Baldur’s Gate 3 can feel a bit unforgiving to inexperienced players. Luckily, there is a system to mitigate that effect.

The manual save option will assist you with experimentation and let you roll you back from a big mistake.

This article will talk about all the save features related to the game, including how to manually save in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Manual Save Keybind

Quick Save Keybind

Press F5 to manually quicksave your game and F8 to Quickload.

This key can be changed in the Keybinds tab within the Option’s menu, which you can access by pressing ESC.

You can change the key tied to Quicksaves and Quickloads if you want, but make sure to remember they are there. Autosaves and Quicksaves are both useful in their own way, so you sometimes might need one, and sometimes you might need the other.

Autosave Settings

To access the game settings menu while playing, press the “ESC.”

Look for the options tab with a cogwheel icon in the upper left corner and click it to open the settings. Here, you can adjust Gameplay, Keybinds, Video, and Audio Settings.

Under the Gameplay tab, you can set save options. The number of autosaves indicates how many saves you can have at once.

Once it reaches the maximum, it will start overwriting the oldest one. You can also turn off autosave if you want.

The same applies to quicksaves or manual saves, which you can set to a higher number before overwriting the oldest one.

Cross saves refer to saves uploaded to the game’s cloud system, which can be transferred to different platforms like GOG, Steam, or Google Stadia.

To use this feature, create an account on Larian Studios’ website before playing the game. Verify your account, then go to the account profile and click on the “Connected Accounts” tab.

From there, you can connect all the platforms you play Baldur’s Gate 3 on.

Use Quicksaves to Experiment

Quicksaves are a great way to experiment in the game. You can choose any dialogue option and load the game if the desired result is unfavorable.

You can use it, for instance, to ensure that you’ll do everything you need to save Volo.

The same logic goes for combat and other mischievous deeds your naughty mind thinks of doing.

It can save you hours of gameplay on disastrous encounters or traps, as the autosave feature is based on progression.

Of course, this is probably not how the game is intended to be played. Baldur’s Gate 3 replayability comes from the many possible outcomes that can happen after a single interaction.