0, your character enters the “downed” state.

When a character is down, they technically have 0 health but aren’t dead. You can use any healing spells to get them up.

Dead characters either took an insane amount of damage or took damage while they were already downed with 0 HP. Some attacks and spells do multiple instances of damage. When a character gets downed to the first instance of damage, they’ll die in the next one.

These characters will now have the ‘dead’ state, and you cannot even interact with the body apart from other specific spells.

This is why you should always save your game.

Here are the ways you can revive dead characters.

Methods to Revive Characters

Use a Revivify Scroll or Spell

If you have a character with the appropriate spellcasting abilities, you can use a Revivify spell to bring a fallen character back to life.

You’ll need a scroll or a character who can cast the spell and must do this within a certain timeframe after the character has fallen in battle.

Characters can permanently die if left dead for too long. It is also worth noting that using these Revivify Scrolls and spells will also work on bringing up “downed” characters, but it is not recommended.

Use a Raise Dead Scroll or Spell

Similar to Revivify, the Raise Dead spell can also bring a character back to life. This spell is used for characters who have been dead for a longer period of time compared to Revivify. You’ll need a scroll or a character who can cast the Raise Dead spell.

However, there might be a surprise in it for you when doing this for other specific characters.

Use a Revive Elixir

In some cases, you might come across Revive Elixirs in the game. These items can be used to revive fallen characters. It works the same way as potions.

Visit a Temple or Cleric

Certain temples or NPCs with healing abilities might offer revival services for a fee or in exchange for completing quests.

This is a good way of fixing the mistake of letting a character die without having any resources, but you want to continue the story.

Long Rest

During a long rest, your characters might automatically revive if they have fallen in battle. Make sure to check your party’s status after resting.

However, when you have a dead or downed character just after the fight, you have to fix your party first and wait sometime before you can set up a camp for a long rest.

Short rests don’t work, but both these methods are great for keeping your HP up in your party.

Avoid Permadeath

If you’re playing with the default difficulty settings, characters can die permanently. However, you can change the settings to disable permadeath and allow your characters to be revived after combat.

This one removes the fear of completely losing a character. Since this game is heavily story-based, you would have your soul crushed if you didn’t see the character you like to develop their story even further.