How to Take Items From Characters in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the biggest games in terms of content. Cycling through your items between characters can be hard but they can actually be swapped through your characters at any given time without proximity. This guide will be short and simple.

Switching Items on Your Characters

Open the inventory tab by pressing “I” and it will bring up a screen of all the inventory of all active characters in the game. You can simply right-click each of these items and choose which character to send it to under the “Send To” tab. It will send instantly to the player even if the player is far away from the character receiving the item.

Taking items from characters in combat will not take any action or bonus action points while in combat. You can freely move these items among your characters even playing with friends. You can also take items from players who are dead or down without going near them which can be good strategically for most fights.

The best strategies you can do is to take Scrolls of Revivify from players who are down and you can revive them with it. You can also take potions and scroll spells from players who are in a good position for that spell. All throwables are transferable and can be game-changers in combat.

You should also remember that you can loot anything while in combat and you can take items from it which can be transferred immediately to other players who need it. There are limitless possibilities on what you can strategize with this mechanic.


If you are a fan of Larian Studios and you know their previous games like Divinity, they just added a ton of new things to it with the same concept. Use all the strategies and combinations you can think of when using items. Combining elemental reactions from items and certain player skills can be useful and it is easier to do with the item transferring mechanic in the game.


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